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Darkness - Chapter One - Into the Darkness

Harry Potter stood in the kitchen of #4 Privet Drive, looking at the floor for a moment in shock, with something akin to horror plastered on his face, while silently praying to whatever deity there was that his Uncle hadn't heard the noise that he was certain had echoed through the entire house. He was so absorbed by the sight before him as well as the mind numbing panic; he didn't even sense Vernon coming up behind him. The last thing Harry had heard though was the evil sound of his Uncle's laughter before everything went black.

When Harry finally came to he noticed that he was no longer in his Uncle's home and then heard the familiar noise of the Hogwarts Express and one that brought him some small degree of comfort. It meant he was going home to Hogwarts. It was during his musing that Harry couldn't help but notice that his vision was even fuzzier than it was normally. He found himself wondering for a moment if perhaps someone had taken his glasses off or that maybe they had fallen when he had been knocked out, until he reached up and found that his glasses were indeed still on and by the feel of things completely intact for once.

Turning his head with a sigh he finally noticed two fuzzy bodies in the compartment with him. One had almost shoulder length red hair and the other had blond hair that hung a bit past its shoulders. Harry could only guess that it was Ron and Draco, unless in a fit of madness Hermione had decided to go platinum and despite how awful he felt the mental image that brought up amused him a great deal.

"Is he waking up?" He heard Ron ask and he heaved a sigh.

"Yes he is awake and yes he can hear you." He mumbled out giving his friend a sideways look. "I'm guessing you came and picked me up?" Harry asked the two while pinching the bridge of his nose for a moment. Ron and Draco looked at each other for a second before they looked back and nodded at Harry.

"Harry we found you on the front porch of your Aunt's place with all your stuff scattered around, what the hell went on there mate?" Ron asked sounding worried. Draco looked at his red-haired lover for a moment and gave a slight shake of his head trying to keep Ron from sounding so worried. The two of them obviously needed to be ready to hear anything if the way Harry looked was anything to go by and he knew that it wouldn't help matters any of Ron allowed himself to get worked up the way he usually did.

"Well give me a minute and I'll try my best to remember, it's all about as fuzzy as my vision at this point." Harry said while rubbing his temples briefly and giving another heavy sigh.


"Boy! Get your little freak arse down here and make some breakfast before your little freaky friends pick you up!" Vernon yelled from the bottom of the stairs as he glared up.

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry replied dully, his voice flat and emotionless, before hurrying down the stairs and into the kitchen as quickly as he could manage to do as he had been ordered. Harry had been in the process of caging Hedwig when his Uncle had called him, and as he entered the kitchen he looked at the clock and a small smile passed over his face. Ron and Draco would be coming to pick him up in half an hour, as he was under orders from Dumbledore not to go anywhere without others being with him. He smiled to himself again while putting two frying pans on the stove as he actually enjoyed cooking in general it was being forced to do it that annoyed him to no end.

Harry started bacon in one pan before he set to work on the pancake batter and then got them going in the other pan and wondered what the class schedule would look like for the up coming term at school. Harry then turned the bacon and went about pouring juice, milk, and coffee for his muggle relatives, if relatives are what you would call the evil people one lives with, though he couldn't really say that as his Aunt Petunia wasn't really all that bad, it was the other two that were vicious. Despite not minding his aunt, Harry honestly couldn't see why he wasn't able to live with Sirius; it made no sense to him, after all Sirius was now a free man after the order had managed to catch Pettigrew the year before, and he had a husband and a nice home to boot. He could only imagine that it was either by the Ministries design or Dumbledore's that he was still stuck staying with the Dursleys. And honestly he didn't care whose fault it was that he was stuck there at this point he blamed everyone equally for it.

Shaking his head he made a slight face as he placed the bacon on a plate and carried it over to the table, but he didn't know why he bothered with a plate at all as Dudley would make it disappear in five minutes flat anyway, he'd timed him once. He then went back to the stove to finish with the pancakes. While he waited for one side to finish Harry went about getting out the plates for the table and he finished with that task just as quickly as all the others and went to get the pancakes from the frying pan, but he turned around just a little too quickly and the plate he had been holding fell from his hand and smashed on the floor.

