Chapter1- Steak Sauce Hi!

Odd was at an 7 eleven store drinking A1 steak sauce that wasen't paid for.

Billy, Grim and Mandy from Cartoon Network were standing right next to him.

Billy already finished 12 bottles.

Odd finsihed 47.

"Hey those were not paid for" said the cashier

"I love steak sauce" said Billy

Runnnig at the speed of light.

Soon they went to Ulrich's house

"Hey, get way" said Ulrich

"Giveeee Meeee your steak sauce" gasping Odd

"Never your already Steak Sauce Hi!"said Ulrich

Yumi was over Ulrich's house with Jeremie as well.

"Oh, shit Odds Steak Sauce hi" said Jeremie

"Well we have to save him" said Yumi

"I'm a little pony short and scof here is my handle"singing Odd

"Damn we really have to save him" saidUlrich

"I'm a fairy tale princesses" said Odd while taking his shirt off and running away saying that over and over again

Then Billy, Mandy, and Grim lost their head and died.

Soon really quickly Ulrich, Yumi, and Jeremie were having a moment

"Even that we only knew them for 2 seconds we loveyou" said Ulrich

After that Odd wason top of a car but now in his underware.

"Weeeeeeeeee" said Odd

Jumping from car to car

He broke into a car trunk and grabed what he thought was steak sauce but Ketchup.

He drank it.

"What the fucking prince is this" yelled Odd falling to the ground.

"Yes, we got him back" said Ulrich

But not yet Odd was just breakdancing these 2 speakers came up randomly.

He was bustin a move..

Soon he ran again he was at School.

Gym tried to stop him but Odd was so fast Gym flew into the air breaking all of his body parts.

"Ouch" said Gym

Soon the Ambulance came but didn't notice he was there so the Ambulance truck just ran over him.

Odd was at risk he was in his underware at the School.

Yelling random crap what will Ulrich, Yumi, and Jeremie do? To be continued... In chapter 2