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This takes place after Leroy and Stitch. But since no one has seen that movie yet, I'm just going to make some assumptions. After the events of the movie, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakly return to Earth. Leroy decided to find his own true place in the universe, (not Earth), and Gantu and Hamsterville have started to try and capture experiments again.

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Polarity Chapter 1


It's has been five years since that fateful day two lost souls met and their destinies became intertwined. Much has changed since that summer day. The island is now covered with 625 new residents, to which none but a few know the true origins of. Lilo has grown, as all children do, but has not yet reached the time of life where humans undergo their own version of metamorphisis, much to the relief of her guardian and sister, Nani. As for Stitch, he hasn't seemed to grow at all, but he has changed. His outlook on the world, once violent and uncaring, has become almost the opposite.

Life for Lilo and Stitch is about as good as it gets. Or is it? Something dark and evil looms over the horizon of their tomorrow, but a light looms in that darkness. What will be made of this turn of events? Only time will tell.

The sun rises over the small island of Kuwai as a certain ohana begins its day. Evil genius Jumba Jukeba has worked in his ship all night on a secret project, and is finishing when Lilo enters the ship.

"What are you doing, Jumba?" she asked as she walked up to him.

Jumba jumps back, surprised anyone is up this early and that he has been caught red-handed. "Is being nothing little girl, why are you being up so early?"

"I start school next week, and Nani is going to take me into town to buy school supplies before she goes to work. What is that?" Lilo then turned to look at the screen.

On it was a display of an experiment she had never seen before. She turned to Jumba with a stern look. "You're making another experiment! You promised that you would stop after 627."

"It is not what you are thinking, little girl, this is indeed the mixture to make my most evil geniuose creation ever, but is different. It does not make one on its own; it must be injected into a host for it to be working."

Lilo was now even more upset. "What! You mean this will turn someone into an experiment? How is that any better? What were you going to do, inject yourself with it?"

Jumba just starting laughing. "No of course not. You see little girl, sometimes I will be making things just to see if I can make them. Curiosity, no? I have no intention of even using this serum, just wanted to be seeing if it could be done."

Lilo wasn't convinced. "Uh huh, I bet if Fibber were here he'd make enough noise to wake the dead."

"No little girl, I assure you, I will not be using the experiment for any reason." Jumba replied as he patted Lilo on the head, trying to assure her he was not trying to do any harm.

"Ok then you won't mind if I pour it down the drain then?" Lilo said as she reached for the vial. Jumba jerked it away. "I thought you said you weren't going to use it?"

Jumba could tell Lilo was starting to get very angry. "Pouring down drain is unsafe, could cause mutations in wildlife, or worse, people, if they were being exposed to it."

Lilo calmed down, knowing that the evil genius did have a point. Jumba smiled. He really had no intention of using the experiment (at least not right away) and figured out a way to humor the girl. "Be telling you what, we will put serum in this safe I made." Jumba reached up onto a shelf and pulled down a small metal safe. Or at least it looked kind of like one, save it had only a door on the front with no handle. On it's side was a small pad that looked like a scanner. Jumba placed the serum in the safe.

"So, you could just get it out again." Lilo said as she continued to glare at Jumba.

"No is special safe, designed so that it will be recognizing one and only one person. Now if you would be putting your finger on this small pad at the side of the safe, safe will be asking you for password. Afterwards, only you can be opening safe with experiment inside."

"Ok, this safe is unopenable by all but me right?" Lilo said as she looked over the safe.

"Of course, only you can be opening it." Jumba replied.

Lilo then did as she was told. The safe lit up and said "Please set password." "Beach Mummies." Lilo replied. The safe door shut and locked as Lilo removed her finger from the pad.

"There, nobody will be getting at the serum, not even me." Jumba said as he turned to save his work on the computer.

Lilo was still wary, but she let it go, thinking that if Jumba did try to use the experiment, the safe would keep him out long enough for her to stop him, but just in case… "Jumba, now you try and open it. I want to make sure you can't open it yourself."