The sound caused Harry to freeze mid-step and pray softly that Vernon had not heard the plate shatter, but something in his gut told him that the man had. He was so afraid that Vernon would do something besides beat him, and that was bad by itself, but Harry was use to that, among other things. Harry worried that Vernon might finally snap and go after him with a piece of the plate, maybe even kill him finally, like he always swore he would. Sometimes when Vernon was about to strike, Harry would wonder if that was going to be it, if it would finally be his end. Finally coming out of his slight daze Harry went to turn slightly until he heard a laugh and everything went black.

*end flash-back*

"Vernon must have cracked me in the head, that's the only explanation that seems to fit. Though with what I don't know." Harry said while shifting in his seat which caused him to wince slightly and rub his head trying to rid himself of the dull throbbing.

"That stupid filthy Muggle! Don't think that they won't be hearing about his, he'll get what's coming to him." Draco hissed suddenly. Despite the fact that Draco was dating Ron and had been for sometime, this shocked Harry slightly as he still sometimes couldn't believe that he and the blond were friends.

The shock disappeared quickly though when the car door suddenly opened and Hermione came bounding into the room. She sat down next to Harry and looked at him for a moment before leaning in closer and looking at him again. She couldn't be sure but something looked off with her friend and she couldn't shake the nagging feeling that was creeping up on her.

"Harry your eyes look a little cloudy, are you feeling all right?" She asked him. A sad sigh escaped from Harry and he held his head.

"Harry's bastard of an Uncle clocked him in the head!" Ron said suddenly not even giving Harry a chance to explain it himself which he was actually sort of glad for as he didn't really feel like retelling the tale again.

"That's horrid! Harry, you should go and see Madame Pomfrey as soon as we get to school, this could be bad." Hermione said sounding serious as always, but for once Harry honestly felt that what she was saying would be the best thing to do, not that he was about to admit that to her.

He also knew that it was useless to argue with the young witch, so he simply nodded, leaned back and waited for the train to stop. By the time the ride was over Harry's eyes were even worse than they been only an hour before and while he wasn't letting it show, he was doing his best not to panic about it. As the four teens entered the school for their final year instead of heading to the Great Hall with the rest of their class they headed to the Hospital Wing. As they entered Madame Pomfrey gave them a questioning look.

"Might I ask what you lot are doing here? A bit early for you to be getting yourself into trouble isn't it Potter?" She asked with a chuckle and a small shake of her head.

Hermione scowled at the medi-witch and helped Harry take a seat on one of the many beds in the large room, one that he was more familiar with than he wanted to be, but it was the price one paid when a Dark Lord wanted you dead he supposed.

"Madame Pomfrey this is serious, Harry is having trouble seeing!" Hermione said sternly. Ron and Draco simply nodded in agreement with what the young witch said.

Poppy sighed for a moment thinking that perhaps the group was over reacting but she moved to look Harry over. She lit the end of her wand and moved closer to Harry's eyes and frowned, now with a better look she could tell that this was beyond serious and far beyond her ability to cure. Being as close as she was Harry had little trouble catching the facial expression.

"Please tell me you can fix this." Harry said knowing somewhere in his mind what she was going to say to him before she even had a chance to say it.

"I'm sorry Mister Potter but there's very little I can do for you. If you'd been here as soon as your vision started to fade, then maybe, but not now I…" She said sadly before trailing off. "Do you even know what caused this?" She finally asked raising a brow in question.

Tears welled in Harry's dimming eyes and Hermione hugged her friend as close as she could from the angle she was standing at and Ron placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. At the sight of the young man's tears Poppy sighed and shook her head slightly, noting that he had ignored her question, she then turned to Draco who was looking on with an angered expression on his face.

"Mister Malfoy would you run along and fetch the Headmaster, I'm sure he'll want to know about this." At her request Draco nodded and headed out of the Infirmary and in the direction of the Great Hall.

As he entered Draco noticed that the other students were still arriving and that the new first years were yet to arrive. Without as much as a glance towards his own house table he headed right for the staff table and the Headmaster. Albus Dumbledore looked over his half-moon spectacles at the younger man in front of him and raised a brow slowly.

"Something I can do for you Mister Malfoy?" He asked. At the question Draco nodded and leaned in so that the other students who were still up moving around would not overhear, it was honestly none of their business.

"It's Harry sir. He's with Madame Pomfrey, she said he's losing his sight." Draco whispered to the older man. Albus looked slightly shocked but his appearance recovered quickly to the usual jovial look, but his eyes lacked their usual twinkle.

