Author's Note: This is it. The final chapter of Polarity. It took me a lot longer than anyone thinks for me to write this story. I have been writing it for almost a month, non-stop, and I had Chapters 1-5 done before I even released the first one on the web. Well, anyway, this chapter is about Stitch's first day of school. He meets some new friends, and the school will never be the same.

Disclaimer: I do not own Lilo and Stitch.

Polarity Final Chapter

A New Beginning for Lilo and Stitch

The sun shined brightly into the room as the alarm went off. The young girl turned to face the source of the noise. "Stitch, get that would you?" Then she realized Stitch slept downstairs in the guest room now. She got up and pressed the snooze button, and then returned to bed. "Five more minutes." Lilo muttered as she started to drift off to sleep.

Then she heard a loud screeching noise. It was the safe. She shot out of bed, and landed on the floor. "I'm up, I'm up!" she screamed. She jumped into the lift and headed downstairs to find out who had staged her rude awakening.

The safe was placed right in front of the lift. She quickly picked it up and put her finger to the pad. "Ok, now whose bright idea was this?" she said irritated. She turned to look at the clock. It read 6:00 am. "Who ever woke me up is going to be doing the Glocknar (that dance from the Ying and Yang episode) for a month when I get a hold of them."

Just then Stitch walked into the hallway, cursing in Turan. He looked at Lilo. "Who the heck used the safe as an alarm clock?"

"I don't know, but who ever did will regret it." Lilo said as she went back to the lift.

"Where you going?" Stitch asked.

"To get dressed, I have school today." She said as she activated the lift.

"So don't know why I had to be woke up." Stitch grumbled as he walked back to his room.

"Cause you have to go to school too buster." Nani said as she came from behind Stitch.

Stitch put his hand to his forehead and groaned. Now I remember, I have to go to school now too. Part of Cobra's deal to get me a human identity.

Stitch concentrated and transformed to his human form. He walked into the kitchen, where Pleakly was cooking French toast. "Morning sleepyhead." Pleakly called out. "Where's the other eager learner?"

"Upstairs, getting dressed." Stitch said as he sat down at the table. He reached over and picked up the cereal and a bowl. He emptied the contents into the bowl and poured milk over it. He would have just swallowed the cereal whole, until he realized that his mouth wasn't big enough in human form. "Grrr…" he said as he reached for a spoon.

"Guess you're going to have to learn how to eat food normally now huh?" Pleakly said with a smirk as he put the platter of French toast on the table.

"Shut up Pleakly." Stitch said as he took a spoonful of cereal and put it in his mouth.

"Good morning human 626." Jumba said as he walked into the kitchen. "And how are you being this morning?"

"Tired." Stitch replied as he continued to shovel food into his mouth. " And whose idea was it to use the safe to wake me and Lilo up?"

"Was wondering why I heard safe. Could hear it from ship." Jumba said as he loaded up his plate with French toast.

"Yeah whose ever idea it was is going to have a very fun afternoon when I get home." Lilo said as she came into the kitchen.

"Oh why?" Nani said as she came into the kitchen.

"Can you say "month long Glocknar"?" Lilo said as she sat down.

"Now am thinking that is being bit harsh." Jumba said as he took in a mouthful of food.

"And besides, I thought you weren't going to use your powers for revenge?" Nani said as she began to fix her lunch.

Lilo sighed. "I guess your right. I'm sorry. But waking me up with that thing wasn't very nice."

"Well, you have a big day today. And I wanted you up early. You have things to do before you get on the bus." Pleakly said as he plated the second batch of food.

"So you did it Pleakly?" Lilo asked with a smirk.

"Yeah you have several things to do today, like make Stitch look presentable. Those clothes look horrible," Pleakly said as he pointed to Stitch's clothes. "Good thing I made some clothes last night."

The clothes Pleakly made were a pair of slacks and a dress shirt. Like hell Stitch would go to school in those. "I think I will wear these." Stitch said as he finished his cereal.

"Absolutely not, your shorts are an inch too short. It says so in the school rule book." Pleakly retorted.

Stitch didn't want to wear the stupid clothes Pleakly had made; he would be laughed out of the school on the first day, so he asked the only person who could help. "Jumba, help."

"626 can change appearance of clothes as long as he is wearing clothes. Metamorphic abilities extend to clothing." Jumba said as he finished his food and picked up the paper.

"How do I do that?" Stitch asked hopefully.

"Simply be thinking of what you want to wear, and then focus on body." Jumba said as he looked up from the paper.

Stitch did as he was told, and the shirt and shorts he was wearing were replaced by blue jeans and a "bomb squad" shirt.

