Author notes: I've finally gotten the right materials to start my very own Naruto/Ranma crossover fanfic. It took me awhile to try and dig something very good to give Ranma instead of the usual powerful martial arts or somehow connected with Kyubi, or his neko-ken. I hope you enjoy it took me a week of research of something I barely recalled. On that note I do not own Naruto or Ranma. All right that's done with start reading the good stuff.

Six years since the Saffron incident. Three years since he found a way out of the engagements honorably. Ranma Saotome age twenty-three and currently a wandering martial artist, of course the two patriarchs of separate Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts protested against but who was he to listen. He was on the move constantly trying to avoid his father and the only other fiancée he was unable to get rid of, a certain Chinese Amazon. Along his travels he has accomplished great things, he won the World Street Fighter tournament and even the King of Fighters tournament he trained constantly, yet no matter what he did he couldn't shake the feeling he was missing something. One night however changed everything in his lonely life.

Ranma slowly opened his eyes but was met with darkness, 'Where am I?' He thought and stood up it was dark so dark he couldn't even see the ground or his hand in front of his face.

"Is he the one you've been yapping about for all these years?" A gruff loud voice said.

"He is, this one is special. That is why I insist we look upon him." A female voice melodious but an edge that showed it was irritated with the first voice.

"He survived that perverted version of the neko-ken he has my interests at least." Another voice spoke but his tone was low like a mix between a growl and a purr making Ranma shudder.

"Still he is young is it wise to even consider him?" A low voice said that seemed to ooze a tone that had seen many years.

"Yes for all we know you could be overreacting like that time in Jusenkyo when you allowed that boy who got dipped in that pool which you'd cast one of your feathers in to have a cup of your blood and look what has happened from that." The first voice said.

"Mistake on my part I admit." The females voice growled out. "But this one not only has defeated the one you spoke of but has ingested the pill which would have burned him from the inside out if he wasn't worthy enough."

"Hey can someone tell me what's going on here?" Ranma said.

"We are discussing if you are the right one for the task which will be placed upon you." The third voice said.

"We have never considered one so young and so inexperienced of the world to accept such responsibility." The fourth voice said.

"Task? Responsibility?" What are you talking about?" Ranma said he squinted trying to see the ones talking to him but failed.

"Let me explain." The female voice said. "Ranma since the recent feats over this short period you have gained our attention. If we…"

"You mean "you" We haven't decided you forced this up on us and brought it to our attention." The first voice said.

"Shut up! Or I'll scald your scaly ass!" The female voice yelled out then coughed. "Anyway If "I" find you worthy enough then we shall ask you to perform something of great importance to us."

"Great importance huh? Sure not like I have a lot to lose." Ranma said.

"On the contrary you have a lot to lose young one." The old sounding voice said.

"He's right, if you accept Ranma you won't see your world again, you'll have no friends or family where your going if you accept." The female voice said.

Ranma thought hard but even though he knew that he was out of the engagements honorably his father would keep chasing him, and he'd always be on the run a chance for a new life or the life he had now, it wasn't a hard choice. "I do it, at least I'll have a chance at something different my life now may be predictable but I don't want to run anymore, a new chance at life is here and I'm going to take it."

"Well said Ranma Saotome." The female voice said.

"A bit hasty in your choice but as things are not a bad choice there may be hope for you." The older voice said.

"I shall look forward to see you will be worthy of my power." The third voice said with a pleased growl.

"I think the old bird has finally got something here, very well we shall watch you and see if you will be worthy of our power as you go about this new world." The first voice said.

"You three will, but I for one am convinced that he is worthy of my power." The female voice said.

"Don't be hasty if you give your power for him to wield it could…" The first voice was cut off by the female's angry shout.

"I find him worthy and that is my decision, you know I have the choice and I say he does."

"Very well, we shall see how well he will do with your powers." The wiser voice said.

"Power, what power? Who are you?" Ranma looked around then suddenly the place flared up making him cover his eyes and when his eyes adjusted he saw before him a gigantic flaming bird looking down upon him.

"I am Suzaku the phoenix, guardian of the south, wielder of fire one of the Shishin. Ranma Saotome I find you worthy of my power and I will assist you from now on." Suzaku spread her wings and engulfed Ranma. For the first few seconds Ranma thought he was going to be burned alive then he realized that he wasn't instead the flames sunk into him and he quickly unbuttoned his shirt to see in the middle of his chest the word "Suzaku" written upon it.