Hogwarts resident snarky Potions Master, Professor Severus Snape just happened to "overhear" this and was rather shocked by what he heard from Draco. *What's that spoiled little brat gotten himself into now?* he thought while trying to figure out why Harry was going blind in his own mind. Albus nodded to Draco and turned to his Deputy Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall.

"Minerva, would you please take care of things if I'm not back in time?" He asked her in a whisper while standing.

"Of course Albus, but what's going on?" She questioned. He shook his head slightly as if to say that he would explain later, before he turned his attention to Severus.

"Severus my boy, seeing as you heard what was said, why don't you join us?" Albus said. Severus was about to try and play stupid with Albus when he noticed that the older man looked rather serious for a change and a serious Albus was one that you did not wish to play stupid with.

The three men left and headed to the Hospital Wing and couldn't help but hear quite the commotion as they got closer to the room. In the short time that Draco had been gone Harry's vision had gotten worse which did nothing to help the teen's mood and seemed to finally be what set him off about the whole matter. He could barely see a thing, he could simply make out shapes, and only if they were close to him. Albus, Severus, and Draco ducked just in time as a bottle went flying out of the Infirmary and past their heads. They entered to see Harry in a panicked and angered state throwing things around and screaming.

"What the fuck did I do? What could I have done for this to happen to me?" He screamed while throwing another bottle across the room.

"Harry enough!" Albus said with a slight tone causing Harry to turn in the direction of the voice. "With your connection to Voldemort, we don't want to alert him that anything is amiss." Albus said hoping this would calm the boy slightly.

Instead of calming Harry it seemed to have a reverse effect and caused Harry to glare at what he was sure was the shape of Albus, if all the white was anything to go off of, and he made a scoffing noise.

"I'm sorry Headmaster, but I don't think I'll be much use in the fight against Voldemort now." He said lowering the glass he had been about to throw seeming for a moment as though he was going to calm down.

"Whatever do you mean my dear boy?" Albus asked softly. At this Harry let out a rather loud curse before smashing the glass on the floor in front of him.

"How the bloody hell am I suppose to fight Voldemort if I can't even see him?" Harry screamed at the group. As he did so various glasses and bottles around the room shattered and the group felt a strange wave of power coming from Harry.

"I'm sure you'll find a way." Albus said walking over and placing a hand on Harry's shoulder. "You always seem to find a way." He continued on gently.

At the contact Harry leaned forward and gripped Albus tightly in a hug before he began to sob. While comforting the young man, Albus looked over at Severus who was looking ready to run at the sight before him. The sight was not unfamiliar to him; in fact it looked very similar to the day that he had decided he was going to be a spy for Albus. Severus turned away from the sight and looked down the hall to see if any stray students were coming, this wasn't something they needed to see.

"Harry, please come with me to my office, Poppy, I'd like you to join us as well." Albus said leading Harry towards the door. "And you three please join your classmates in the Great Hall." The other three nodded slowly after casting lingering looks towards Harry before turning to leave.

Harry waited for Albus to start guiding him again and began walking when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Soon, but not soon enough, after several trips going up stairs, the hand gave a squeeze as a signal to stop.

"Chocolate Frogs." He heard Albus say and then saw a blur move away, which he assumed was the gargoyle that blocked the entrance.

Once Harry was seated the hands left him and Harry felt a slight absence, which confused him, he'd never felt that way around Dumbledore before so he couldn't understand why he did at that moment. Albus finally spoke again and what he said shocked Harry beyond words.

"Thank you for your help Severus." He said. Harry knew his eyes must have bulged a little because Severus made a slight scoffing noise of his own.

"You're welcome Albus, and stop looking so shocked Potter!" Severus replied from beside Harry. Harry turned in his direction with a puzzled expression on his face but said nothing, he honestly couldn't think of anything to say. Then Albus cleared his throat causing Harry to turn back again and wait for him to speak.

"Now Harry how exactly did this happen?" he asked gently. Harry turned his head away as through hoping to avoid the question in some strange way.

"Potter, answer the Headmaster's question." Severus said sharply. Harry nodded and rubbed at his eyes trying to keep the tears from coming again, annoyed at himself for tearing up at the thought of it.

"It happened at my muggle family's house, Vernon demanded that I make breakfast before I left and I dropped a plate…" Harry simply trailed off, he didn't think anymore needed to be said about it. They should be able to draw the proper conclusions from what he had given them.