"Better." Lilo commented on her boyfriend's look. "And Pleakly."

"Yes Lilo?" said Pleakly as he turned his attention to her.

"Don't you have something to do today?" she said with a smirk.

"No, do I?" he said confused.

"Yeah, the chicken dance." Lilo said as her eyes met Pleakly's. Pleakly's expression went blank as he put his hands under his armpits and started squawking.

Stitch fell out of his chair laughing and Jumba chuckled from behind the paper. "Looks good on him, is being an improvement."

Nani however, was not amused. "Lilo! What did I just say about using your powers for revenge?"

"What, Jumba says it's an improvement, besides, I don't mean any harm." Lilo said, giggling.

"Just stop it. You know it is mean." Nani said as she scolded her sister, taking care to not make eye contact.

"Fine, sorry Pleakly." Lilo said as she released him. "But how am I going to practice if I'm not allowed to use my powers."

"I'm sure Jumba will figure out some way." Nani said as she headed out the door. "Now have fun at school."

"Yeah sure." Lilo said as she started to eat.

"I don't even know what possessed Jumba to give you that awful power. It's not fun at all and it's mean." Pleakly said as he got back to cooking.

"Was first power I gave her. For keeping experiments in line. Made it be working on all experiments in at least some form." Then he realized what he had just said. "Opps, did not mean to say that."

Lilo's eyes went wide. "You mean it works on all of them? But I thought experiments 624 and up were immune?"

"False notes, did not want you using it to make boyfriend obey every whim. But also has catch, will not affect more than three people at once until used more. Wait, should not have said that either." Jumba put his hand to his forehead. "Is too early in morning for keeping secrets."

"Really?" Lilo said as she turned to Stitch. He clearly hadn't been paying attention.

Then Lilo turned her attention back to Jumba. "What else can I do?" she said, meeting his gaze.

Jumba's face went blank. "With gaze power, can alter memories of victim, as well as control. But control of experiments 624 and up requires greater expenditure of power, and so cannot control but that one. Cannot be holding them but for 5 minutes as well."

"What about my wings, what else can they do?" Lilo said, her attention still on Jumba.

"Can carry up to maximum weight capacity while being in flight as well as on ground."

"And what is my maximum capacity?" Lilo asked curiously.

"500 times weight."

"Ok, that's enough for now." Lilo said as she released him.

Pleakly had witnessed the whole thing. "Not so funny now is it?" he said looking at Jumba.

"Need to be making way to create immunity to little girl's powers." Jumba said as he looked down at his paper, embarrassed.

As Lilo and Stitch arrived at the bus stop, Lilo knew the bus wouldn't be there for several minutes, so she decided to test out her gaze on her poor, unsuspecting boyfriend. "Oh Stitch?" she said sweetly.

"Yeah Lilo?" Stitch said as he turned to face his girlfriend.

Lilo met his eyes, and she activated her power. "I want you to kiss me."

Stitch felt himself loose control of his body, and then his mind screamed, "Kiss her". And he obeyed. He embraced her and brought her into a kiss.

Now Lilo liked this, but it was wrong to manipulate her bugee-boo. So she released him in the middle of their kiss. Stitch's mind cleared and he regained control of his body.

"What did you do Lilo?" he said as pulled back in shock.

"Let's just say I can guarantee you will behave in class. Because I can make you."

It was then Stitch realized the meaning of the discussion with Jumba earlier. The power he and Lilo were talking about was her gaze, and he was just as vulnerable as everyone else. He stepped back and glared at her.

"Why did you do that?" he said hurt.

Lilo lowered her head. "I'm sorry Stitch, it was curiosity more than anything. Please forgive me."

Stitch smiled. "I understand. You just got your powers, so you are going to play with them for a while. But I want to you to promise me you won't use your power on me like that again. I don't think I could be in a relationship with someone who wants to control me. I've already been through one of those."

He didn't get the reaction he expected. Lilo started to tear up. "Please Stitch, don't leave me."

Oh great, now I've gone and done it. Lilo thinks I want to break up with her. "Lilo, stop crying. I love you, but I just don't want you to manipulate me."

Lilo stopped crying and looked up. "I understand. You don't want me controlling you, like Lilith tried to."

Not again, man she is never going to get over that monster. "Actually, bugee-boo, I meant Angel. Now please don't cry anymore." He said as he leaned closer to her.

She understood what he wanted and met him in another kiss.

They broke apart as they heard the school bus pull down the street. "Well, he goes nothing." Lilo said as she picked up her backpack.

The classroom was abuzz with noise as Stitch entered. He was upset when Lilo told him that they would be in different classes, but she assured him that she would see him at lunch. He took a seat between two other boys.