"Of course little girl, but be warning you, safe makes very loud noise." Jumba put his finger on the pad, and the safe made a loud, ear-piercing screech that could very well be heard into the house, if not the entire neighborhood.

"Turn it off!" Lilo screamed as she covered her ears.

"Only you can be doing that, you must place finger back on pad." Jumba tried to tell her over the loud noise. "

What?" Lilo replied, unable to hear him.

"Put your finger on pad!" Jumba yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Oh." Lilo put her finger on the pad, and the noise stopped.

"See, if anyone is trying to be getting serum, you will know it." Jumba said as he put the safe on the shelf.

"No kidding, me and the entire island." Lilo said, trying to get over the ringing in her ears.

Just then they heard the unmistakable voice of order in the family, or as about as orderly as this little family could get. "What is going on?" Nani screamed as she walked outside the house and towards the ship.

"Oh is nothing, was just setting ship alarm off by accident." Jumba replied.

"I don't remember the ship's alarm being that loud" said Pleakly as he trailed behind Nani. "In fact, I don't remember the ship having an alarm at all."

"Is new addition to ship, was working on when little girl startled me, and I set it off." Jumba replied as he quickly hid his computer.

"Why does the ship need an alarm?" Nani asked, puzzled as to why someone would need an alarm that could be heard across the island.

"Many dangerous chemicals inside, needing to be making sure that certain people don't go inside and possibly be breaking something." Jumba said as he looked down at Lilo.

Lilo just stuck out her tongue. Just then something moved in the bushes.

"What was that?" Nani said turning to see Stitch on the ground, headfirst.

"I'm ok, I'm fluffy!"

"Stitch what happened?" Lilo cried as she ran to check on her friend.

"Loud noise spooked me." Stitch replied, getting up.

"How did you get out here?" Lilo asked as she checked for damages, knowing full well there wasn't any. She just did it due to reflex caused by her concern for Stitch.

To answer Lilo's question, Stitch merely pointed up and said "Roof".

Sure enough, there was a Stitch sized hole in the top of the dome.

Nani sighed. "As if enough stuff around here wasn't already broken."

Lilo looked up at her sister. "Stitch didn't mean to Nani, Jumba's alarm scared him."

"Stitch not scared." Stitch snapped out.

"Sorry. I meant shocked." Lilo said sarcastically.

"Right, not scared." Stitch said getting up. Then he realized Lilo was being sarcastic. "Hey!" Lilo giggled at his reaction.

"Come on you clowns, let's get some breakfast." Nani said as she turned to go back into the house.

"Ok.. Hey! I'm not a clown. They are evil." Lilo said with a grimace.

Later that day after Lilo returned from getting school supplies, she went to her room to see that Stitch and Jumba had already patched the hole in the roof. Stitch was laying on the bed in thought. "Isn't he supposed to be with Angel today?" Lilo thought as she sat down next to him. "I thought you had a date with Angel today. Why are you still home?"

Stitch turned away. "Angel and Stitch break up."

Lilo sat there shocked. "Why Stitch? I thought you loved each other? What happened?" Stitch just scooted away. "Not want to talk about it, huh Stitch?"

"Ih." Stitch said, not turning his head.

"Don't worry Stitch," Lilo said trying to cheer her friend up, "give it time, and maybe you'll make up. I mean every couple has their share of fights." Stitch turned to her, but said nothing. "Besides," Lilo continued, "you gotta believe in love, right?" Stitch cracked a smile.


Across the island, near a waterfall, a small pink creature walked with a small yellow one. "So he dumped you huh?" the yellow one said.

"Yes, he dumped me. He chose that little earth brat over me! His bugee- boo." the pink creature replied in an angry and sad tone.

"Whoa, that's harsh. Didn't think cous had a thing for that human of his. Who knew?" 625 said, trying hard to comfort the experiment he'd been in love with since he met her.

