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Raven's head snapped up with a start. Eyes wide and breath unsteady, she clutched her collarbone with her hand. As she did so, she caught sight of her wrist. One of the cuts she had inflicted herself had reopened, bleeding profusely over her arm.

She blinked and looked down, clutching the only sheet that covered her body. She was lying on a mattress on the ground, stained with her blood. She blinked around, the memories slowly coming back.

I just want to make a quick stop; Raven…We'll go to the dance in a few minutes…

Such a pretty girl…let me help you out of that dress…

Dear me, I've forgotten the most important thing. We wouldn't want any 'accidents', would we?

Don't move or I'll make sure it's the last thing you'll ever do…

She eyed the ripped silk dress she had spent hours picking out, also tainted with blood. There, next to it, sat the miniature black bag she had used as her purse,

She lunged at it, digging through it rapidly. She threw out anything that wasn't what she was looking for. She finally found what she was so intent on finding, numbly pressing the buttons.

An equally unsteady voice, but for different reasons, picked up quickly. "Hello?" The voice asked into the phone.

She stammered, racking her brain for the words.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Gar…" She wheezed; shocked at how awful her voice sounded.

Alarm coursed through his veins. "Rae? What's going? Where are you?"

"Help me…"

"What? What's going on?" He repeated desperately.

"He's coming…"

"Who's coming? Raven? Talk to me!"

"I-I don't remember much…just…a warehouse…sail boats…gears…"

"Tell me what's going on?" He shouted into the phone. Raven could hear muffled cries in the background and the sounds of blaring music.

"Malchior—" The voice abruptly ended, leaving Gar alone with a dial tone.

"Raven!" He shouted into the phone. There was no answer, just the deafly annoying ring that he wanted to strangle. He eventually snapped the phone closed. Six eyes stared at him intently.

"What's going on, man?" Vic. Good ol' Vic. Always fun but always serious when the time came.

Gar blinked and looked up. They had all decided, save for Raven, to go to the under age club. Raven of course had told them she'd go, but never showed up. In the end, she had ended up going to the dance with Malchior, it seemed. Except for the fact that she never made it that far.

As a part of him explained the phone call as they walked towards Vic's car, his "baby", the other part watched their faces curiously. Kori looked terrified. All knew, except for Wally and Jen, Kori's past experience with Malchior.

He had been forever attractive, convincing her to go out with him. She'd agreed, much to Rich's suspicion. At the time, everyone assumed it was jealousy. Which, in a way, it was.

It had been the classic case of date rape. He'd been polite, charming, and appealing, throughout the whole date, but when it came time for it to end; he'd told her he wanted to "show" her something.

If it hadn't been for Malchior's roommate, Kori could've been the standard teenaged mother.

No one but Kori's close family and friends knew what had really happened, but there were several rumors circling about Malchior's disappearance. Truth be told, he had taken those two or three months off for serious psychotherapy.

He'd been released early, due to excellent behavior. Not early enough, in any of their opinions. But it seemed fate was not on their side, and no one ever got the chance to explain to Raven. Not that she'd had believed them, though.

His gaze turned to Karen. She was filled with righteous fury from head to toe, her face red in frustration.

Being Karen's roommate, she'd always had somewhat of an opportunity to tell Raven; thus, she blamed herself. Dressed in her favorite outfit, black pants and a yellow and striped tank top, Karen's body was completely numb to the cold.

Vic looked serious, walking with hand's clenched. Vic was the typical big brother. Annoying when he wanted to be, but seriously overprotective.

Especially of Raven. He didn't know why, but he'd always had a bond with Raven. It had probably started when she'd been forced to take Mechanics as an AP class and had helped him rebuild his "baby". He had laughed at Gar's jealousy, for this was before Terra, and was always trying to play cupid. He failed miserably, however, making Raven always even more pissed off at Gar, who had no idea what was going on.

Rich was reassuring Kori, arm around her comfortingly. Rich was probably angriest, next to Gar.

