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A robed man walked through the halls of the crystal citadel with a mission on his mind. He knew that what he was about to do went against everything he and his colleagues had been doing for quite a few millennia now. However that didn't stop him from seeing the error of their ways, even if it was rather late when he realized said errors. What they were doing went against all the laws of physics, magic, space and time. Granted the project was interesting but the consequences of what they had done and what they were going to do were just too much. He couldn't stop them directly but he could use a wild card.

He approached a heavily warded door which was adorned with several engravings of different creatures: griffons, miniatures, centaurs, dragons, phoenixes and a slew of other creatures decorated the door as well as many runes which strengthened the enchantments on it. He placed his hand on the door and an ethereal light emanated from the door before it slowly creaked open.

Inside the room was a large terminal that regulated the many different portals and teleporters on the surface world. What many people didn't know was that it regulated the teleporters from everywhere not just the worlds that had been assimilated. Walking up to the terminal he quickly typed in the information to activate two portals which had been disused for quite some time. He then connected the two and set it so that only one person could use it.

He knew he would be branded a traitor for this but it had to be done. There was only a century or so left until the plans completion and it was imperative that it be stopped. Once again he cursed that vow he made to bind his soul to this place until the completion of the project.

Sighing heavily he left the room and re-secured the door, it wouldn't do for him to be found out too early. Although the room was now empty the process had already begun and a transit portal beneath and ancient cathedral in Rome where a certain Dark Lord just happened to hide a piece of his soul was now activated and set to react to one person only, Harry Potter.