"Hey, don't think I've seen you before. What's your name?" said the brown haired boy to his left.

Stitch was surprised that anyone would speak to him this quickly, but he answered anyway. "Name's Chris Strikerson. And yeah I'm new here." Stitch said as he turned to face the boy.

"Whoa, cool name and cool hair, awesome. Name's Jason. Jason Walbridge. And welcome to one of the most boring places on Earth." Jason said as he held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you." Chris (Stitch) replied shaking Jason's hand. "But call me Stitch."

"Stitch, how did you get a nickname like that?" said the red-headed boy on Stitch's other side. He had blue rimmed glasses that kinda slid off his face and his hair was neat and flat.

Stitch turned around and immediately noticed something familiar about the boy, but he let it go. He smiled and gave the response he had been practicing for just such a question. "Cause with all the trouble I've been in, my guardian is surprised I don't have a hundred of them yet."

Jason almost fell out of his chair in laughter. "You know, I think you and me are gonna be real good pals." he said as he straightened himself out. "Oh, I forgot, that's Richie Evans. He just moved here about a month ago, so he's new, like you. But you wouldn't want to be in his living situation."

"Why not?" Stitch asked looking back at Richie.

"Trust me, with my luck, you'll know soon." he said as he turned back to his notepad.

Jason just laughed again. "Yeah, he lives with the meanest anybody on the island."

Just then the boy in front of Jason gestured to him.

"Oh yeah, this is Alex Travers, but we called Knuckles." Jason said, looking over at him.

"Why do you call him Knuckles?" Stitch asked. This boy looked familiar too, but more like he was a mini Cobra Bubbles, except with curly black hair.

"Cause he wants to be called Knuckles. And with his strength, we don't argue with him."

Now Knuckles was the last person you would expect to be strong, but that was probably due to his baggy clothes. He was in a baggy white shirt and baggy jeans. But on his desk was a laptop and several small devices: an mp3 player, a jumpdrive, and a cell phone, all of which looked top of the line by Earth standards.

"Nice to meet you Chris." he said as he looked away from Jason. Then he turned his attention back to him. "And I've run your 'master plan' through the system again, and it isn't going to work." he said as he pointed to the screen. Both Stitch's and Jason's head's turned to the screen.

"Sure it will." Jason said "We just need to stick a match next to one of the sprinklers, and instant showers for everybody!"

"I'm telling you, the sprinklers won't go off unless a larger source of heat is applied. Look at the program." Knuckles said, pointing to the meter. "And besides, who of us is tall enough to get the heat to the sprinkler?"

Stitch looked at the diagram. It would indeed work if a larger source of heat was applied, but would need to be quickly put out to not leave any evidence. These guys had the right idea, just not the right knowledge. Then Stitch thought about it. Hey, I could help these two with their prank, and I'll have made two new friends! But if Lilo catches me, I'll be doing the chicken dance on the front lawn.

On the bus, he and Lilo had made a promise. Lilo wouldn't use her power on him unless he really got out of hand, and in return he promised to be good. Of course, what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. These two had probably been doing this for years, and she would more likely blame them. And then nothing bad would happen to anyone, because Lilo wasn't to use her powers on just anyone with out a REALLY good reason, and Stitch would try to make it so they wouldn't get the blame from the teachers, at least if they followed his plan to the letter.

"Hey, I have an idea." Stitch said while Jason and Knuckles were arguing over the plan.

The two stopped arguing and turned to him. "Yeah, what is it?" Jason asked.

"Does this place have a science lab?" Stitch replied.

A grin broke out on Jason and Knuckles faces. "Sure does." Jason said. "What do you have in mind?"

"Simple phosphorous should stay lit for only a couple seconds, but will burn hot enough to set off sprinklers." Stitch said with a grin.

"Yeah, but how do we keep it from burning through the ceiling and starting a real fire?" Knuckles asked, concerned.

The answer came from a surprising source. "You just position the substance far enough away from the ceiling so that only the heat will reach it. A scale tray hung with wire should be able to deliver the right amount of heat with out letting the fire get to close to the ceiling. Plus water will dampen the ceiling." Richie said in a quiet tone.

The small grin on Jason's face got huge. "Gentlemen, I think we have a prank."

The joyous revelation was interrupted by Richie. "Yeah, if my mean sister doesn't rat us out."

Jason just shook his head, still grinning. "Richie, you are really frightened by your sister, huh?"

"I'm not scared of her. She's just a big snitch is all!" Richie replied.

"Trust me, your sister won't find out, she and her friends are way too ditzy." Jason said, trying to assure the red head.

