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Previously, Ranma set up Naruto to be Hinata's escort to the festival with Shizune's assistance they tail the young couple throughout the festival making their time as enjoyable as they can. However another snare appeared in the form of none other then Hiashi Hyuga, Hinata's father. Ranma moves in to confront the head of the Hyuga clan. Now back to the story.

Hiashi glared at Ranma who had literally boasted his name in front of everyone as the relative of the accursed wench who managed to beat him. "You are the sibling to that arrogant woman who dares to get in the way of my clans traditions." He said.

"Give the guy a prize. Yes, I'm Ranko Saotome's brother, Ranma and just to let you know I'm the stronger of the two of us." Ranma smirked. "But if you don't want to listen go ahead and attack me I'm sure your clan shouldn't suffer much more if I beat you here as well."

Hiashi narrowed his eyes. "How dare you speak to me like I'm a mere commoner?"

"Why not, you were beaten by a commoner." Ranma stated his smirk grew as Hiashi's temper began to rise up really fast. The clan leader slipped into his stance and activated Byakugan. Ranma quickly slipped into a defensive stance, but just as they were about to lunge at each other.

"That's enough!!" A loud and rather annoyed voice shouted both combatants almost fell on their faces as they stumbled and barely regained their footing. All heads turned in the direction of the voice. The one who interrupted the fight was none other than the Godaime, Tsunade. "What is the meaning of this?"

Hiashi immediately turned to face the san-nin and bowed while Ranma pouted and crossed his arms. "Hokage-sama I was merely retrieving my daughter when this uncouth individual butted into business that he shouldn't be sticking his nose into."

Ranma rolled his eyes. "Oh please you kicked her out and only butting in because of the company she's with."

"What concerns my daughter doesn't concern you, so stay out of affairs that concern my family and my clan." Hiashi shot at Ranma.

"It does concern me she is my… sister's student." Ranma stated. "I don't see what's wrong with her going to the festival in the company of a friend and possible teammate in the future. As a ninja making bonds with other individuals of her age will improve her skills in working as a team with them."

"Any individual is fine by me but not that demo…" Hiashi quickly caught himself his eyes wide as he realized what he had almost did. All around him people were also shocked for someone to almost break the Sandaime's law especially someone as prominent and stoic as the clan leader of the Hyuga.

Ranma smirked at Hiashi's near mistake. "What's wrong Hiashi? Didn't you want to finish that sentence?" Hiashi glared at Ranma before glancing at the Hokage. She was looking at him in a very stern manner, and she was tense, like a snake about to strike. Hiashi was proud but even he knew when to cut his losses, there would be another time. He spoke to Hinata without facing her.

"You may continue Hinata…" Hiashi said before turning and walking off the crowd parted before him like a hot knife through butter. Ranma smirked at Hiashi as he walked off until Tsunade snatched him by the ear making him yelp in pain.

"You, with me right now. That goes for you two as well." Tsunade pointed at Shizune and Anko before turning to Hinata and Naruto. "Both of you go and have fun, but I don't want anymore incidents like this is that clear Naruto?" The two genin nodded in confirmation. Tsuande then dragged Ranma by his ear off while Shizune and Anko followed in tow. When they reached the first aid tent Tsunade finally let go of Ranma's sorely abused ear. "What the hell are you thinking?! As if your sister hasn't caused enough of an uproar after her duel now you're picking fights with the Hyuga as well!"

Ranma rubbed his ear wondering if it gained a few inches with the way it was abused before speaking. "Well he's an arrogant asshole I don't see why he disapproves of Naruto so much, sure he's a bit rough around the edges but he's a fine ninja." Ranma gaze grew a bit mischievous before saying. "Unless there is something about Naruto that I wasn't informed about, is there Hokage-sama?"

Tsunade growled and resisted the urge to wipe that smirk on Ranma's face off with her fist. "Frankly I don't think I have to tell you since you seem as well-informed as you sibling. But Hiashi made a very good point this is an affair that concerns his family and clan and you do not have any right to interfere in it." Ranma frowned and began to protest but Tsunade silenced him. "Remember Ranma, you and your sibling are still newcomers in this village and frankly you appeared out of nowhere, you are just as suspicious as your sister was. I admire the fact you care for your sister's students as much as she does but this is going too far, I don't want to see you or your sister interfere any further with the affairs of the Hyuga is that clear?"

Ranma gazed into the hardened look of the Godaime and knew there was no chance of any change at least for now he nodded ever so slightly with great reluctance. Tsunade's glare softened at his nod. "Good you may continue exploring the festival with you little entourage now." Tsunade turned away to tend another child who had scraped his knee. Ranma looked a bit puzzled two arms wrapped around his waist and pressed her assets to his back.