Angel began to laugh. "You know the funny thing, he's in total denial about it. I mean, he kept saying 'she's just my best friend' and 'we could never be like that', but he would save her before he would save me! I was in Hamsterville's clutches for almost a year! Then when he saves me, we spend all of two weeks together then he goes back to being her little dog. And when he goes into space, guess what his reason was for returning? Her! Lilo, Lilo, Lilo, it's all he ever thinks about! And when I confront him about it, he dumps me! It's pathetic."

"Well you gotta give 626 a couple things, first off, she's human, and he's an experiment. Second, what is she now, 11? Maybe cous is just a little too overprotective of her." 625 said, trying to stick up for his cousin. (He also thought the whole 'little girl and 626' thing was a little overblown and that Angel was overreacting.)

Angel looked at him sternly, "You never paid any attention to Jumba did you?"

"Not if I could help it, why?" 625 replied as they walked along the trail.

Angel sighed. "Because if you did, you would know that the six-hundred series ages differently than most other creatures. We age to our prime effective age, which is 12 in human development, then we stop until reach the age of 20, at which point we are able too…"

"Wait? You mean I'm only twelve?" 625 said, genuinely shocked.

"No your development is at 12, you were created at age 8. How long have you been active?"

"Umm… about 5 years?" 625 said, still trying to grasp the fact that he was a pre-teen.

"Then in normal years, you're 13, but in development years, you are only 12, like you have been since you were 8."

625 looked puzzled, "So you're saying if I had a pup, in eight years he'd be almost grown?"

624 tilted her head up, trying to remember. Then she remember Jumba saying that pups would take 10 years to reach effective age 12 (it's very confusing, but isn't all alien science?). The pups didn't have the advantage of controlled growth. But they would reach full maturity at 20 just like the parents. She told 625 this.

"Whoa talk about confusing. So you mean me, you, and 626 are only 12? Why did Jumba make us that way?"

Angel looked at him and smirked. "So you boys would cause chaos rather than chase girls." 625 frowned.

"Very funny. But going back to the whole 'cous and little girl' debate, what about the fact that she's a human?"

Angel put her hand to her forehead and shook her head. "625, you've been watching too many human shows. Inter-species marriages happen all the time, sure they are rare, but they happen. Just because the earthlings are so shallow that some of them won't have anything to do with members of their own race, doesn't mean the rest of the galaxy is the same way."

At that comment, 625 thought he had her. "So Angel, you said the earthlings are shallow? Don't you think that's why 626 and the little girl can never happen?" Then she said something 625 didn't expect.

"Unfortunately, that little girl isn't like the rest of her species. She's many things: annoying, strange, and troublesome, but shallow is one thing she isn't. And that's the problem. I'm afraid that Stitch might like her, and that she will like him back! And then I'll lose him for good. Because he worships the ground she walks on." Angel clenches her claws. " That little witch, what does she have that I don't! I have charm, I have looks, and I love him. What does she have!"

At this point 625 starts to back away, Angel is really pissed. She turns to him, she wants answers, answers that in truth, 625 probably doesn't have. "Tell me!"625 analyzes the situation: Angel is distraught over her break-up, and blames the little girl for causing it. She wants to know what his cousin sees in that girl and not her. And although he himself has some ideas on that, revealing them might make the whole thing worse. But because he truly cares for her, he decides to do the stupid thing and tell the truth.

"Well, he has known the little girl a lot longer than you, second, she did save him from his own programming, as well as almost all of us. Yeah, while you have the power to turn good people to bad, she strangely has the ability to turn bad people to good."

Then it hit Angel, like a meteor. Her power! What if she used it on Lilo? What would Stitch think when his good girl goes bad? She could just imagine it: Lilo calling Stitch a ton of nasty names, destroying the house and his trust. Then blame it all on him! She laughed to herself. Stitch would come back to her in a heartbeat. Even when the little witch got free of her spell, when she blamed it on her, she'd play innocent and Stitch would get even madder at her! Then it would be splitsville for Lilo and Stitch., and a new beginning for Stitch and Angel!

