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Chapter 1 Strange whispers

A few tears silently fell from her cheek as she stared at her mother's grave. No one had ever told her why or how she died. Even to this day. Sometimes, she wondered if they don't tell her on purpose…or maybe they had forgotten her mother completely.

Her name is Ann and she lives in the inn of Mineral Town. Her father is the inn keeper. His name is Doug. His wife died many years ago when Ann was too young to understand or remember. You may see her working happily at the inn. Cleaning the rooms and serving customers, but she lives a tortured and depressed life of misery and loneliness.

"Yes sir." Ann was forced to put on a fake smile as she served the old man. He wanted something but kept forgetting what it was. "What about a meal? How about a drink?" She kept suggesting things that he might want. "What else would he need?" He was only a sight seer, here to enjoy the weather of her home town.

"No, no…that can't be it. What do you think dear? Can you remember what I wanted?" The old man turned to his side and looked at the empty space on his left side. "Is he talking to himself? No. He's imagining his wife standing beside him. Isn't he. Great. I have to serve the psycho old guy that can't remember anything."

"Uh sir?" Ann quietly whispered to him. "There's no one there." She tried to be as kind and gentle as she could but this guy was driving her crazy!

"What?" He looked back at me with a questioning face. "Of course there is! My wife is standing right here!" The old man practically screamed at Ann. "Yup. Psycho." The old man looked back to his side and sighed. "Yes dear. We can go back home now. Out of this crazy city you say? Alright." He turned back and looked at Ann. "Never mind that dear. Me and my WIFE that is STANDING RIGHT HERE, will be leaving now. Back to where we came from." He spat out the words as he turned to leave.

"And where would that be?" Ann asked with a slight smirk. He turned back to her and walked back to the counter.

"Don't you worry your pretty little red head about it." The old man smiled once more, ruffled her hair then left in peace. Ann sighed in relief as he shut the door. She fixed her braided, tomato coloured hair then turned to see a boy standing in front of the counter. He had black hair and was quite short. He also had tiny black eyes and a cute naïve smile. Ann smiled as she recognized him.

"Hi Stu." Ann whispered to him as she bent down over the counter.

"Hi Ann!" He responded. He waved as he stood on his tip-toes. Stu was very young and enjoyed collecting bugs. He was quite cute.

"And what would you like Stu?" Ann asked.

"Just sayin' hi." He smiled and Ann giggled. "Uh…"

"Okay okay." She bent down and opened the cupboard, found the jar of cookies and brought one back up with her as she stood. "Here you go" She said and handed Stu the cookie. His tiny eyes suddenly grew huge as he looked longingly at his treat. "Now shoo! Before the old man sees us." Stu nodded his head and scurried out the door. "Wow. Bounding around like that all the time and everyday. If only I had energy like that."

As the Inn slowly emptied of it's customers Ann groggily searched for a cloth. She slowly started to clear the tables and wipe them clean. Her father finally decided to emerge from his little room behind the counter. Ann had never been in there. He never let her.

"Hello Ann. Thanks again for taking such good care of the Inn." Doug smiled happily as he started the climb the stairs to head into his room upstairs.

"Daddy…"Ann glared at him. "How could he? How can he sleep at night? Knowing what he's doing to me. He won't even look at me straight anymore."

"Yes darling?" He slowly turned to face Ann and his smile turned to a worried frown as he saw her angry face. "Uh…gulp…what is it?" He stammered. "Hah. What is he afraid of?"

"We…need…to….talk." Ann slowly walked over to him, still carrying the dirty cloth. "Why don't you ever help me anymore? I'm doing all the work, all the time now! All you do, all day is sit in that little room doing God knows what!"

"..Ann. Calm down." Doug tried to get me to stop being mad at him but he knew what he was doing wrong.

"Make me" Ann dared. He suddenly looked shocked and then his face turned grey and showed signed of anger.

"Fine. No going out of the inn for two days." He looked content and turned once more. "As if. He had grounded me before. He never kept it up for long. Why, before he knew it, he would send me out on an errand."

"Daddy. Why only two days?" Ann smiled menacingly. She wanted to see how far he would go. He slowly turned and his face was almost the same shade of red as Ann's hair. He stepped closer to her and raised his fist.

She woke up in her room that night. "What time is it?" She looked over to the window. "It's dark. I can't see anything." This was how her evenings and nights went. She would anger her father then, wake up in her room, hours later. Ann sighed and got up off of the floor, changed into her nightgown and jumped into her bed. She tossed and turned and fidgeted in her bed, she wasn't tired. Ann got up and went downstairs and heard whispering.

"….No….well of course Doug. I could….never…what?" The muffled whispers were coming from behind the counter in the locked room. Ann slowly tip-toed over to the door and pressed her ear against the cold wood.

"Well naturally. I could never ask you of that." Doug whispered. "Who is he talking to?"

"Well, we really must be going." A male voice stated.

"Yes..we should." A female voice replied. The sound of creaking chairs and wood indicated that they were standing up. Someone rattled the doorknob so Ann bolted back up the stairs as fast but as quietly as she could. Ann leaped into her bed and quickly covered her shaking body with the quilt.

Ann tried to slow her beating heart's pace as she listened carefully for the sound of the Inn front door closing. "Ah, there it is". Now she could relax as soon as she heard her father's footsteps on the stairs. "Ah, I can't wait that long." Soon enough, her senses faltered and she fell into a well needed, almost peaceful sleep.

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