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"So Raven, what did you think? Have you found any suitable husbands inside?"

I raise an eyebrow at her. 'Suitable husbands'? Was she serious, has she been in one of those things? It's disgusting, like a pig auction.

"Yes, Kori. And I got several numbers. I think I'll call them all now."

"Oh, glorious Raven! Maybe now you shall commence in the dating?" Jenn shakes her head and pats Kori on the shoulder, guiding her faster towards the car. She turns he head to me and mouths, 'Go home, I'll take care of Barbie.' I flash her a smile of appreciation as I make my way to my car. That's when…

"Hey! Hey you!" O God, I think, one of the freaks followed me. I take a deep breath and turn around ready for a shouting when I see him. Turtle neck guy. Across the street, trying to jaywalk but being continuously cut off by cars. He gets honked at a few times and gets the finger once but he persists. Finally he makes his way over here.

Panting he smiles at me, "Hi, I'm sorry… I hadn't really… planned on getting kicked out… I-I just…" He had his hands on his knees and was panting uncontrollably.

"Did you wait out here all this time?"

"Yea, what's 20 minutes?" I look at him, puzzled but manage a small chuckle.

"So, what were you saying back there that got you kicked out?"

He flashed me a toothy grin, his eyebrows raised in anticipation, and said, "I was wondering if you wanted to continue the conversation. Maybe somewhere without a time limit?"

I made a show of thinking about it, "Well, you did get kicked out and had to wait 20 minutes to ask me that. So how could I possibly sleep tonight if I said no?"

"I'm Gar Logan by the way," he adds, sticking out his hand at me. I look at it first before taking it giving him a smirk in return.

"Raven Roth, not Rae, Raven."

"Well, Raven Not-Rae Roth, if I may," he offers his arm gallantly. I leer at him and take it, "How does coffee sound Miss Roth?"

I smile back at him, "That's the best line I've heard all night." Wow now those are rare, a genuine smile.

"See, I told you they'd hit it off."

"Yes, but we did not account for his deportation from the area."

"Kori, babe, it's called getting kicked out."

"Yeah, I'm just glad it didn't take too much convincing for him to stay and wait a while."

"Are you kidding me? He started a bar fight and got kicked out of a speed dating service."

"It wasn't a bar fight. He said it was a misunderstanding."

"Yeah, he misunderstood how to leave the lady alone."

"Yes, it must mean only one thing. He is smitten."


"See, who'd have thunk, ol' Gar'd hit it off with Rae. Now you owe me ten bucks tin man."

"But, Jenn, sweetie... I was just joking."

"Pay up."

"Just pay her man, else we'll be here all night…"


A long pause.

"Hey, do think they're onto us?"

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