"Parents" Jack/Sara

Title: Pink

Author: DebC
Fandom: SG-1
Characters: Jack O'Neill/Sara O'Neill
Prompt: Parents
Word Count: 615
Rating: G

Author's Notes: Not as AU as it could have been, though in my mind, it's in the same AU as "A Day Like This."

Summary: We're gonna be parents

Sara never called Jack at work; never. She always said she didn't want to be one of those military wives who just had to know every minute of their husbands' days. Jack knew the type; he'd seen and dealt with enough of them. Pissed more than a few of them off with a well-timed "Well, gee, I don't know where John (or Eric or Mark or whomever) is right now. Maybe he's off, I don't know, doing his job?" He couldn't help it, honestly! What did these women think this was -- an Air Force base or a glorified husband day care?

But his Sara wasn't one of those types. So when Smitty passed him in the hallway on his way to the galley and said "Hey, O'Neill, your wife called. Said it could wait... but... she sounded like she was crying." Jack knew it was something big, so he went home for lunch instead of going to the galley.

"Sara?" he called out when he let himself into the house. Her car was in the driveway, but she wasn't in the living room, or the kitchen, or the dining room, or even the bedroom.

"Babe?" he queried when he found her sitting on the floor in the middle of the spare bedroom/storage room. They hadn't been to decided whether to make it a guest room for if either of their family came to visit or an office, so it had become a dumping ground for everything, which it was likely to remain until Jack got transferred to a new duty station and it was time to PCS on out of here.

"Hey," she said, looking up at him and damn it, Smitty was right, she had been crying. Her eyes were red, slightly puffy and her cheeks were stained. "I didn't hear you come in. Home for lunch?" She stood up, gripping something in her left hand as she went straight into his arms.

"Yeah, lunch. Smitty said you'd called so I thought I'd take off." Jack returned the kiss on the cheek she gave him and then pulled back, confused. "What's that?" he asked, indicating her hand.

She bit her lip, and the look she gave him was as uncertain as the smile that appeared on her face. "You know how we both said we kind of wanted to wait until we were married longer to have kids?"


She held out the item in her hand which, to Jack's surprise, was a home pregnancy test. There was a line running through the middle of it. "It's pink?" Jack said, though it came out more like a question. Pink meant... what?

Sara nodded and kissed him again. "Yeah, daddy. It's pink."

It took a minute before it sunk in... what Sara'd just said. Daddy. He was going to be a daddy. A dad. A father. "You're pregnant? You're sure? That thing couldn't be wrong, could it?" He wasn't angry or disappointed, and his voice was filled with excitement. A baby boy, he thought briefly and it didn't even dawn on him that she could be carrying a girl. He, Jack O"Neill, was gonna be a dad!

"They're ninety-eight percent accurate, but I'll still have to go to the doctors and get a real test done," Sara told him, her smile widening when she saw that he wasn't upset by the news.

"Yeah, yeah! Tell ya what... you call Champus and schedule it, and I'll take off work that day to go with you," he suggested, and hugged her to him one more time. Then he kissed her, slow and tender. "We're gonna be parents," he whispered, awed, to her when the kiss ended.