"Suzaku has bonded herself to you Ranma Saotome, now we shall see how you fare, we shall be watching and waiting, when you wake up you will not be in a land that you are familiar with." The wise voice said and faded out leaving Ranma to squint as morning light hit his face. Ranma shielded his eyes and got up blinking sleep from his eyes.

"What a weird dream. Like that could happen, nothing in my life will change." Ranma got up and felt grass under his hand. "What?" He looked down he had rented a motel room for the night with some of his winnings from the tournaments. "This…" he looked around him. "Can't be."

Ranma slung his pack and leaped through the trees, this bothered him because he knew Japan especially near Tokyo did not have this much forest. "Where am I?" Suddenly he remembered something in his dream and unbuttoned his shirt and saw the markings on his chest. "So it was real." He said.

"Indeed it is Ranma." A female voice said.

Ranm spun around but couldn't catch any sign of the person. "Who's there?"

"Come now Ranma, have you already forgotten who I am?" The female voice asked.

Ranma was silent for a few seconds and finally muttered softly. "Suzaku…"

"So you do remember me." Suzaku said in a pleased tone.

"All right I get it this is real. But you mentioned something about a task what is it?" Ranma said.

"Your task Ranma is to wield all four guardians and protect the people here from the youma." Suzaku said.

"Youma? Like the ones in Juuban?" Ranma asked.

"No not those third rate weakilings I mean very powerful youma Ranma, these youma have different amount of tails to them, the more they have the stronger they are." Suzaku said.

"How many of these youma are there?" Ranma asked.

"There were nine youma when we started we have gotten rid of six but three remain and one is the most powerful of the bunch." Suzaku said.

"Which one is that?" Ranma asked.

"Kyubi no Kitsune of the nine tails, we hoped to rid of the others first so we wouldn't be burdened by their sudden appearance in an unfortunate situation.

"So you got rid of six and one of the remaining three is Kyubi who are the other two?" Ranma asked.

"Shukaku of one tail and a five tails but I don't know his name of all nine he was the most cautious." Suzaku said.

"If your job was to protect this place how come you and your… friends were in my world?" Ranma asked.

"Unfortunate circumstances I'm afraid." Suzaku said. "Our last opponent was the eight tails and in his death he managed to tear open a rift in dimensions, even though we have the power to return he we had no wielder since he died in-between the rifts."

"So what should I know about this place? Is there something special here?" Ranma asked.

"Yes there is. This world is frequented by highly skilled ninja Ranma, they have more techniques and abilities that make the ninja of your world look like amateurs" Suzaku said.

"Sounds exciting so where do I go? I mean I guess I should be looking out for those youma right?" Ranma said.

"No Ranma not how you are now. I may be strong but even against Shukaku I'd have the fight of my life. Until you have gained the respect of the other three guardians you must not try to engage any youma especially Kyubi." Suzaku said, than paused. "I sense a youma."

Ranma tensed as he looked around. "I don't see anything."

"Trust me Ranma if a youma was here it would make a lot of noise, this youma however it seems like it's been contained. I can't quite make it out though." Suzaku said.

"All right we're heading for it then." Ranma took off leaping in the branches. Finally he was looking over a rather large village. "Whoa look at this place."

"Ah the Hidden Leaf Village, it's been such a long time, I haven't seen this place since they made the second Hokage." Suzaku said. "You better be careful Ranma there are probably chunin or even jounin level ninja patrolling the outskirts."

"Gotcha." Ranma said and wrapped himself in the umi-sen ken.

"We will have to get into the village Ranma I can't be sure of the youma's energy from here." Suzaku said.

'What to do about that?" Ranma thought and then it hit him. 'I know.' Minutes later a redhead wearing a sleeveless white Chinese shirt and black drawstring pants came walking up to the gates of Konoha.

"Halt state your name and business." A chunin on the outer walls yelled out.

"I am Ranko Saotome, I'm a shiatsu therapist and I come here to find work." Ranko said.

"Shiatsu therapist…" The chunin said he turned to his partner who was beside him. "Go to the Hokage and inform her of this. We'll hold her here till we receive word from you." The fellow ninja left and the chunin guard turned back to look down onto Ranko. "We will have to check you for weapons." He stated.