Curiosity finally got the better of Stitch. "Hey Jason, how do you know his sister so well, if they have lived here only a few months?"

It was Knuckles that answered his question. "Richie has lived her only a few months, but his mother and sister have lived here a lot longer."

"Too long." Jason added with a sound of disgust.

"Oh, but where were you Richie?" Stitch asked.

"I was with Dad. But when he went to work with the troops in the Middle East, he sent me to live with Mom."

"Broken family?" Stitch said with a twinge of sorrow in his voice.

"Yeah, Mom and Dad separated when me and my sister were really little. My mom didn't like moving constantly, so she and Dad agreed that she would remain here while Dad traveled the globe. And so he wouldn't be lonely, Mom said he should take me with him, that I would probably adapt to a military life better than a little girl would. So we technically aren't broken, since I think Mom and Dad still love each other, and aren't divorced. But we are defiantly separated."

"Oh, do you ever think your dad will come home?" Stitch asked.

"Not as long as he's able to fight he won't. He loves the Marines, I think sometimes more than his family." Richie said with a bit of distain.

Meanwhile Knuckles had his attention turned to the door. "I hate to interrupt, but when you speak of the devil, she might appear."

Richie took one look at the door and ducked his head behind a book. "I thought they didn't put family in the same class." he whispered. "Don't let her see me."

It was Stitch's turn to look at the door, and the person he saw made him feel extremely sorry for Richie:

Myrtle Evans

"Well if isn't the queen of 'you know where' herself." Jason said.

This immediately got Myrtle's attention. "You're in this class? I was sure they would have expelled you after last's year stunt." she said in her normally stuck-up tone.

"Naw, they never pinned it on us, even with your snitching." Jason retorted.

Myrtle would have said something, but then she noticed the person with the book in front of his face. "You shouldn't hide behind a book if it has your name on the front, idiot." she spat at Richie. "So quit acting like a coward and show your face."

Richie reluctantly removed the book from his the desk and looked away.

This seemed to make Myrtle worse. "You wuss. Being with Dad was suppose to make you not a dork, but I guess even the Marines can't work miracles. Should have sent you to military school, maybe they would have de-wussified you."

As Stitch watched the scene before him, he began to hate Myrtle more that ever. That's her own brother, her twin brother! How can she treat him like garbage? Why that little…

He was broken out of his thoughts by Myrtle's voice. Apparently she had noticed him while yelling at her brother and Jason, and was now probably going to call him names too.

Actually, it turned out he would have rather been called names.

"Hey cutie, what's your name? And why are you sitting with these losers? You should sit up front with me."

Myrtle was inches away from Stitch's face. He started to feel sick, and was backing away from the girl when Jason came to his rescue. "Listen, Myrtle, seeing the way he is backing away from you, I don't think he's interested. In fact, he's probably about to be sick."

This got Myrtle's attention. "And what do you know? He's probably just taken by my beauty."

"What beauty? You're uglier than your stupid rat dog!" Jason retorted.

"You wouldn't know beauty if it hit you in the head!" Myrtle said almost screaming at him.

"Umm…sis? I think Jason means that zit on the side of you cheek." Richie said, almost inaudible over his sister's screaming.

Myrtle's eye went wide as she reached frantically into her purse to find a mirror. Looking into the mirror, she saw no pimple. "You big liar." she said turning to her brother. "I'm telling Mom when we get home!"

As she began to walk back to the front of the class, she turned back to Stitch and said, "See you later." changing her tone to a flirting one when she said "you".

Stitch looked sick, and Jason just patted his back. "Sorry about her, she's kinda dense. So it may take a while for her to get the hint that you would rather eat mud than go out with her. Oh and nice save Richie. Telling her she had a zit. Talk about vain."

"But she does, it's just further down on her neck."

Sure enough, Myrtle did have a zit, but a mere make-up mirror wouldn't reveal it at first glance. Fortunately, Yuki spotted it and pointed it out to Myrtle, so the boys got to enjoy watching Myrtle scream as she ran to the bathroom.

Classes had been kinda of slow with Lilo not being around, but he had at least one of his friends in each class, so it wasn't totally boring. Then came lunch, the period he had been waiting for.

He walked into the cafeteria, Richie following behind, hoping that if his sister saw him, she'd be too distracted by Stitch to start insulting him. Jason and Knuckles said that they had "business" to attend to, so they would be skipping lunch, but Stitch said he had someone he had to meet. So they went their separate ways, Richie and Stitch to the lunch room and Jason and Knuckles probably to the science lab to pilfer the stuff they needed for the prank. Stitch's eyes scanned the room looking for Lilo. He couldn't find her anywhere, but he found someone who would know: Victoria.