Rich was nearly as protective of his friends as Vic was. If something went wrong, Rich was first to blame himself. He was always that way, no matter the situation. He'd be the first one to say, or to think:

'I could've done something', or, 'I should've seen it coming'.

He'd put aside the angry comments for Kori's sake, who was in emotional breakdown right now.

Gar switched his eyes to the last two, Wally and Jen. Had the situation not been so dire, he would've laughed at them. They were completely out of their comfort zone and looking exactly opposite of how they usually did.

The normally arrogant and in-charge Jen looked fearful and nervous, clutching to Wally's arm like he was going to evaporate into thin air. She knew Malchior the least, and thus her mind was jumping to the worst conclusions possible. Jen was normally a steady person, but if something happened that was completely out of her control, she lost it.

Wally, on the other hand, looked a lot like Vic. His jaw was so tight it practically needed to be pried open to let air out and in. Thank heavens for noses, or Wally would've gone without air for a good few seconds by now. The usually perky and hyper-active boy had been replaced temporarily by a serious and determined man that kind of scared Gar.

This brought us to Gar, who was right now feeling every single emotion that fell under the category of worry, love, jealousy, rage, and fear. He was worried for Raven, and for what Malchior would do. Malchior was a master of manipulation, able to turn the stickiest of moments in his favor. And he was a sex-crazed demon, which really didn't help the situation.

He also feared what would happen when they got to the warehouse…it had to be the one on Pier 41, because that was the only one with gears in it within a ten mile radius of the docks. Would he find Malchior leaned over Raven, doing…whatever, or would he find Raven in the worst case scenario; dead.

And a part of him tickled at his body, teasing and taunting. It was jealousy, nagging at his soul like the little kids you want to strangle after they point out something you missed.


He was pulled into reality as Vic fumbled with his car keys anxiously.

"C'mon, c'mon…" He nagged, shuffling through the keys to find the right one.

He'd finally gotten the right one and everyone was in the car before he'd even put in the ignition. The car was a five seater, so Kori and Karen had double-buckled, as well as Wally and Gar, being the two scrawniest…err, smallest boys.

Vic pulled into a quick stop after the worst car ride Gar had ever been in ended. It had been tense, full of silence and awkward anxiety.

Gar was the first one out, despite the fact he'd had to crawl over Wally. The red head hadn't seemed to have minded, following after quickly. The docks were a maze of buildings, and Pier 41 just happened to be straight in the middle. Karen had been the first to find it.

They split into two groups; Karen, Wally, and Jen taking the back door, while Gar, Vic, Rich, and Kori went through the garage-like door.

They'd found Malchior, pressing Raven against the wall, the sheet barely covering her body any more.

Raven had seen them, but Malchior had not. She'd not relaxed, but found comfort in Gar's angry vehemence.

A part of Raven's mind had already passed out. Raven had managed to keep him off of her…in that way, by a force she didn't understand. He'd lunged at her, but somehow landed on the ground. It was strange, because he was so close to her.

Raven was a person with a split personality. Bipolar, one might say. Raven had once had a dream, a very strange dream she might add, about Raven dressed in her school uniform. The strange part was that there had been more then one, eight to be exact, all dressed in different colors then her usual uniform. There had been a pink, a yellow, a dark green, a purple, an orange, a brown, a gray, and finally a malicious red. They'd each been different, each their own personality. It had been strange, to sum it up.

And right now, the different Raven's from her dream weren't exactly in control, but they were using great influence. A creepily happy Raven dressed in pink laughed and giggled as they saw Gar approach, another dressed in purple sighing dreamily. A few others rolled their eyes, where some just smiled widely or breathed relief.

Gar walked straight up, eerily calmly, tapping Malchior on the shoulder. He'd whipped around angrily, and Gar socked him straight in the eye. The last thing Raven remembered was hitting the ground, Kori's hands firmly cupping her head.

It was lucky for Raven that she'd fainted then, because had she seen what followed, she could've been scarred even further.