By this time, 625 had finished listing off the qualities that Lilo had that Angel didn't, when he realized that during some point during his speech, Angel got a very nasty idea. Or worse, he could have given her one. The smile on Angel's face screamed evil. "Ok Angel, umm… what are you thinking about?" Angel just hugged him.

"Thanks for hearing me out 625, you're the best." she said as she let him go and started to run home (she now lives with the hula teacher).

625 sat there, as red as 627. "Umm.. you're welcome." Then he realized that the big whale would be home from his "business trip" soon. "Better go clean the ship before Gantu gets back" he says to himself as he heads back to the ship. Just before he gets to the ship, he gets the feeling that whatever Angel's plan is; it's going to end REAL badly. He shakes it off and walks in the ship.

Too bad he was right.

Back in town, Lilo is waiting for her sister to meet her at the mall. "She was suppose to be here 5 mins ago, where is she?" It turns out that the hotel wasn't very busy, so Nani got the rest of the day off. So now they could take care of clothes for school too, where as before Pleakly (shudder) was going to have taken her tomorrow. Just as Lilo gets ready to go look for her, Myrtle and her lackeys show up.

"Hey Weirdlo, I didn't know they let freaks in here." Chuckles and a chorus of "Yeaaah"s followed.

"Get lost Myrtle. I haven't got time for you and your clones today." (Now Myrtle's lackeys all dress like her too.)

Myrtle was undaunted however. "What's the matter? Oh where is you're dog, thought he went everywhere with you. He abandon you too?"

Lilo's anger was beginning to build rapidly. "He's at home, he's going through a tough break-up."

"Oh how sad," Myrtle said with mock sympathy, "was he too weird for the other dog? That's too bad. Hey you two are both freaks though, you'd be perfect together!" Myrtle's posse had to use every bit of restraint to not fall to the floor in laughter.

Lilo was losing her temper, "He'd be a better boyfriend than anything that would date you!" This got "ooooo"s out of the other girls. While all this was happening, Nani was walking up to the building. When she saw Lilo, she knew her control was about gone, and a fight would break out.

"After 5 years, you'd think Myrtle would learn." She quickened her pace, hoping to stop Lilo before she lost it.

She didn't make it.

"Well weirdlo, you must be a real embarrassment to you're family, you're so weird. I bet your parents are glad they are dead, so you can't embarrass them any more."

That did it. Lilo was ready to send Myrtle to the ICU. She lunged at Myrtle and pinned her to the floor. "DON'T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT MY PARENTS LIKE THAT!" Lilo screamed as she prepared to rearrange Myrtle's face. Just as she raised her fist, someone grabbed it.

"Lilo are you lolo! What are you doing!" Nani said as she tried to pry her enraged sister off Myrtle.

"Let go of me, that was the last straw! She can insult me all she wants, but when she brings Mom and Dad into it, that where I draw the line." Lilo yelled as she tried to break free of her sister's grip. Myrtle, now confidant that Lilo wouldn't be able to touch her, got up and dusted herself off.

She looked up and smirked evily."Just like always, you're such an embarrassment to your sister, I don't know how she puts up with you. Let's go girls" she said as she walked away.

Meanwhile, Lilo was getting angrier by the second, and now her anger was directed at Nani. After Myrtle and her posse were out of sight, Nani let go of her sister. "Why did you stop me! You heard what she said!" Lilo said, completely enraged.

"Lilo, calm down, I thought you had stopped this. You have to learn that words are just words, no matter how mean, and that you can't go around hitting people just because they call you a few names." In truth, Nani was amazed that her sister held her temper in that long. She figured that the "her and Stitch" comment would have set her off. Then again, you never know, they just might be… Nani quickly dismissed the thought from her head.