"Let's go sit over there." Stitch said to Richie. Richie took one look and stopped in his tracks.

"Can we sit someplace else, please?" Richie stuttered out.

"What's wrong with there?" Stitch asked. Then he noticed the blush on Richie's face. "Oh you have a crush on that girl huh?" Stitch said smiling, careful in not revealing that he knew her. After all, Chris Strikerson had only been on the island for a couple weeks.

"No! It's just…" Richie said as he tried to think up an excuse. "Oh okay! I have a crush on her! It's just if Myrtle found out."

"Forget what your sister thinks! She's not your boss. Come on and talk to her." Stitch said, nudging his friend toward the table.

"But what if she doesn't like me back?" Richie said, trying to fight being pushed toward Victoria.

"That's why you should try to be her friend first. If you just walk up and confess your love, of course she'll say no. But if you just act friendly, you can just let nature take it's course." Stitch said reassuringly.

"Oh I know what happens if nature takes it's course, and it ends badly!" Richie said, more embarrassed and apprehensive than ever.

Stitch just put his free hand up to his forehead and sighed. "I don't mean that!" he said as he continued to push Richie forward. "I mean you get her to like you by having her get to know you."

"How do you know?" Richie asked still trying to hold his ground. Of course this would have been impossible had Stitch been using his full strength, but Stitch was just tapping him.

"Because I've had two girlfriends, trust me, I have experience."

This shocked Richie as he turned around. "Really? Two girlfriends? How?"

"Well the current one I got by following that advice. Trust me, I was apprehensive too at first, in fact for a while, but we finally just broke the ice recently."

This seemed to calm Richie down slightly. "Well ok, but will you try and make sure I don't screw this up? I really like her."

"I promise."

Meanwhile Victoria had seen the two. That's got to be Stitch. Blue hair, bomb squad t-shirt, yep fits the description. But who's that with him? She then recognized him as Richie Evans, Myrtle's twin brother. Boy did she feel sorry for him. Being related to

Myrtle must be no picnic, especially the way she treated him the day Victoria met him.

She had accidentally bumped into Richie, who had been reading a comic book. They both fell down, and by the time she had dusted herself off, he was up and gave her his hand. He pulled her up, only to then let go of her hand like it was on fire. He then began apologizing like mad. She had told him that it wasn't his fault, and wondered why he was so apologetic. Then she got her answer from a screaming Myrtle (this was before the Lilith incident, about two weeks ago.). "Richie! What did I tell you about hanging around losers? It's bad enough that those 7 years with Dad didn't make you anything but a wuss, but I will not let you embarrass me by hanging out with Weirdlo or any of her weird friends!" Myrtle grabbed Richie's arm and started to drag him away. But not before she turned to her and said. "Stay away from my brother. I don't any of your or Lilo's weirdness rubbing off on him. He might bring it home!"

Victoria smiled to herself. Well with Stitch as a friend I guarantee Myrtle won't be pushing him around for much longer. And that's good, cause he is kinda cute. Whoa, just cause Lilo's got a boyfriend, doesn't mean I have to all of sudden start wanting one.

Stitch managed to finally get Richie to calm down and both sat down in front of Victoria. Their timing couldn't have been better, because just then someone snuck up behind Stitch. "Hey bugee-boo, miss me?" Lilo said as she draped herself around Stitch.

"Oh yeah." Stitch replied as he held his head up to kiss her.

Richie watched this scene with nothing short of awe. He's got a girlfriend on this island? I thought he said it took him a long time to break the ice with her? Maybe a long time for him is two weeks. Wow, he is really good with girls. I could never be that much of a ladies man.

It was then that Lilo noticed the boy sitting next to Stitch. "Hey, Stitch, who is your friend?"

"This is Richie, and you will never believe who he is related to." Stitch said as Lilo sat down next to him.

"Myrtle?" Lilo said with smirk. "Yeah Victoria told me. I also heard that she is a mean to him as she is to me."

"No," Richie said, taking up for his sister, "Mom says she's just trying to make things easier for me on the island."

"That's the biggest load of baloney I've ever heard! I saw the way she was treating you, that wasn't making things easier, that was her taking out her hatred of others on you!" Victoria almost screamed out. This caused Richie to blush slightly and Victoria to blush in reaction when she realized just how loud she had been.

Lilo leaned in closer to Stitch and began to whisper to him in Turan. "Looks like we have a pair of bugee-boo's in the making, huh?"

"Yep. I know for a fact Richie has a crush on Victoria, it took me forever to get him to sit at this table next to her." Stitch whispered back, also in Turan.