"You heard the Hokage Ranma, let's go enjoy the festival." Anko said pressing herself further into Ranma's back relishing the feel of how stout it felt. Ranma stiffened as a nervous sweatdrop rolled down the side of his face while Shizune's eyes narrowed at Anko's lewd actions.

'Damn you, you little snake summoner, I saw him first he's mine!' Shizune mentally cried out before her instinct was caught by reason again. 'Wait why am I thinking he's mine? I'm just using him to escape Tsunade-sama's wrath because I know his secret.' Shizune felt her jealousy rise as Anko began making suggestions of continuing the festival at her quarters, Shizune couldn't help but wonder if that line of thought was really true.

While Shizune mentally conflicted with herself, Anko's arms were suddenly lacking a waist to hold onto. The kunoichi blinked in confusion at the sudden disappearance before she looked around and spotted the target of her desires hiding behind the Hokage's assistant. "What's wrong? You aren't scared of me are you?" Anko asked grinning in a very questionable manner.

"I-I'm not s-scared." Ranma stuttered. 'I'm fucking terrified!' He screamed mentally.

Anko began to sashay toward him putting a lot of hip action into it. "So there aren't any problems then." She said approaching Ranma like a cat to a mouse caught in a corner.

Ranma crouched lower trying to make himself smaller as Anko slowly approached with his eyes fixed on the special jonin he didn't really notice where his hands were until Shizune finally spoke out. "R-Ranma…" Shizune stuttered sounding embarrassed and mortified. Ranma blinked as his focus returned to the one he was hiding behind to his horror he found his hands were pressed against Shizune's bum… one for each cheek.

With a cry Ranma pulled back like he just touched a hot stove unknowingly his hands hit flew back and impacted something soft which also brought forth a startled yelp. Ranma spun and saw a young woman with long purple hair in a yukata with her hands crossing her chest making it clear to Ranma where exactly his hands impacted. He flinched as the woman fixed her gaze on him and it wasn't a pleasant one. Trying his best to salvage the situation Ranma bowed while shouting out. "Gomen!" Unfortunately for Ranma he miscalculated the distance between them and his head ended up in her cleavage. 'Oh shit,' He thought. 'This can not end well.' How right he was.

Yuugao had been enjoying the festival on one of her rare days off from her duties as an Anbu. Everything was going well except that Hayate was gone while she was lamenting on this fact she felt an impact on the two most prominent biological assets on her chest. Recovering quickly she proceeded to glare at the person who hit her breasts. He was handsome and very attractive the thought of asking him to be her escort after she laid a little punishment for his current transaction crossed her mind, however that thought disappeared when he buried his face between her cleavage. Now the single most thought in her mind was basically… "DIE!" She screamed out, a kunai appearing in her hand and thrust it at Ranma's face.

Ranma's hands shot up and clapped down hard on the flat sides of the kunai halting it inches from his face. "I'm sorry! It was an accident I swear!" He shouted but his cries fell on deaf ears as Yuugao brought up her other arm with three shuriken gripped between her knuckles. Ranma decided that he had enough of the festival for one day. Using Yuugao's forward momentum he twisted himself to stick the kunai into the dirt and one arm shot up to catch the wrist with the shuriken, his thumb pressed down on a pressure point on Yuugao's wrist forcing it to open and drop the shuriken. With a quick pivot he twisted her arm to the small of her back and quickly released her before shoving her lightly toward Anko. By the time the Anbu leader recovered for another go at Ranma the pig-tailed martial artist was leaping for the roofs. Yuugao leaped after him in pursuit but her yukata slowed her down and she quickly lost him. Anko shrugged and headed for the nearest dango stand, there would be other chances he'd be back sooner or later. Shizune sighed, since Ranma was gone there was no reason for her to continue exploring the festival, the most likely thing for her to do now would be to head for the first aid station and help out Tsunade and Sakura. However there was a feeling of emptiness in her stomach was calling out to be filled and it wasn't hunger that screamed out at her. She just wasn't satisfied how this turned out, a delicious smell wafted past her nostrils drawing her gaze to the booth responsible for the scent and stalked toward it her mind steeled on the course of action she was about to take.

Ranma quickly slipped into his parlor and slid the door shut breathing a sigh of relief when the wood met wood with a soft klunk. "That was scary." He muttered as he slipped of his slippers and flopped the top part of his body across the shiatsu table. "Man at this rate the entire female populace will hate me." He said to himself, his lamenting was interrupted by a loud growl from the bottomless pit which he called his stomach and he frowned that the entire time he was at the festival he hadn't gotten to eat. 'Damn I forgot to get some eats back there.' He mentally cursed to himself and began to head for the kitchen however a knock on the door made him pause. "Shoot!" He hissed and began to rush to the kitchen for some cold water however a familiar voice stopped him.

"Ranma it's me." The timid sounding voice of Shizune passed through the wood and paper door.