Meanwhile, her sister was still screaming at her. "Why did you take Myrtle's side? Why won't you just let me give her what's coming to her?"

Nani took a stern tone. "Lilo, I'm on the side of keeping you out of trouble, that's all." Lilo started to walk away.

"I don't need your help, you just want me to keep taking abuse. I'm out of here."

"Don't you walk away from me young lady!" Nani called out.

"Watch me!" Lilo screamed back.

Lilo picked up her pace and broke out into a run. She stuggled to hold back the tears. Why won't Nani let me stand up for myself? Does she want me to picked on forever?

Nani watched as her sisterran away. Not again. I wish that little brat would leave her alone. But I can't just let Lilo beat the crap out her, she'llget in trouble.I guess I shouldn't worry though. She'll calm down, and then she'll realize what she did was wrong. She always does. She's a good kid, even if that spoiled brat Myrtle likes to make her think she isn't.

When Lilo got home, she headed straight for her room. When she reached the rooftop dome, she discovered Stitch was still there, still moping around. Poor Stitch, I got so mad at Myrtle and Nani I forgot he broke up with Angel. Poor guy, he must be heartbroken. Then she remembered Myrtle's comment. Me and Stitch, impossible, we are both different species for crying out loud! But still… Lilo pushed the thought from her mind. "Stitch, are you okay?" Lilo said, sitting down next to him.

"Naga" was his reply.

"You want to talk about it? I'll tell you about my problems if you tell me yours."

Stitch thought about it. Should I tell her why me and Angel broke up, because she was jealous of her? He sat up. "Okay, you tell me your problems, I'll tell you mine." ( From this point to the end of their discussion, both are speaking Turan, since Stitch taught Lilo how to speak it.)

Lilo told Stitch of the incident at the mall and what Myrtle had said, leaving out the part about her and Stitch. She told him about how she was about to give Myrtle what she deserved when Nani stopped her.

"It's okay Lilo, someday Myrtle will get what's coming to her. But you shouldn't stain your hands with her blood, it's not worth it." Lilo smiled as her best friend in the world tried to comfort her.

"Alright, now you tell me why you and Angel broke up." Lilo said, meeting Stitch's gaze.

Stitch gulped. Should he tell her? How would she react? He took a breath and began.

Flashback (Stitch's POV)

(Anything in thought Stitch doesn't tell Lilo)

Me and Angel decided to meet at the coffee house. She was waiting for me in the same spot as always.

"Bugee-Boo!" Angel cried out at the sight of me.

I replied the same. We sat down for our date, and Angel showed me a magazine article about a love test.

"Let's see how we do." Angel said as she showed me the article.

"Ok" I replied.

With that Angel began. " The first test is to ask yourself, who would you want to be with always? If you can, after hard thought, say it's you mate, then you may be in love."

Man, first one and this test is already stupid, of course I'm going to say Angel. Well her and Lilo, better not tell Angel that though. " I wanna be with you Angel, of course." Angel smiled at my response.

"Okay, second test. If you were to be stranded on a deserted isle, with only one other person as company, who would it be?"

This is easy, it would be Angel, no wait, would I want to be away from Lilo for ever? No it's Angel cause I would want Lilo to be home safe. "Again, you Angel."

Angel giggled. "Actually that one has two right answers, one is the one you said while the other would be if you wanted me to be anywhere else, like home safe. It shows what kind of love you have. The second answer is selfless love. The first is possessive love."

"Sorry Angel, guess I'm possessive." I said. She giggled. Wait, if the kind of love I have for Angel is possessive, then according to this book I have.. no that's impossible. She's just a friend. And the questions continued , until we reached the last question. Then all hell broke loose.

"Ok, for the last question, I write down the names of three people that are close to you, including myself, and you must choose which, if it came down to it, you would save. The other two would die."

I could already tell that I was going to hate this question. Don't write Lilo, please don't write Lilo.

