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Plastered over the entrance to a large, gymnasium-like building in bold black lettering was: Jump City Academy. Oh, god. What was she getting herself into?

She slipped her hand into her pocket subconsciously; she wanted to be sure the letter was still in her pocket from when it had been slipped into her coat earlier that morning.

My Dearest Rachel,

I hope you find your living quarters to your liking. For your protection, I have put you under the name 'Raven Roth'. Your mother's last name was Roth and from hereon out, you are no longer your father's daughter. I must ask you not to slip up, you will be responding to that name only.

Stay safe, and be wary of your fellow students.

Sincerely yours,


Rachel—Or Raven—sighed and adjusted the single strap backpack on her shoulder.

Oh Azar…what did I do to deserve this? She was tired of running.

The building was a pale creamy color with a magnificent garden surrounding the structure. Trees bloomed with petite pink blossoms sprouting from all branches; green shrubs were cut to perfection, and a tidy patch of assorted flowers resting on the edges of the pavement.

Behind this building were tall, apartment-like buildings intended to be dorms, a darker salmon color, as well as several other offices and edifices.

The campus was a beautiful place, as were most of its students. Jump City Academy, or JCA, was a prestigious prep school that only the richest and smartest students in the nation got into. Basically, if your parents had money, you went to JCA. Other students, the ones without so much money, were here on scholarships. The school famed itself on its many scholarships as well as excellent academic school. No parent could be happier if their child got into JCA.

How Azar had managed this, she would probably never know. When Raven's mother had died do to unknown causes; Raven's father was already long gone. She suspected he had something to do with her mother's death, but she kept to herself about it. And so, her mother's trusted friend had taken Raven in. Taken the surname of Azar, Raven never bothered to use her address her by her real name.

Don't get her wrong, Raven loved Azar. She was caring and taught Raven how to handle her emotions in case of an emergency, but she was also fairly cold. There were things about Azar that Raven would never understand, like the seriousness of her manner when trying to teach Raven meditation. She promised it would come in handy one day, and that Raven would appreciate it. Raven couldn't have been older then nine and she was already alienated from the world.

Social Studies – 1st period, Mr. Gavin

So this was what school felt like. In a word; boring. Raven had been home schooled her entire life, and so she had never known the true tedium that followed class and school. She had already summarized half of her class. Truth be told, it was a large class, 35 or so students, so Raven only reviewed the ones who sat in front of her.

She sat towards the front, due to arranged seating (otherwise she would be sitting in the way back, far away from everyone). In front of her sat a muscular looking black kid, wearing a letterman's jacket. She pictured him as the all American boy. He struck her as a jock, but by the way he had paid attention in class and had answered every question shot at him thoroughly, it looked like he wasn't exactly your average sports guy. He was tall, and blocked most of her view of the entire board.

On her left side sat a tall, athletic but curvaceous girl with fiery red hair. Her eyes were a bright jade green and were constantly surveying the room with interest. When called upon by their teacher, she answered sincerely. This wasn't always a good idea in her case. She often got the words mixed up and carried a light accent, which Raven recognized immediately. Raven had her down as the typical foreign exchange student. Always looking for new things to study, and she was always trying.

On her other side sat a boy who looked like he'd had a sudden growth spurt. Using her judgment, which was pretty good, Raven guessed he was a few inches taller then her. His clothes were fairly tight on him; his pants went past his ankles when he sat. Their uniforms of slacks, in a girl's case plaid skirts and a blazer, and a button up white shirt looked shrunken on his body. He'd obviously grown too quickly and hadn't updated his clothes yet. His hair was a medium brown, in the classic boys cut, with tanned skin. What struck out most were his startlingly green eyes, which had winked at her once when he caught her studying him. He was obviously the kind of kid that teachers criticized and pretended to hate, but he'd smile his way out of any trouble

In front of him was another boy. He, at first, looked serious about his academic work and paying attention to the teacher, but his blue eyes wandered and were watching the exchange student hungrily. Spiky black hair and a heart shaped face, he wasn't bad looking. He'd once smiled at Raven, and she realized he had been trying to survey the new student, like she had. Only the other way around.