"Oh my dear boy, he didn't." Albus asked hoping he was wrong, but already knowing the answer, it was in that moment that Albus hated himself. He couldn't believe he hadn't seen what had been happening, but he knew why he hadn't. He'd been so focused on the war and keeping Harry safe from Voldemort he didn't see that the people he really needed to be protected from were his own family members.

Severus himself cringed when he heard this; he remembered his father and what had happened when he made 'mistakes' as his father so lovingly put it. *Surely no one would put their hands on the Golden Boy.* he thought bitterly, but a sudden cough from Harry's direction pulled Severus from his thoughts.

"I don't remember exactly what happened, but I think we can all guess." Harry said flatly. Albus gave him a soft look and bowed his head slightly and then turned his attention to Poppy.

"Why is there nothing you can do for him?" Albus asked with a puzzled expression.

"If it had been something like natural sight loss or something that was just a simple blow to the head, then I would have been able to fix this right away, but something far worse is at work here." Poppy said sounding rather saddened by the whole thing.

"Would you just spit it out already woman!" Severus barked and for once Harry found himself in agreement with the man. Poppy wrinkled her nose at Severus for a moment before she continued.

"Caecus Eternus." She said sounding rather grave. At this Harry simple looked puzzled. He knew what Eternus meant but he was completely lost on the first word.

"It literally means Blind Eternal. It's one of the few dark curses out there that can be combined with a potion." Albus explained for Harry's sake as he could tell by looking at him that the young man was confused.

"Then it can be fixed right?" Harry asked with a hint of hope in his voice that almost made Severus cringe before he spoke up.

"Unfortunatly Potter; it is an old curse that no one's used for a few hundred years, so no one ever thought to find an antidote for it." Severus explained. At this Harry looked crestfallen once more for a moment but then confused again.

"Then how did my Uncle get hold of it even if it was mixed with a potion? He hates magic." He asked.

"I can only assume that he was approached by one of the Death Eaters, if not the Dark Lord himself. As much as he hates Muggles, he'll still use them if it means he'll get what he wants in the end." Severus supplied once again. At this Harry simply nodded and went back to looking rather put out.

"I'm truly sorry this has happened Harry, but we will do everything we can to try and fix it. Severus; please escort Harry to Gryffindor Tower." Harry stood and Severus grasped his arm a bit roughly and Harry let out a slight hiss.

This caused Severus to give the younger man a questioning look, but Harry said nothing and simply started to walk. The two walked in silence each lost in their own thoughts, Severus more so than Harry. Severus wondered exactly what was going through the Gryffindor's mind when suddenly he stopped walking. Severus then noticed that Harry started to shake slightly.

"Potter, what is it?" He asked slowly not wanting to startle the other.

"Professor, I can't see anything now." Harry said beginning to shake harder. "What am I going to do?" Harry whispered before the tears started to flow freely. Harry felt weak, how could he be crying in front of Professor Snape of all people? He would never live to hear the end of it he was sure, but in that moment it simply didn't matter to him anymore.

Severus didn't know what to do as the younger man started to lower himself to the floor, so he did the only thing he could think of. Slowly he lowered himself to Harry's level and pulled the now sobbing student into his arms. He was surprised when Harry made no move to pull away from him and was even more surprised when Harry started to clutch at the front of his robes.

"You'll be fine Po-Harry, as the Headmaster said, you always are. We'll find a cure for you." Severus said hoping it would calm Harry down a little so he could get the teen back to his common room.

Harry started to calm but Severus said nothing else for a good couple of minutes until finally he heard a rather unusual sound that sounded a lot like someone asleep. With a sigh he looked down at Harry and sure enough the young wizard had worn himself out to the point of exhaustion. Severus grumbled to himself and stood slowly picking Harry up in his arms and continued to Gryffindor Tower, noting to himself how ridiculously light the young man seemed to be. At the portrait of The Fat Lady, he grumbled under his breath because he had no idea what the Gryffindor password was.

"Password Pro…" She started to ask until she caught sight of Harry asleep in Severus' arms. She chuckled slightly and swung open for him.

"Thank you." Severus mumbled out to the portrait and walked in what he couldn't help but feel was enemy territory. "Seventh year dorms, where are they?" He barked at one of the fifth years.