"Shizune?" Ranma asked more to himself then to the kunoichi outside. 'What's she doing here? I thought she'd be back with the Hokage by now.' Ranma swiftly moved to the door and slid it open Shizune stood before him holding a large bag, a delicious aroma was emanating from the bag and Ranma had to fight hard not to start drooling.

"I came to pick up my clothes." Shizune stated.

"Oh… okay." Ranma said stepping to the side and allowing the kunoichi in.

After coming in she turned and presented the bag she was holding toward Ranma. "T-This is for you Ranma." Shizune said lowering her head so Ranma couldn't see her blushing face.

Ranma took the bag and looked inside a large grin crossed his face as he saw what was in the bag. "Yakiniku!" He shouted pulling out a stick and devouring half the meat on it in one bite.

"Is it good?" Shizune asked her head was still lowered to hide her face.

"Mmm Hmm!" Ranma mumbled as he devoured another stick.

"That's good." Shizune said.

Ranma polished off his sixth stick before noticing Shizune simply standing there before him with head bowed. After swallowing what was in his mouth he moved closer to the medic-nin. "Hey Shizune-san are you okay?"

Shizune raised her head to find Ranma's face inches from her own. A deep shade of red spread across her face, as a large lump stuck in her throat when she swallowed reflexively.

Ranma blinked still a bit confused why Shizune was acting this way. "Hey Shuzune-san are you okay? You look a little bit overheated." Tossing aside the empty stick in his hand he brushed her bangs aside and set his forehead against the flustering kunoichi.

Now Shizune looked as if eighty-percent of her blood now resided in her head. She was feeling dizzy, and anxious, it was a euphoric feeling unpleasant, yet not un-welcomed.

Ranma took a few seconds to gauge Shizune's temperature it was the longest seconds that the kunoichi ever experienced, finally Ranma retreated leaving the medic-nin feeling relieved yet somewhat hollow for some reason. "You do feel a bit warm." Ranma stated. "Maybe you should lie down."

Ecchi thoughts crossed Shizune's mind for a brief moment at Ranma's words but she quickly stomped them flat and shoved them under a mental rug. "No thank you Ranma, I'm fine really."

"Well… if you say so." Ranma shrugged, a bit worried about Shizune's temperature but was more then sure that a medical ninja would understand her own body better then his own assessment. He looked in the bag to grab another stick when he felt a light brush on the right corner of his mouth. He looked up to see Shizune holding up her left hand her index finger extended with the tip covered with yakiniku sauce.

"Uh… you have some sauce on your mouth." Shizune stated smiling nervously.

"Oh… Thanks." Ranma replied giving her a smile.

Shizune started to stare at her extended finger covered in sauce. A bold thought crossed her mind, yet would it be too much? Shizune gave a quick glance at Ranma who was staring at her with a puzzled look, her eyes focused closely on his lips as the voice in her head spoke out again. "That sauce was on his lips." Her mind stated, what came next was reflex as she opened her mouth and daintily placed her finger in and gave a gentle suck. Another glance at Ranma showed that he did indeed understand the gesture somewhat if his wide eyes weren't an indication enough. Shizune's bold action quickly moved to embarrassment as her finger left her mouth and lowered her head to hide it from Ranma's view.

"Ranma… Thank you for tonight I enjoyed myself, I hope we can do this again some time later." Shizune felt like she was going to faint at any moment, after she finished her final statement for the evening she bowed quickly and smoothly slipped on her sandals before disappearing out of the door.

Ranma continued to stare at the spot which Shizune was in seconds ago. His mind raced at the scenes that had played out before him. 'Oh man did she do what I thought she did?' He mentally thought.

'She did and the message couldn't be any clearer." The amused voice of Byakko stated.

'I do hope you got the message Ranma it takes a lot of guts for a girl to do that especially for her type. Although if it were that Anko girl I'm sure she'd have done it in a heartbeat.' Suzaku's voice joined in.

'I'm not that clueless.' Ranma mentally stated ignoring Byakko's snickers. 'That was a scene straight out of a manga.'

'Still it isn't so bad, after all she's a jonin, a medic-nin who's been the Hokage's assistant for years now, she's not half-bad in the looks department, and despite how shy and timid she is I bet once you get her going she'll be one heck tigress in be…" Byakko was quickly cut off by what sounded very much like a flame burst and only his pained moans were heard.

'I think we heard enough.' Suzaku said her voice sounding rather irritated.

'Agreed,' Ranma stated. 'Still, Shizune having an interest in me of all people, why does this always happen to me?'

'It can't be helped Ranma, you just have a knack for it.' Byakko said sounding a bit pained. 'Either way we both approve she's a good one to have around.'

