The gravestone was simple. A name was finely etched into the granite plate, but nothing more.

Visiting had been the first thing Mello did when he arrived in Japan. He hadn't found the time to come here in the past, his plot to capture the deathnote had been too important, but once that had fallen through, he was back at ground zero. Well, almost.

"Explain to me why we're here again?" Mat asked, yawning with indifference.

"You're here because you fucking followed me. Pansy." Mello spat back, not bothering to glare beyond the rim of his sunglasses to the boy behind him. "There were other things I told you to do, but since you're here now, keep watch and make sure the perimeter is secure."

"Right-o." The sound of Mat's footsteps crushing the fresh dewy grass faded into the distance. Mello knew he was alone.

Slowly, he walked forward, brushing a snugly leather-gloved hand over the name on the stone, the other clutching a bunch of white roses and pink carnations. "Ryuzaki… so that's what they called you. Those people…" He murmured, his hand slowly falling back down to his side while the other tightened its grip on the flowers.

Being in this place was unsettling. Ever since he had stepped foot in this sordid place, he had wanted to scream. Everything about the atmosphere of this secluded graveyard shrieked one thing to him. "…they killed you… they fucking killed you!"

The pent up rage that he had kept in check until now burst from somewhere deep within him. As the feeling of anger spread like a tidal wave through every nerve in his body, Mello fell to his knees, slamming his tightly balled fist into the ground. The flowers, miraculously, remained intact.

He knew these outbursts probably weren't healthy, but he couldn't hold back his temper when it came to such important things… especially L. At least this time nobody was around to witness it. Mat maybe, but that didn't matter.

"You did all those things… risked your life for the sake of people you never knew ... and now nobody even knows who you are… were…" Mello spat, correcting himself.

A sudden urge came over him, an illogical but strong desire to dig up the buried body, to see for himself that L really was dead.

He spread his fingers along the damp ground, pressing his palm firmly down on the ground, his eyes widening to an inhuman size. But as soon as the urge had come over him, it left. Harshly, he snapped his eyes shut and turned away, clenching a handful of grass between his gloved fingers.

"…you are dead. There isn't any other explanation. If I dug you up, Mat would only think I'm crazy." Mello sighed, forcing himself to calm down and place the flowers in front of his idol's meager grave.

He wondered how long it would take Near to visit L's final resting place. He was a bit surprised that the boy hadn't arrived yet, or perhaps he had… years ago.

The silence was deafening. Even the sound of his own breathing escaped him. For a minute he simply sat there staring at the gravestone as memories of the past returned to him like a wave of nauseating euphoria.

L was dead. He was really gone.

A soft wind blew through the wayward trees surrounding the lonely grave, catching a few strands of Mello's hair in its grasp, obscuring his view. Not that it mattered.

He had lingered long enough in this sad place. Standing, he tipped his sunglasses back up to the bridge of his nose. Before he left, Mello glanced back one last time, softly whispering before he walked away. "Goodbye L."