Gar continued to clout him furiously in the face, stomach, wherever he got the chance. He'd been pulled off Malchior after a good five punches by Karen, who'd pushed him aside.

In her hand, Karen held a metal pole. Where she got the pole, no one knew. No one dared to question Karen right then, her eyes held so much fury.

Malchior held up a hand to try to defend himself verbally. "Wait, Karen—"

She laughed so heartily it sent chills running down their spines. "Words won't get you out of this mess, pretty boy."

She brought the pole down, hard. "Don't…you…ever…touch…my…friend!" She screamed between blows. He got up and ran, but she wasn't done. Giving a furious battle cry, she chased him with the pole, bringing him to the ground once more. One of her buns was slowly unraveling, falling into her face. Everyone, at that moment, made a mental note never to piss off Karen.

Malchior ran straight into Rich, who had been waiting with months of bundled up wrath. He grinned evilly and cracked his knuckles, bringing Malchior to the ground with a blow to the head. Karen made another attempt at him with the pole, but Vic and Kori held her back.

Jen had composed herself and was ready to add her attack, but a firm grip on her shoulder from Wally had kept her in check. Temper settling, she fell into his arms.

The near-rapist had been knocked unconscious as he hit the ground, lying on the cement pitifully.

The next time Raven awoke, the scene was much less apprehensive and dark. She was in her own room, and she awoke not to be alone. Gar and Karen sat at the end of her bed, a cup of steaming tea in Gar's hands. He handed the cup to her. She accepted gratefully, pouring the searing liquid down her throat with no regard for the intense heat.

"Is he…"

"You won't ever be hearing from him again, Rae," Gar said with a meager smile. It was fragile, but Raven savored it all the same. Her eyes lingered on him a little too long for Karen's taste, and Gar realizing it, broke the silence with one of his moment-ruining comments.

"You should've seen Karen, Rae. She kicked Malchior's butt all the way back to England."

Raven smiled weakly, eyeing Karen. Karen puffed her chest up and grinned. Taking the now empty mug, Karen got off the bed.

"I'll be back with some more tea in a few minutes," She said with a wink to Raven, then a sharp glance to Gar.

Gar scooted a little closer the minute the door closed. "Is everything okay?"

"No. But if it had been, I'd be questioning my sanity," She replied, forever Raven.

Gar smiled a little more widely. "Good." He scooted a little closer, slipping his hand into hers. He could hear her heartbeat rise in her chest. He grinned mentally.

"I was really worried about you, you know," He was now whispering, breathe hovering on her face. Her eyes widened. Since when did he wear button-up shirts? Even more so, since when did he not bother to button it up even two thirds?

She studied his clothes a little more closely. A cotton white button-up shirt that wasn't near to being all the way done, giving her a full few of a hairless, tanned chest. Since when did HE have a six pack? Her eyes trailed farther, resting on the khaki shorts he'd bought with Karen, Rich, and Raven. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Gar had the worse fashion sense in the world, really.

She blinked, and she was staring directly into his green eyes. Damn, those eyes were green.

Before she knew it, his hand was cupping her chin and his lips were pressed gently against hers. It wasn't forceful; it wasn't threatening or slobbery, but passionate all the same. She opened her mouth, exploring the inside of his mouth with her tongue.

Inside Gar's mind, there were two things happening. Gar's inner teenager was doing the "Gar dance", which was bringing closed fists in a circle. The other part of Gar, a part he didn't know what was, was staring, wide eyed. Gar, truth be told, had absolutely no idea what he was doing or the consequences it would face.

Holy crap! I'm kissing Raven!

No shit, Sherlock.

The two broke apart as Karen stood in the doorway, looking fairly amused. Her eyes held a small twinkle that seemed to say:

'Mess with her, and I'll mess with you right back'. And Gar all too well Karen had no intention of holding back when it came to her friends, even if it had been one of her friends to hurt the other in the first place.

"Was I interrupting something?"

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