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After that night, they all agreed on something. Silently but sure enough it was promised and agreed upon. None of them would date unless all were okay with it. They would find Jack, convince the rest of the town that Kai had changed and should be allowed to stay, and help Ann find something to live for. The great friendship they had had before was salvaged and Cliff, Ann and Popuri were reunited and close once more.

They walked Cliff to the Inn then stood staring at it. No one wanted to go in… so they didn't. Popuri turned and stared at her empty house then, walked up to the fence in front and read the note on the door again. She could barely remember her father… It had been so long since he had left. She hated him for leaving… but loved him at the same time. Something had to be going on in Dustwood City… That's the only reason almost everyone would leave and go there. She'd have to figure it out.

They slept in the farmhouse, Ann on the sofa, Cliff on the bed and Popuri on the table. They each had a sweater for a pillow and a few sheets or blankets. They were all content though, and slept peacefully.

Cliff woke first the next morning, got up, changed his clothes and stepped outside. Jack hadn't been gone that long and already the farm was wilting without his care. Cliff looked to his right and saw his tools and rucksack leaning up against the house. Cliff grabbed the sickle and the watering can. He walked over to the field and the first patch of plants. He cut away the weeds after setting down the watering can. Then he watered the plants and tended to the harvesting. After finished, he looked up and counted the other patches of field that needed tending to. There were eleven. Ten more to get at. Cliff got up and started working on the other patches.

Ann and Popuri woke up around the same time and got dressed. They prepared their breakfast and set the table after removing Popuri's sleep wear. Ann offered to go fetch Cliff as Popuri finished tidying the place. Ann stepped outside and breathed in the cool morning air. Things could only go uphill from here, right? She spotted Cliff in among some tomatoes. She sprinted over.

"Breakfast Cliff. What're you doing?" She asked. She offered her hand and Cliff took it and stood up.

"Looking after the farm of course. What did it look like?" Cliff replied as he walked in front of Ann, back toward the house. Ann shook her head.

"If we look after it now, who will care for it when we're away?" She asked and caught up with Cliff.

"We'll find someone." Cliff turned his head and winked at Ann, then stepped into the house. Ann blushed.

"No." She harshly whispered to herself. "No dating for now. Your all confused." Ann shook her head straight then closed the door behind her after walking in.

All seated at the table they ate breakfast and chatted about where Jack might've gone.

"Where's his hometown again?" Popuri asked after swallowing some toast. "I don't even remember what it's called."

"I don't even think he ever said." Ann replied. She stood up and cleared away all the dirty dishes. She put them in the sink on the counter.

"I guess we could always ask around." Cliff leaned back in his chair.

"But everyone's gone." Ann commented and walked to the door.

"Not everyone." Popuri corrected. "Let's go ask Karen." Popuri stood up and opened the door. She stood in the doorway.

"Coming Cliff?" Ann asked and stepped out the door behind Popuri. Cliff slowly stood. He set something under his pillow on the bed quickly, then ran up to the girls, closing the door on his way.


Kelam sat in Kai's basement on a chair in front of the desk. That's all that was in the room. The desk, chair, some papers and the photo album.


"-But Daddy!" young Cliff begged his father.

"Go and do what I've told you." Kelam replied with a stern face. Cliff whimpered and stepped out of the Inn's room. Young Cliff was only one and a half. A very clever boy because he could already speak and walk. He walked along the hallway until the stairs and the wall met. There was a corner on the other side. It was dark, and the poor boy could barely see. He huddled on his hands and knees by the corner, right by the stairs.

Another door in the hallway was opened and out stepped a very pregnant black haired woman. She walked over to the stairs and tripped over Cliff's tiny body. Cliff clenched his eyes shut and listened to the lady scream as she fell down the stairs.

Kelam was watching through the door. Cliff scampered back into his father's arms, but Kelam pushed him away. Cliff landed with a thud on the floor. He whimpered and stood up again. He stared into his father's eyes, and Kalem looked away quickly. Cliff ran out of the room and left his father forever…


"What've I done…" Kelam buried his face in his hands.


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