A short piece of completely, totally and utterly pointless fluff featuring Sheena, Lloyd and Colette. Set somewhere late-ish during the game on a random night around the campfire.

Thanks to Kasan Soulblade for letting me borrow the wing grooming idea.

Dedication: for my "Lloyd", someone very special to me who I love very very much.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. I believe that Namco own it.

Sheena smiled as she watched Lloyd and Colette who were settled beside the campfire. The night was peaceful and the atmosphere around the campsite was relaxed. Colette was extremely relaxed, to the point where a random passer by might have thought that she was asleep. Sheena could see, however, that the little angel was still just about awake, awake enough to appreciate what Lloyd was doing.

The swordsman was gently stroking her wings, smiling softly. He'd started making a fuss of Colette when the group had finished dinner, beginning with brushing her hair. After a while he had commented that he thought a few of her feathers had seemed a bit ruffled after a battle they'd been in that day and had offered to straighten them out. Colette had smiled happily and accepted the offer. Now she was settled beside the swordsman, her eyes closed in pleasure, her wings occasionally fluttering slightly.

Lloyd was being very gentle, slowly running his hands over the segments of her wings. The gesture was very delicate and simple but it seemed very special somehow. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that the little angel's wings were, in a way, a visible expression of a part of her soul. Lloyd tending to them so tenderly and lovingly seemed, in that case, to be a very intimate, affectionate gesture.

It was nice, Sheena thought, to see the two of them enjoying being close to one another, enjoying one another's company. Seeing the couple enjoying quiet, peaceful moments wasn't a rare sight, they could often be spotted curled up together in the evenings, but there was something that seemed so perfect about that that made it special.

The couple never drew attention to themselves when they shared their moments together but somehow the little gestures they made towards each other spoke much more sincerely and deeply of love than any of the extravagant gestures Zelos made for his "hunnies".

The summoner had mentioned the thought that Zelos' flamboyant gestures and flowery speech directed at the "hunnies" seemed empty somehow to Colette once. The blonde had considered this for a moment and had then said that perhaps that was because he didn't really mean any of it. Who knew, Sheena thought, maybe she was right. Perhaps that idiot Chosen expressed sincere thoughts and emotions in different ways.

She looked over at Colette and Lloyd again as the little angel yawned and stretched, making a happy, content noise as she did so. She gestured for Lloyd to lie down beside her and he did, allowing her to snuggle up to him, mumbling sleepily about how nicely warm he was.

Soon the pair had drifted off into a light doze, feeling safe and content in each others arms. Sheena grabbed a blanket then, walking quietly to make sure she didn't disturb them, moved over to the sleeping couple and wrapped the blanket around them.

It was nice that, despite all the things that had happened on the quest and the dangers that they faced every day, the couple could relax and find peace in the evenings simply by holding one another.

"I'd wish you sweet dreams, but I suspect you're already having them," Sheena whispered to the angel, ruffling her hair affectionately. Colette simply smiled.