"Alright Bugee-Boo, pick and remember the other two will die."

And that one moment triggered our breakup.

End Flashback

"What happened after that Stitch? What did she write down?" Lilo asked, now sitting right next to Stitch.

He sat silent for a minute and then finally answered. "She wrote your name down. She was making me pick between you and her."

Lilo was stunned to say the least. Then she asked, "Why didn't you just say you would save her? I mean it was only a magazine quiz."

Stitch met Lilo's eyes once more. " I don't know. I guess the thought of watching you die upset me. She was only doing it to be mean. If anyone had a case of possessive love, it was her."

Lilo was now very confused. "But why? It said write down 3 people close to you, and I'd probably come to mind pretty easily."

"It was the way she wrote it." Stitch said, his eyes turning to the ground.

"How was that?" Lilo asked curioiusly.

"The first name she wrote was Jumba, the second was herself, and then you. I don't know why, but it seemed that your name and hers were bigger, like the question really was: would you pick me over your best friend and let her die?"

Lilo herself turned her eyes to the floor. "I'm flattered Stitch, but you shouldn't have jeopardized your relationship with Angel because of me."

Stitchtilted his head back up to look at her. "It's ok. If makes you feel any better, I broke it off with her."

Now Lilo was really confused. She lifted her head to look athim. "Why Stitch? Why did you do it?"

Stitch sighed, knowing he would have to tell her. He promised. "If she was going to make me choose between her and the person who has always been there for me, who saved me from a life of destruction, the one that for all we know, brought me back from the dead, she should have known who I would have chosen. Lilo of course I was going to choose you."

After that both sat in silence. Stitch because of what he had said and the way he said it. Oh great, now I bet she thinks I'm in love with her. Am I? I mean according to Jumba, she and I are just about the same age, and I feel even stronger for her than Angel. No! I can't. What I feel is gratitude and friendship, nothing more. Cause I don't want to think of what will happen to the ohana if it's more. I don't want to think of what will happen to Lilo if it's more. She'll stay away from me out of fear and disgust. But what if…no that's even worse. If she felt the same way, we'd only end up breaking our hearts, because no one, especially Nani, would accept it. She'd separate us in an instant and probably kick me out. I'd never get to see Lilo again. And that would kill me.

Meanwhile, Lilo sat with similar thoughts. Did Stitch just say what I thought he said? No, he just meant that he thought he owed me more than he could ever repay. But what if he does mean that, do I feel the same way? The more I think about, the more scared I become. Because the more I dwell on the question, the closer it comes to having an answer of yes. But Stitch doesn't mean that, and it would never work, even if I wanted it too. He's an experiment, and I'm human. And we are different ages anyway. That makes me wonder, how old is Stitch anyway? I mean in terms of comparison to a human. Maybe I'll go ask Jumba. Yeah, that will put an end to this nonsense. And tomorrow I will get Stitch back with Angel, because it was my fault they broke up.

After a long silence, Lilo turned to Stitch. "I'm going to go talk to Jumba. I need to ask him something." As Lilo left, Stitch laid down and said to himself: "Love is hard."

Downstair, Jumba and Pleakly's room was dark save a soft glowing light. The light came from Jumba's computer as he worked on yet another idea, different to his previous, yet related.

Jumba sat typing on his computer, working on the processes required to bring his newest idea into reality. "Hum, could work, but why should I be making it?" As if to answer his question, Lilo entered the room. Oh, that's why. Now must be asking self, why am I caring?

"Jumba, I was wondering something." Lilo said, breaking Jumba out of his thoughts.

Jumba turned to face her. "What is it that you have been wondering about?" Jumba asked, hoping it had nothing to do with this morning's experiment.

"How old is Stitch?" she replied.

Jumba looked at Lilo puzzled. "Why is little girl wanting to know?" he asked, his head tilting slightly to the right.