She'd been about to move onto her next study, a petite blond girl who had been filing her nails, when the teacher's voice rang through her ears.

"Class, we have a new student joining us from Star City, please welcome Raven Roth…Miss Roth?"

Damn it.


Laughter escaped the students.

"Would you mind telling us something about yourself?"

Shit, shit, shit.

"I was born in the suburbs of Gotham with my mother and father, but my mother died and my father left, so I moved in with my mom's friend who home schooled me until she decided I wasn't being social enough so she sent me here," Raven said quickly, slinking into her seat farther. She had mumbled the entire part, and only the first row or so around her caught it. Namely, the people she had been observing.

The teacher, a balding, portly man, looked dumbfounded momentarily. "Err, thank you Miss Roth…" His voice droned out as she was mentally slapping herself. The kid in front of her twisted around in his seat and smiled.

"Well, alright! Welcome to JCA. I'm Vic, by the way." He offered out a hand. She shook it reluctantly; her pale hand looked pathetic and tiny compared to his dark, large, and muscular ones. His head had been shaved and his gray-blue eyes were sparkling.

"Raven," She squeaked. He opened his mouth to reply, but the teacher's sharp eyes landed on him and bore a hole into his back. Vic quickly turned to face him.

The teacher notably rolled his eyes. "Seeing as you're so eager to chat, Mr. Stone, maybe you would like to explain to Miss Roth our latest project and show her around campus."

The bell rang and the class stood up, gathering their books. Raven darted for the door as fast as her feet would take her, but Vic was faster. He stepped in front of the entrance, blocking her from leaving.

"Hey, where's the fire? Slow down," He laughed and moved out of the way so some other kids could pass by. Raven rubbed her arm uncomfortably and smiled meekly.

Growth-spurt-kid, as Raven had so politely named him, was suddenly at Vic's side. He flashed a toothy grin at Raven, and rested an arm on Vic's broad shoulder.

"Hey Gar," Vic greeted, messing with his friends hair. He winced and darted out of the way, finding himself next to Raven.

Vic glanced over at the large metal clock hanging over the doorway. "Alright Raven. What's your next class?" He asked, stepping out into the hallway.

Raven pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from her pocket, no, not that piece of paper, and flicked it over to him.

"Hey! You've got P.E. with me 'an Gar!" He exclaimed, handing the paper back to Raven.

"Gar?" Raven asked. She assumed he was Growth-spurt-kid, but she just wanted to confirm.

"Speaking." Growth-spurt-kid waved and slipped some books into his backpack.

Vic leaned over and whispered into Raven's ear, "Watch your back. He's worse then he seems."

Raven found herself giggling. Her, giggling. She never giggled, she never laughed, and she rarely smiled. And yet, Raven had already somehow befriended the two boys and was laughing at one of them make fun of the other! This school must give off some weird toxin, or something. She needed to find an antidote, fast.

"I heard that," Gar cut in, shooting a death glare at his friend.

"Of course, you can always address him as Garfield, if you'd like."

Gar's eyes narrowed to slits.

P.E. (physical education) had been awful. Vic obviously loved it, volunteering and being the first to go for every drill. He was sports man on campus. She quickly learned that whatever sport this school had, Vic was on the team. He was QB and captain of the football team, star player of the basketball team, iron arm of the baseball team, scary-guy-you-don't-want-to-mess-with of the lacrosse team…well; needless to say, this school valued itself on sports and their players. The teachers all loved Vic.

Gar was another story. He was a fair runner and soccer player, but when it came to anything else, he flat out sucked. Not to mention he never stayed focused in class. Raven finally understood the meaning of the term 'Class Clown'.

Raven, on the other hand, completely hated P.E. It wasn't like she was in bad shape or anything, but let's just say sports weren't exactly her thing.