Ranko dropped her bag and held up her arms. "By all means go ahead, just use a kunoichi when you do it okay." She said.

"That won't necessary." Another voice said, the chunin spun around and immediately sweated. "Hyuga-sama!"

Hiashi Hyuga had overheard the debate and had decided to look into this. Looking down on the female he had a funny feeling about her but just couldn't quite place his finger on it. "Byakugan!" His vision changed to look at the chakra coils and past all illusions and barriers, indeed the person before him had great amounts of chakra and something else he could see but it wasn't chakra, still despite this he saw no weapons or such except a small tanto that was in the bag most likely used to help with the cooking. Not strange for a medical ninja to have and there were some civilians with great amounts of chakra but chose not to be ninja, they simply used chakra to help with their daily lives and make jobs easier. "I see nothing potentially dangerous from this one, I shall inform the Hokage of this."

"There won't be a need to do that." Hiashi turned to see the Godaime, Tsunade nearby was her assistant Shizune. "So this is the one who wants to work here." Tsunade looked down on Ranko, Actually the reason she was here was to escape the office at least for a few minutes but now she saw quite some potential in front of her. "So you're looking to set up shop here?"

"If it is all right if I could, so far I've only set up temporary shops at several villages to hone my skills."

"Then why did you come here if you could have set up shop elsewhere." Tsunade said.

"You guys were the closest." Ranko said.

Tsunade chuckled. "She has a bit of humor to her if a bit tactless. Let her in, our last shiatsu therapist had a heart attack and I haven't had time to do anything about his shop." The gates opened and Ranko stepped through. "I thank you very much Hokage-sama." She said.

"I'll have one of the chunin lead you to the shop. I wish you luck, maybe one day I'll come and see your skills first-hand." Tsunade said.

"I hope not to disappoint you." Ranko said and bowed. A chunin signaled her to follow him and she did so.

"Shizune." Tsunade said bringing the jounin to attention. "Have someone watch her. I have a feeling she's more then what she tells us." Shizune nodded and quickly left to make the arrangements.

"This is the shop which the previous owner owned, he had no family or will to give so it seems you are lucky to get this place on such short notice." The chunin said pointing at a small shiatsu parlor.

"Lucky indeed." Ranko said and bowed to him. "Thank you very much for you assistance, it has been appreciated very much." Nodding the chunin moved off to resume his duty while Ranko opened the shop and looked around. The standard charts and books were here, along with herbs and ointments. Ranko set her pack down and using the hidden weapons technique pulled out all the scrolls, charts and books she had on pressure points and such, some even covered moxibustion and acupuncture. After taking a step back and admiring her work she decided another conversation with Suzaku was in order. "Well I got into the village, surprisingly it was quite easy."

"Don't let your guard down Ranma they most likely are watching you to see what you are doing. Be careful." Suzaku said.

"I know, so where is that youma you've been talking about?" Ranko asked.

"It's nearby and approaching, now would be a good time to see which one it is." Suzaku said. Ranko gave a slight nod and exited, a chunin that was observing outside followed from the rooftops.

Naruto was looking around the town soon he would be leaving the village with Jiraiya and be training under him. He didn't know when he'd be coming back. "When I come back I'll be super strong, and I'll be able to beat everyone!" Naruto punched a post in effect. However this particular post was supporting a condemned building and now the second story broke and slid down. Naruto was stunned at his mistake and what was coming at him it was too late to jump away maybe a jutsu. But before he could form the hand symbols.

"Kijin Raishu Dan!" Two vacuum blades bisected the top story, the lighter pieces scattered around Naruto instead of crashing into him.

Ranko had just turned to corner when she saw the boy about to crushed, it was too late to run in there and pull him out and if she used a moko takabisha the explosion could cause a lot of damage to the boy so she went with a even stronger technique that was cleaner. Two vacuum blades cut through the falling top story of the building and scattered them around. She ran up to the boy and kneeled down so he height was the same as his. "Are you all right?"

"Wha… What was that?" Naruto said.

"That was something I learned while I was traveling." Ranko said.

"That was… INCREDIBLE!" Naruto said and Ranko chuckled.

