Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux

Harry woke up in Privet Drive with a start. This wasn't an unusual occourance for Harry. Over the last seven years it has happened ofter from a Giant bursting through the door or to the regular dreams he had that where of Voldermort. This time it was because he was worried, while at Privet Drive he was completely out of reach from the magical world. The same had happened to Harry every year he was at Pivet Drive. Every year he came back from Hogwarts and every year he was treated horribly. He sensed the heat of someone starring at him. He looked out his window and down to the corner of the street, at first Harry thought it was a familiar big black dog that had been Sirius but as Harry put his glasses on he saw it was a Tabby cat, but this was no ordinary tabby cat. Unlike any of Mrs Figg's cats that she had. This particular cat was sitting bolt upright and was looking straight back at Harry. Then sure enough the cat was no cat but was his Transifigiration teacher Proffesor Mcgonagall. Harry rubbed his eyeballs he couldn't believe he'd seen who and what he'd just seen. Then he remembered that Mcgonagall was an animagaus. She appeared to be walking straight to the Dursleys door, Harry looked from Mcgonagall to his alarm clock to Mcgonagall again. Harry thought Mcgonagall appeared very muggle like, perhaps this was just incase she got spotter through the window. Harry quietly tip-toed down the stairs to meet her.

"Oh hello Potter, what are you doing up so early?" Was the first thing Mcgonagall said when Harry

answered the door just as she looked like she was about to take something out of her cloak. "I couldn't sleep what are you doing here proffesor?" Harry retorted sleepily "just had this letter but I'm glad I can speak to you in person Harry" Mcgongall said in her quick snapish voice that had returned since Dumbledore's funeral. "Could you join me outside for a quick word and best dress in muggle clothing because I don't have Albus's Put-Outer" at Dumbledores name her voice failed, "sure proffesor" "ahh Harry there is no need to call me that as I have been informed you are no longer returning to Hogwarts next year and we are also on holidays" said Mcgonogall briskly. Harry stumbled out the front door and walked through the garden with Mcgonagall. "Harry, Dumbledore requested this be given to you as soon as you finnish Hogwarts, but he obviously didn't account for what was going to happen but then again no one could see this coming" Mcgonagall added as she gripped the letter which she passed to Harry.

Harry saw his name written in clear letters across the front. Harry eagerly opened the letter wondering who would be writting this letter. It said:

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this you have finnished school, Congratulations and we love you dearly always.

If you are reading this we are dead but hopefully you will recieve this. Do not feel sad Harry about this for Death is only the next adventure after life. Do not fear it embrace it, Hopefully Sirius can take care of you perhaps with the help of Remus and Peter. I'm sure you will get along well with Sirius and the others because he is your Godfather and you being your fathers son I could hardly see you to being able to be seperated. I'm sure you've also gotten into your fair of trouble aswell knowing how your father was. I'm sure you have met a lot of our friends from Hogwarts. I'd just like to say that we are proud of you Harry no matter what. We will also always love you and will be watching you from above. Good luck in the future Harry.

From your Mother and Father

Lilly and James Potter

Harry folded the letter back up with a tear in his eye. He had no chance to really get to know his parents after all they had been killed by an evil wizard that had tried to kill Harry himself on the same night but instead the spell had rebounded on the wizard himself.