'What exactly do you two mean by that?' Ranma asked

'Nothing for you to be worried about for now,' Suzaku said. 'You should think about getting changed before Hinata and Naruto get back here.'

After her statement the two Shishin guardians faded back to the recesses of his mind and Ranma quickly headed for the bathroom to get changed, half an hour after changing back into a woman there was a knock on the parlor door followed by it being opened and admitting the blushing Hyuga Hinata. Ranma smiled seeing that a smile was practically plastered on her young assistants face. "Ah Hinata, Naruto, I hope the both of you had a good time."

"H-Hai…" Hinata stuttered out.

"Yeah it was great! I even got a goldfish for Hinata at Fuzzy-eyebrow's booth." Naruto stated proudly. Ranma caught a glimpse of the plastic water filled bag in Hinata's right hand before the flustered genin could hide it behind her.

"N-N-Naruto-kun only took t-ten tries to do it." Hinata said bowing her head to try and hide her blush. Naruto immediately deflated, and a moment later Hinata realized what she just said. "N-Naruto-kun, g-gomen I didn't mean to…" She trailed off bowing her head. 'Naruto-kun must hate me right now.' She thought.

"Nah! It's all right." Naruto stated, bouncing back. "I had a lot of fun today I'd be good to do something like this again dattebayo."

'N-N-N-N-Naruto-kun said he'd like to do this again!' Hinata shouted out mentally, her heart was singing a happy tune and she felt so light now that she was surprised she wasn't floating away. Her moment of happiness was interrupted when Naruto spoke up again.

"Well I better get going, see ya Hinata, Sensei!" Naruto waved and began to walk away.

Ranma glanced at Hinata her face was in a conflict of emotions her hands would reach out a little toward Naruto and then retract. It was obvious she had something to say but her doubts were holding her back again as usual. 'C'mon Hinata, I can't help you this time only you can overcome this battle, this is your fight!' Ranma thought.

A fierce battle raged within Hinata as her usual doubts and shyness battled with her feelings for Naruto that were strengthened by the events that evening. For once the battle went in favor of those feelings allowing Hinata the moment she needed to call out. "Matte Naruto-kun!"

Naruto turned back after hearing Hinata's shout the Hyuga was crimson on all visible parts of her body and her hands were clenched in tight fists, her eyes were shut tight. "Eh? What is it Hinata?" Naruto asked.

Hinata's brief moment of courage was quickly swept away as her usual shyness and doubts came again, yet the taste of that moment was still there and she held on to it with all her strength, as she struggled to say the words she wanted to… needed to say. "N-N-Naruto-kun… I-I-If y-y-you w-want t-t-to d-do t-t-th-th-this a-again, I-I-I w-w-will b-b-be h-h-ha-ha-hap-happy t-t-to g-go a-a-an-any t-t-t-time."

Naruto blinked at Hinata's statement before a big smile came to his face. "You mean it?" Naruto asked.

Hinata struggled to put out the last word she needed to say that evening to take the first step toward something she thought could only happen in her dreams. "H-H-H-Hai!" She shouted.

Naruto did a thumbs-up toward the glowing red Hyuga. "Then we'll definitely be doing something like this again, that's a promise dattebayo." Naruto gave his final wave and turned away. "Let's have more fun on those times too, okay Hinata." Naruto started walking off again this time there was no shout to call him back.

Hinata stood for a long time staring at Naruto's back until he faded into the darkness, then she reared her head back and let out a loud shriek before falling backwards in a dead faint luckily Ranma caught her before she hit the ground. "Good job Hinata." Ranma whispered brushing Hinata's bangs aside, the young genin had a big smile plastered on her face and her mouth continued to mumble out "Naruto-kun."

"You took your first big step today." Ranma carried Hinata into the parlor and into the room that the young Hyuga was staying in she placed Hinata on the futon mattress she had previously laid out to pass time. "Now you just have to have the courage to continue till the end." After pulling the blankets over the genin she turned and left the room sliding the door closed.

To be continued

Author notes: I'm really sorry it took so long people I'm having a bit of a writer's block right now. I've been really busy this past summer, a lot of my work ended up in the backcountry and I didn't really have time to think about my fiction work. Because of this some of my fanwork could take longer then usual, and unfortunately I have to announce that I'm taking another of my work down. I don't know how much I can emphasize this by writing but I have really tried thinking up the rest of the storyline for my Midnight Ranma work but I've always get a blank, Fact is although it looked good in the beginning I just can't find a way to fit Ranma into it anymore, I'll keep it posted right now so if anyone wants to take up the reigns please do so. Updates are a bit sketchy but I'll try to get another War Angel Ranma chapter up as soon as I can, I'm also starting work on Pokefemmes and Mermaid Melody works. I've also been thinking of starting two new works since they've been bothering me for awhile check my profile for more details. So that's all I have to say, so until next time.