"What was that?" The chunin fell over on his butt. "Her hands didn't move at all she just swept her hands out and that happened. The Hokage must know of this." The chunin left quickly while Ranko fussed with the small bits of wood in Naruto's hair, Naruto just couldn't stop talking about her technique.

"Wow it was so cool, it just went "whoosh" and sliced right through like nothing, who are you nee-chan?" He asked.

Ranko smiled as she flicked some plaster off his orange jumpsuit. "My names Ranko Saotome I'm a shiatsu therapist."

"I didn't know therapists could do that." Naruto said.

"Before I became a therapist I was a martial artist a master to be exact." Ranko said.

"That was amazing, will you teach me?" Naruto said completely forgetting Jiraiya.

Ranko scratched her head. "Well I…" Suzaku quickly entered the conversation"Ranma!" She yelled out.

'Ow!' Ranko thought suppressing a groan. 'What was that for Suzaku?' She thought knowing that she shouldn't talk with someone in front of her.

"Ranma, remember the youma?" Suzaku asked in a light tone.

'Yeah I remember, what about it?' She asked.

"It's right in front of you." Suzaku's tone had turned heavy.

"What!" Ranko yelled out.

"Huh?" Naruto said surprised.

"Oh no, it's nothing." Ranko said apologetically before returning to her mental conversation. 'How is this kid the youma?'

"The youma is sealed within the kid, and even better you know which one it is?" Suzaku said in a tone that bordered insanely gleeful.

'I have a bad feeling about this. Which one is it?" Ranko asked.

"It's none other then Kyubi no Kitsune of the nine tails." Suzaku began laughing.

'Oh shit.' Ranko said. 'What do we do?'

"Nothing right now. Despite his power Kyubi is sealed so we have time but this kid is harboring the youma you must be very careful. So avoid him as much as possible." Suzaku said.

Ranko looked at Naruto his eyes held a strong determination but also sadness, loneliness, someone rejected and went through hard times, like her. 'No.' She said.

"What?" Suzaku said.

'The kid is not a fault for having the youma in him it just his unfortunate fate, from the look in his eye he's been rejected and put down because of that. Suzaku I'm not pushing him away like this village has been doing.'

"I see… I didn't think of it like that. You're wiser then you think Ranma perhaps you'll gain the respect of the other Shishin guardians sooner then you think." Suzaku said in a thoughtful tone.

'Thank you Suzaku.' Ranko said.

"Just watch your step Ranma." Suzaku's presence faded.

"So are you going to train me?" Naruto asked with hopeful eyes.

Ranko smiled and ruffled his hair. "It won't be easy, and you'll have to keep working hard until I'm satisfied."

"I'll do it! If it means I can do cool stuff like that I'll do it!" Naruto declared

"All right then I accept you as my student." Ranko said.

"All right!" Naruto yelled out. Just then three figures appeared so quickly it was like they came out of thin air.

"Ranko Saotome, the Hokage wishes to speak with you." These ninja had animal masks on and Naruto was stunned to see the Anbu here for his new sensei. Ranko nodded knowing that this would happen after her little display. She was going to follow when Naruto grabbed the edge of her shirt.

"Ranko-sensei, when will train?" Naruto asked.

Ranko smiled. "Tomorrow early in the morning just as the sun peeks out."

"Where will you be?" Naruto asked.

Ranko pointed to the corner she had turned. "Around that corner and four building down is my shop, you'll find me there until I say otherwise." She turned as was about to take to the roofs with the Anbu when she paused and looked back at Naruto. "That reminds me. What's the name of my new student?" She asked.

Naruto smiled. "I am Naruto Uzumaki, and one day I will become Hokage!"

Ranko chuckled. "Is that so? Well than future Hokage, I expect you bright and early tomorrow for training you hear?

Naruto nodded. "Yes Ranko-sensei."

Ranko smiled and leaped to the roofs and kept up easily as the Anbu led her to the Hokage's office.

Author notes: Yes a new fic, Although I said I'll finish Ranma Dead or Alive the final chapter is taking a lot longer then expected, in other words it's even bigger than I expected, It's damn huge, I never thought I could write that much. So I needed a break since ninja seem pretty common right now and jutsu from the Naruto series is also quite popular I decided to make my own, of course I ain't making up the Shishin stuff at all they even mentioned it once in season three of digimon. I thought it would be appropriate for Ranma to have four high level summons, until next time.

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