The shocked Gryffindor simply pointed and Severus nodded his head and went to Harry's shared dorm room. Upon his entry the laughing that the group of seventh year boys was doing stopped completely. They looked at their Potions Master and then caught sight of Harry's sleeping form. They pointed quietly to his bed and said nothing; they even hurried out of the room to avoid angering the man, all except for Ron and Draco who had been visiting. They watched as Severus lay Harry down slowly as if waiting for him to hurt the sleeping wizard.

It wasn't until he lay Harry down that he realized that he couldn't move away, not because he didn't want to, but because Harry had a hold of his outer robe so tight that his knuckles were white. Severus considered waiting for Harry to let go, but being in the Gryffindor Tower this long already was starting to make him feel queasy. So he did the next logical thing, he shrugged out of the robe and wrapped it around Harry who in his sleep snuggled into it. As he started to leave, Ron stopped him.

"How is he Professor?" He asked clearly worried about his friend.

"He's completely blind now Mister Weasley, other than that he seems fine." Severus said coolly.

"Pardon me when I say this Professor, but sod off! Harry's never done anything wrong to you personally so why don't you give him a break already?" Draco snapped at the older man from his place beside Ron.

"I will not cater to him like the rest of the bloody Wizarding World!" Severus snapped at him. "Also, 50 points from Slytherin for your foul mouth, don't think I won't go higher just because you're one of my own students" He bit out.

"You honestly think he wants all the attention he gets?" Ron hissed at the man. Severus said nothing, but the look on his face said he thought so. "I thought that too once, and it nearly cost me my friendship with Harry. He's never wanted any of this, who would ask to be constantly in danger?" Ron asked softly looking over at his best friend who was asleep on the bed.

"What the devil are you on about Weasley?" Severus questioned, puzzled by the youth's words.

"Think about it Professor, he was only alive for a year when You-Know-Who tried to kill him, and then he was forced to go and live with those Muggles, you don't even want to imagine what they did to him, probably makes Death Eaters look like Princes." A look of shock passed over Severus' face for a split second before it was replaced by one of disbelief at this and Ron snapped at him again, the red head seething with long bottled up rage. "Oh you didn't know Professor? You probably thought he lived in the lap of luxury when he was home didn't you? And despite what's happened recently you're probably thinking it was a one time thing right?" Ron snapped out, sounding remarkably like his mother which was even causing Draco to step back from him a bit.

"Yes, I was under that impression. Care to prove me wrong?" Severus asked as if daring Ron, sure that the teen had something up his sleeve to back all this up with. He knew Weasleys weren't good at bluffing, well except for the twins, but they were something else all together.

"You want me to prove it? Fine then, I will." At this Ron walked over to Harry's trunk and dug around it for a moment. Finally he pulled something out and looked at it for a moment before seeming to change his mind especially after the warning look that Draco was giving him. Severus eyed what seemed to be a small book in the teen's hands before plucking it from his grasp.

"What in Merlin's name…?" he trailed off as he flipped the cover opened and realized he now held Harry Potter's journal in his hands.

"Forget I said anything, just give it back!" Ron said quickly, sounding almost desperate, finally realizing what he was just about to do. What could possibly be so bad in here? Severus found himself musing. Ron then opened his mouth to ask for it back again, but before he could say anything else Harry started to moan in his sleep causing both the red head and the blond to turn their attention from the older man and when they did Severus took this as his chance and quickly made a replica of the small book and slipped it into the pocket of his waistcoat.

After checking on Harry quickly Ron and Draco walked back over to where Severus still stood and Ron snatched the book from his hands. Severus quirked a brow at him for a moment but said nothing else as Ron slipped the journal back into Harry's trunk where he'd taken it from.

"Let's hear the rest of this little theory of yours." Severus said crossing his arms with an almost bored expression on his face. Ron paused for a moment before finally nodded and sighed slightly.

"On top of everything else, he's spent all his time here fighting You-Know-Who and now he's blind." Ron said throwing his hands up in the air finally thinking of washing his hands of trying to explain anything to the greasy git.

Severus' face betrayed nothing, not that Ron was expecting it too, but he couldn't help being angry with the older man. They all knew Severus was a bitter bastard of a man, but this attitude he still had even with what had just happened to Harry was amazing. He honestly didn't see why Draco thought he was such a great Professor and to be honest Draco was now questioning that same thought himself.

"Keep an open ear Weasley, if he should start acting up in his sleep, owl me immediately. And don't let me catch you breaking curfew Mister Malfoy." Ron and Draco both sighed again and nodded in response not even trying to say anything else as they watched the man sweep out of the dorm room.

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