"Well, every year we celebrate Stitch's birthday, but how old is he really? I mean in like, experiment years?" Lilo said as she shuffled her feet.

Jumba was extremely pleased with her question; he liked it when he could rant about his experiments. "Well little girl, experiments are aging differently that most life forms, at least the six hundred series. You see, in order for them to focusing solely on program, and not certain 'other' functions, I designed them to, how should I be putting it, mature twice."

Lilo at him in confusion. "What do you mean, mature twice? I thought you could only mature once?"

"Well, you see experiments first mature in terms of body design and special functions at age 8, which is the age 626 was created at." he said. He was begining to wonder where this conversion was going, and why it was happening. Could this be about...

Lilo gave him a look of surprise. "You mean Stitch is 13? How old is that in experiment terms, like 30 or something?" At this Jumba fell out of his chair laughing.

"No little girl, in terms of lifespan, 626 is only being like 12 year old. Has been that way since he was created."

That was something Lilo was extremely shocked by "That's only a year older than me! Wait, how come he hasn't aged then?" she said, the shock clear in her voice.

"You see little girl, I designed the six hundred series so that for the first part of their lives, they would focus solely on their destructive purpose. But was needing them to be at peak condition to maximize damage. So I made it so they mature twice, once for powers and body, and second for… well you know." Jumba then turned back to his computer and pressed a few keys. "Ah, here we go. Look at this chart." Jumba said as he pointed to the screen.

It was a line graph that showed real age and equivalent age for Experiment 626. "Now if you will be looking at chart, it shows that 626 ages until he is being 8 years old. That, in your human lifespan, is 12. Now see that the line is flat until age 20." Jumba said as he explained the chart's data.

"So Stitch is stuck as a pre-teen until he turns 20?" Lilo said as she followed the chart.

"Well, yes and no. He has nearly an adult form and all of his powers, but not… other things adults have." Jumba said with a bit of hesitation.

At this Lilo giggled. She realized that Jumba was trying to avoid the "birds and the bees" speech. "I think I get it Jumba, Stitch can't have kids until he's twenty, but other than that he's grown."

"Almost, little girl. He is at effective age, not fully grown. He will not do that until 20. But it is only being small increase in height, so is almost trivial." Jumba said as he turned back to her. "To be putting it simply, if 626 was being human, you two would almost be same age. So you could be dating if you wished." Jumba added, trying to embarrass Lilo.

It worked. Lilo turned beet red. "Jumba! That's not funny. Stitch is my best friend."

Jumba laughed at her outburst. "Of course, I am being sorry for teasing you. But if it's that you and 626 are being different species that is problem, something outside in ship can fix that."

Lilo blushed even harder. "Thanks Jumba, but I am not in love with Stitch!"

Just then someone came in behind them. "I should hope not, cause Nani would have a heart attack! You and the little monster."

"Hello Pleakly." Jumba said, sounding rather unhappy to see him.

Pleakly continued on his rant as he came into the room. "I mean, I've got nothing against inter-species relationships, in fact I'm for love, regardless the form."

"Then what are you having against little girl and 626 being how do you say, 'romantically involved'?" Jumba said, his eyes cocked at his one eyed roommate.

"We are not 'romantically involved'!" Lilo screamed.

"Of course you aren't Lilo, and I have plenty against it. For one thing, do you even know how old Stitch even is?"

Jumba just rolled his eyes. "Of course, was just having discussion on that, look at the screen."

Pleakly looked at the screen. "You mean the little monster is just a teenager! No wonder he acts out so much. But still, it is a known fact that earthlings are very backwards on their beliefs on love. And although I'm sure Lilo is a bit more open-minded that most, the fact still remains that if she were to have a relationship with Stitch, she would be ostracized! An outcast."

"I'm not that already? Listen, I'm going to bed. You two can keep arguing over my imaginary love life." Lilo said as she head back to her rooftop dome.

"Now look what you did, she's upset." said Pleakly as he turn to face Jumba.

