Melting: Chapter 1

Author's note: Hello, this is an AU-ish fic, so please give me feedback on whether or not it sucks and if I should keep going. I hope you enjoy it, it will be J/H I'm sureā€¦.Thanks!

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She played with the flame, unconcerned with the danger. Holding her finger to the heat, longer and longer until it hurt. She wanted it to blister.

Tears had framed her sad eyes with black rims of mascara, and her pretty pink lips were raw and chapped. She hadn't bothered to wipe away a single tear; and she'd been crying for hours.

She sat in the near-dark, knees tightly pulled to her chest, losing track of the time easily.

She was a tragically gorgeous sight to see. But there was no one there to see her. And that was the problem.

Jackie Burkhart was alone.

A year had passed since she'd originally left for Chicago. A year in which her heart had seemed to break a little more each day. Steven stayed married to that whore. Eric had stayed in Africa. Her and Fez drifted apart as he found more responsive girls to adore. She barely recognized Donna on the rare occasion she saw her. Michael was thankfully still Michael, but with Betsy demanding more of his time she couldn't intrude with her petty problems. So she had only said goodbye to Red, Kitty, and Bob before she boarded her bus for LA. She hugged them each tightly, thank them each sincerely, and said farewll to Point Place for what she prayed would be eternity.

She had $500 to her name after the bus fare. She knew it wouldn't last long. But she was beautiful, and she was smart, so she hoped she'd land on her feet.

She really had no other choice.

She'd spent the entire bus ride staring out the window, sure that if her life wasn't so desperate she'd have found beauty in all that she saw. Instead though, the mountains made her feel weak, the deserts made her more lonely, and the canyons simply reminded her of the utter emptiness she felt. So she liked it best when it rained, when she could stare into nothing but a blur. That didn't reminded her of anything, so it hurt a little less.

She arrived, finally, to be struck by the heat, by the smell, by the crowd. She was lost instantly in the chaos, sickened by her displacement as she struggled to make any sense of the maps and signs that lined the station walls.

She'd never been more exhausted.

Somehow, the specifics unclear in her mind, she'd managed to make it to this hotel. Small and dingy, so unlike her former-princess standards, but she could no longer afford to be picky.

Andso that's where she'd been for 2 days, crying for the home she'd lost long before leaving, and for the horrifying coldness she felt inside that she just couldn't melt.