"I think Victoria likes him too. She wouldn't stop talking about how badly Myrtle treated him. Even though she said she was just angry, she couldn't fool me. She thought he was cute." Lilo continued.

"Umm…what are you two whispering about?" Victoria said, somewhat irritated that they hadn't included her in the conversation.

"Nothing important." Lilo said looking at Victoria. "So how was everyone's first classes?" she said, trying to change the subject.

The group then started to talk about all different things, until near the end of the period, when they were interrupted by the voice of none other than Myrtle. "RICHARD ALAN EVANS! What did I tell you about hanging around Lilo and her friends? I told you I would not have any weirdness in my house! And you didn't listen…" Myrtle stopped when she saw Stitch. "What are you doing here?"

Lilo just smiled as she saw a chance to get rid of Myrtle but good. "Oh, he's my new boyfriend. We were just eating lunch together."

This shocked Myrtle beyond belief. This boy had spurned her advances for Lilo? She couldn't believe it. "Right, like you could get a guy like that to give you the time of day."

"Oh really? Watch this." Lilo said as she pulled Stitch in for a kiss. They sat there a moment, lip-locked, when another voice interrupted them.

"Wohoo! Guess that shuts you up, huh Myrtle?" Jason said as he and Knuckles walked up to the group. "Whoa dude, how come you didn't tell us you were such a hit with the girls?"

Knuckles just put his hand to his forehead and sighed. When it came to girls, Jason could act a little stupid. Last year, a certain relationship, which Jason was in for all of week, proved that.

Myrtle just stood there, shocked. Then she became angry. "Well, let's see how long you keep him freak! There is no way he will stay with you once he finds out how weird you are!"

"I like weird." Stitch replied.

"Well Myrtle, you would know all about that wouldn't you? Remember last year?" Lilo said with a smirk.

Myrtle just gritted her teeth and turned to stomp off. She took on sour look at Lilo, then Stitch, then Jason. "Fine! See if I care. Losers."

Just then the bell rang. "Well, we better get a move on. Say goodbye to your girlfriend and come on or we will be late to class." Jason said as he headed for the door.

As Stitch got up, Lilo stopped him. "Listen Stitch," she began to whisper, again in Turan, "I don't think you should spend too much time around Jason Walbridge. He and Alex have almost been kicked out of school twice for stupid pranks."

"Come on Lilo, he's a nice guy and I promise I won't get in any trouble." Stitch said back in Turan.

"I understand he is a nice guy, but he is also a big troublemaker. I DO NOT want you getting into trouble, or you will be doing the chicken dance in front of the entire SCHOOL, understand?" Lilo said back, in a threatening tone. I will not have one of Jason Walbridge's stupid pranks get in my way of marrying you!

Stitch gulped. He figured she wasn't serious about the whole chicken dance thing, but he couldn't tell. After all, she now had powers that could bring him down in a hurry, and those powers may have come with programming. And even if they didn't, she wasn't going to let her dream of a marriage on Earth be ruined by a stupid prank. "Ok, Lilo, I promise." Promise you will never find out. After all, these things are what I was designed for. And I think your powers have been going to your head.

What neither realized was that they were being watched. "Lilo never struck me as the controlling type, did she to you Knuckles?" Jason said, with his eyes fixed on the pair.

"No, in fact she's the last person I would have suspected of being a control freak. But I think it might have more to do with your reputation for trouble than anything else. I mean, no one wants their significant other to get kicked out of school." Knuckles replied.

"That may be true, but we had better keep close tabs on those two, I don't want Chris to end up in the same position I was in." Jason replied as the two pulled away from the door.

"Yeah, I still can't believe you were dumb enough to go out with…" Knuckles laughed.

"Shut up."

2:59. Time to get out of school. But more importantly, it was time for Operation: Bath Time.

"Everything set up?" Jason asked Knuckles and Stitch.

"The package is in place and is ready to go." Knuckles replied.

It was quite a set-up. Knuckles had placed a small amount of phosphorous in a small scale and Stitch tacked it to the ceiling just a few minutes ago, just below a sprinkler. A small device was rigged to set it off, and a wire attached for easy retrieval. Everything was sent, now all they needed was the signal.

The bell rang, and chaos ensued.

Everything went off perfectly. The fire was hot enough to start the sprinkler, but not close enough to light the ceiling on fire. The sprinklers were designed so that if one went off, they all did. Stitch quickly pulled on the wire, and the four ran off. Stitch broke off from the rest of the group. He ran into a restroom, took experiment form, doused the device in water, and then ate it. "No more evidence." He then took to the air vents, and found his way outside. Jumping out of the vent, he quickly changed into a human before he could be seen.