And now, by the time lunch rolled around, Raven had two more friends to add to her list. This was insane. What did she do, walk around with a sign on her back reading 'BEFRIEND ME'?

They, by some weird coincidence of fate, ended up being the other two kids she had been watching in class. The girl, who Raven had learned was named Kori, hailed from a 2nd-world country somewhere in Europe. She had been part of Wayne Enterprises Exchange Program, and thus met Rich through there. Richard Grayson was the typical male student of JCA; smart, athletic, not bad-looking, and rich, rich, rich. His uncle, Bruce Wayne, had adopted him at his parent's death and sent him off to boarding school once he was old enough. He'd been at JCA as young as the school would allow.

During lunch, Raven learned some new things about her friends. Gar, for example, was here on an unknown benefactor's money. No one knew anything about his parents, and Gar obviously didn't like to talk about it. And he was a complete, as Vic so eloquently put it, a tree-hugging, meat-hating, animal lover.

Vic, in contrast, was here on a computer scholarship. He was apparently the computer genius, great with electronics. And if he hadn't been, he probably would be here on a sports scholarship.

And Rich and Kori were the best friend type couple who were both too nervous to make a move. There wasn't much to them that Raven hadn't already known.

They had been discussing what they intended to do with their lives after JCA when, like a light bulb had blinked on in Vic's head, the conversation suddenly wound its way back on topic of their history class.

"So, Mr. Gavin told me to explain the project to you. Last week, we picked topics on something that is important to us. We were assigned groups, four to five people. We four got paired together…but I guess you're our fifth member unless he tells you otherwise."

Raven nodded.

"We dumbly picked names from a hat on who got to pick our topic." Vic paused and glared at Gar, who smiled broadly as he bit into his tofu burger.

"Gar won?" Raven asked, observing the two friend's playful banter.

Vic sighed and bobbed his head up and down.

"Dude, you're gonna love it! It's like, the best topic ever!" Gar shouted, almost sending Rich's soda flying. Vic and Rich groaned and exchanged glances, where Kori just clapped and smiled. She liked the idea.

"Okay, so—"

The bell rung. The other two males of the group sighed, relieved and Gar sat on his seat, mouth open and finger raised.

Raven moaned. Two more periods. She could make it through this, even without her new friends' help. As it turned out, she had the last two periods to herself. Except Gar, who had her last class, Art, with her. Luckily, Art was her favorite subject.
"C'mon, I'll show you your dorm."

Vic motioned for Raven to follow, leading her into the salmon-colored building. The building was modeled like a college dorm room, only a bit nicer. The ground floor was a spacious recreational room, complete with televisions, gaming systems, and other brain-rotting toys.

Out of the three buildings, all five of them were in the same one. Gar and Vic were roommates, with Rich on the other side of the hall. The building was divided into two sides; one girl, one boy.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Coming!" A feminine, unmistakably black voice called.

Vic's face fell as Raven's new roommate opened the door. "Sparky!" She grinned and leaned on the door frame.

"Hey…Karen," Vic mumbled, slouching. It was obvious he wasn't completely at ease with Raven's roommate, Karen. She had a slender but curvy figure and afro-like hair that was held in two buns. She had dark brown eyes and smooth, dark skin.

"What are you doing here?"

"We wish to present to you your new roommate, Raven!" Kori gave Raven a small push.

Karen now noticed Raven and beamed. "Alright," was all she said.

"Okay Raven. If you need anything, just ask Karen or Kori is just down the hall," Rich added, waving goodbye.

Gar handed Raven a slip of paper as they turned to leave, winking. Raven felt the heat rush to her face as the door closed on her new friends. But when she opened up the note, it was just a map of the school with Gar's scrawny handwriting pointing to several buildings, determining certain classes as 'cool, okay, or just sucky'. As she flipped it over, however, Gar had scrawled something on the back.

'Hope you like it here, Raven.'

It was simple and yet it left Raven smiling for the rest of the night.

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