"I did nothing. Was only teasing. Besides, if anyone is right for being with little girl, it is 626. He has proven it too many times. If only ex-wife had been so loyal."

Pleakly sighed and replied. "I guess your right, but that can't be helped. Lilo is an earthling, Stitch is an experiment, and this is a very biased planet. I guess that's the only thing I don't like about Earth. Well, it doesn't help to dwell on it. I going to eat dinner, you want some?"

"Sure, as long is isn't you who made it." Jumba replied, turning off his computer.

"Very funny."

Night had already fallen when Lilo had begun her discusion with Jumba, but now it was later on in the night, and the moon hung high in the night sky. A pale light filled Lilo's room, illuminating it only slightly. As Lilo returned to her room, she could see that Stitch had already gone to sleep. Lilo sighed as she began to get ready for bed.

As she brushed her teeth, she began to think to herself. What is everyone's problem today? First Nani is being a jerk, now Jumba has convinced himself that me and Stitch are in love. And I bet Pleakly's gonna blurt out Jumba's 'suspicions' tomorrow at breakfast. Won't that be fun. Hah, I might go along with it, see how bad Nani freaks out. No, because that would be mean to Stitch, he's in enough trouble with Angel already, and all I need is Nosy to hear the wrong thing and I'll never get them back together.

As Lilo gets ready to lay down for bed, she looks over at her best friend. But I wonder, did he really mean what he said earlier, that he would save me over Angel? Why can't I get over it? Do I really want them back together? I mean, all Stitch ever did was ignore me when Angel was around. Ok, maybe it wasn't always, but it sure felt like it. Am I jealous? No, I can't be, cause if I was, that means I WOULD be in love with Stitch. Why do I keep asking myself this? Ok, maybe I should try reverse psychology. Why shouldn't I be with Stitch? What are the reasons that it wouldn't work out? Well, for one he and I are two different species. No wait, that's not a good reason, that's shallow. Well, he is a bit too overactive and impulsive at times. No, that isn't it either. In fact, that's one of things I like about him, he's always true to himself. Then what is it then?

Lilo continued to think about it on into the night, then it came to her. Nani. If she found out me and Stitch were in love, no even if it was just me, she'd send him away from here. Send him back to space, and I'd never hear from him again. I'd die of a broken heart. So it's not that I don't love Stitch, it's that if it came out, it would be the end of me.

It was at that moment Lilo stopped fighting it and gave in. I… I… I do love him. I really do. Why did this have to happen? Why couldn't my feelings have just stayed friendly? Now I'm going to suffer, cause if I let him go, it will hurt, but if I try to embrace him, it will hurt even more. As she thought this, a tear streaked down her face, and she began to cry softly. Stitch's super hearing picked up on it, since he really hadn't been asleep. He rose to go check on his best friend, his secret crush.

"Lilo, why you crying?" This startled Lilo out of her thoughts and back into reality.

"Stitch, why are you still awake?" she asked as she turned to look at him.

Stitch knew Lilo was trying to change the subject. "Not tired. Why are you crying? Was it Myrtle?" Lilo wouldn't look him straight in the eye, something was defiantly wrong.

"No, I was just thinking about my parents." she lied.

Stitch wasn't sure she was telling the truth, but he accepted her answer. "It's okay to miss them. Wanna talk?" Stitch said trying to comfort her.

"No, not tonight, I'm tired." Lilo said, lying back down.

"You sure?" Stitch said, not convinced that she would be ok.

"Yeah I'll be fine, thanks, Stitch." she said as Stitch turned to get back into bed.

"Ok, goodnight." he said as he laid down.

As Stitch went back to bed, Lilo turned to look at him. Another tear fell from her eye. Oh Stitch, how I wish you were human. Or me an experiment. I wouldn't care which, just so long as we could be together. With that, she turned back around and slowly fell to sleep.

End Polarity Chapter 1

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