"Hey man where did you get off too?" Jason asked as Stitch ran up to them.

"Just disposing of the evidence." Stitch said with a smile.

"Good thinking, but what did you do with it?" Knuckles asked.

"Left it in an open air vent." Stitch replied, lying.

"Good thinking, now did everyone leave their stuff in their lockers?" Jason asked the group.

"Yep" the three replied.

"Then congratulations men on a job well done. Now let's split up before we are noticed." Jason said.

As the four split ways, Jason grabbed Stitch's shoulder. "Hey, Chris, I need to talk to you for a minute."

"About what?" Stitch asked as he halted in his tracks.

By now the front of the school was filled with kids trying to get away from the sprinklers. Truth was that they had already stopped and had only been on a few seconds, but a lot of people were very wet. Fortunately, the culprits decided to run out the side door.

Jason ignored the noise as he looked Stitch straight in the eyes. "How long have you known Lilo?"

"For quite a while. My guardian is her uncle, and we both have the same social worker, so we met a while back." Stitch replied. He had told Jason earlier about his living arrangements, so this was nothing surprising.

"Listen, I saw you and her in the cafeteria. What did she say to you?" Jason asked in a serious tone.

"She told me about your history and that she would rather I not hang around you too much." Stitch said, worried that Jason didn't like Lilo, or thought she was threatening him.

"Guess Knuckles was right, I have gotten a bad rep for myself." Jason replied, somewhat relieved.

"Why, what did you think she was saying." Stitch asked his new friend.

Jason sighed. "Listen, what I'm about to tell you tell no one. Understand?"


"You see, I asked because I was afraid Lilo was trying to control you. I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but I've been through a relationship like that, and it was a nightmare from the first date." Jason said, his face betraying a painful look.

"Who was it?" Stitch asked, but secretly he was pretty sure who it was.

"I would rather not say."

"Oh, well why did you go along with it?" Stitch asked Jason, who seemed eager to drop the subject.

"I'm not so sure myself. But we better get moving or we will miss our buses. See ya tomorrow." Jason said as he took off.

As Stitch headed for the bus, he was stopped by none other that Lilo. "We need to talk."

Stitch gulped. Lilo was just as wet as everyone else, and wasn't looking too happy. It was chicken dance time for him, or worse.

Lilo saw her boyfriend flinch and close his eyes, and this confirmed her suspicions. "I'm acting like her again, aren't I Stitch?"

Stitch opened her eyes, and saw a tear roll down Lilo's face. "No, I was bad, and you have every right to be angry at me."

"Yes Stitch, but I don't have the right to threaten you with my control power. I heard what Jason said to you, and he's right. I've been trying to control you." Lilo said, her voice full of sadness.

"No Lilo, you just want to me to stay out of trouble so you and me and can get married." Stitch said as he embraced her.

"But it won't matter if you don't love me anymore!" she said as she buried her head into his chest and began to cry.

Jason stood at the edge of the school building, watching the pair. He hadn't been able to hear anything, but the looks on their faces told the entire story. Knuckles walked up behind him. "So I guess she was being a bit of a control freak after all." He said as he looked over Jason's shoulder.

"Yeah, but I think she figured it out in time. You know what?" Jason asked his friend as they watched the couple.

"What?" Knuckles replied.

"I think those two might just really be in love. I mean, real love." Jason said, a smile creeping onto his face.

"At our age, that's unlikely." Knuckles said as he turned to head home.

"Yeah, but I think if anyone is, they are." Jason said as he too turned and left.

Meanwhile, Stitch was trying to comfort his distraught girlfriend. "Lilo, I love you, and no offense, I've been through hell just to try and get you back. I'm not going to let you go just because I was acting up and you had to bring me in line. You've been doing that for years, and I never hated you before for it."

"But this is different. I can actually rob you of your freedom, and it scares me. I'm scared I will become like Myrtle, or worse, her." Lilo said as she continued to cry.

"Damnit Lilo! Will you quit it? Lilith is gone, gone forever. Now please quit berating yourself for things you couldn't control." Stitch had had enough of Lilo beating herself up over this.

The pair continued to hold each other for several minutes, then Lilo got an idea to see just how much Stitch actually trusted her. "Stitch do you trust me?"

"Of course I do. I've just been telling you this for the past five minutes." Stitch said as he continued to hold his girlfriend close.

Then Lilo let her wings out. "Then will you fly with me?" she asked as her eyes met his.

Stitch was surprised beyond belief. "Lilo, you aren't supposed to do that in the open."

"I don't care, fly with me. That way I know you trust me." Lilo said as she began to charge her wings.

"But can you even carry me?" Stitch asked in doubt.

"Do you trust me?" Lilo asked him once more.

"Yes." Stitch said, his faith completely in the one he loved. "Yes I do."

"Then let's go." she said as she held Stitch tightly and began to rise into the air.

The pair took to the sky. Stitch was tense with fear, until he realized he was in Lilo's arms, and she would never let harm come to him if she could help it.

He looked down at the small island. It was absolutely beautiful from up high. He could see the coffee shop, the school, and his and Lilo's home. He watched as she took him over the ocean. He watched the waves go back and forth as they crashed against the shore. Soon they were over land again, and Stitch could see Sparky's lighthouse, Cannonball's point, and Ying and Yang's island.

"It's all so beautiful Lilo. Are you seeing this?" Stitch asked as Lilo began to head for home.

"Not really, but all that matters is that you are. And that you trust me enough to let me do this with you." Lilo replied as they began to descend toward home.

Back at the school, a silent observer hid in the bushes. Richie sat in shock at all he had just witnessed. He had hid in the bushes when he saw Myrtle on the warpath, make-up running down her face. Then he witnessed one shock after the next. First was the fact that Jason had had at least one girlfriend already as well as Chris (which made him feel quite a bit behind socially). But that was nothing compared to what he witnessed next. He overheard Lilo saying that she had a mind-control power, and then she sprouted wings! This had been too much for the red-head. He just sat there, unable to say anything, but his mind raced to understand what he just witnessed. Is Myrtle right? Is Lilo really a witch? No, witches don't have angel wings. Is she an angel? No, angels don't have mind-control. What is she? Wait, could she be an alien? That's it, that has to be it! She's an alien. My best friend is dating an alien!

While in his state of shock, he didn't realize that Myrtle had found him and was screaming at him. When she heard him muttering to himself, she slapped her forehead. Little twit's probably upset that his precious drawings got wet. "Quit spacing out you moron! You'll get over your blasted notebook getting wet. Now let's go home, I'm soaked."

Richie snapped out of his daze. "Ok, I'm coming." he said as he followed his irate sister. But what am I going to do? No one will believe me. Jason and Knuckles will probably just laugh at me, and the adults will think I'm nuts. I need to think this over.

Meanwhile, a convoy was transporting Hamsterville to another high security asteroid, one not of his design. Unfortunately, this ship was of his design, and he had already begun his escape. He deactivated the cell he was in, and hacked into the ship's computer. He caused the ship to go into shut down, and then he headed for an escape ship with a small container in his hands. He got on to one of the escape pods as the guards chased him and began to open fire. As he entered one last command into the computer of the ship, he shut the hatch and blasted off. He flew out of the ship, and left them with a little present. He caused the ship's engine to go critical, and it exploded, taking the entire convoy with it. He laughed maniacally as he flew into hyperspace. Then he coughed up a hairball. "Curse these blasted hairballs."

On Earth, Jumba was in his ship, finishing a project years in the making. "Councilwoman said could not make anything new, did not say could not finish old project." He laughed as he removed the pod from the machine. Just then Pleakly walked in. Jumba quickly pocketed the pod.

"What are you Jumba? It's dinner time." Pleakly asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all! Just tidying up ship." Jumba said.

"Uh huh," Pleakly said, thinking the 'evil' genius was making something else that wasn't all that evil. "Listen, what ever it is your making, being nice doesn't make you a softie. Now put away what you are doing and come eat dinner."

"Fine, fine! Am coming in one minute." Jumba said as he shooed Pleakly away.

"Alright, but hurry up so you can hear all about Lilo and Stitch's first day of school!" Pleakly said as he left.

Jumba wiped the sweat off his brow and took the pod out of his pocket. "Shows what one-eyed one knows. You are to be my greatest work! And yet, he is being right, you have new purpose. But for now, is unsafe to activate you. But it will not being long."

He set the pod down on the table and headed out of the ship.

The small dark blue pod had three numbers on its surface:

6, 2, and 8

The stars had become visible as the small boy on the bench sat, looking up at the sky. He looked at the stars, as if looking for a certain one. His head scanned the sky, and then suddenly stopped; whatever he was looking for, he had found it. He starred at that one spot in the sky for a moment, then his look became one of unhappiness, no, concern. Then, just as quickly, it returned to his normal smile.

"I guess it's only just the beginning." the boy said as he continued to stare into the night.

End Polarity

Final Notes: This chapter has set the stage for the next story, "Thru New Eyes." I hope you have enjoyed reading my fanfic, but my next will probably be a long time in coming. I have school and work, and writing takes a lot from me, so I can't do it everyday.

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