Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux Chapter 4

At the reception Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Fred, Greorge and their dates managed to grab a table

together. Harry could clearly see that the Weasleys had done a lot of decorating today as he saw

dazling sparkling things hung around the wall and where admired by the guests. The party continued

until late in the night and when it got dark Fred and George put on a show with their fireworks from

their shop as a fantastic display of flashes and bangs lit up the sky celebrating the marraige of Fluer

and Bill who still had a few scars from the attack at Hogwarts at the end of last year. All this time

Harry had kept close to Ginny and he thought it was time to speak to her about them, Harry turned

to Ginny and Ginny turned to Harry in what seemed the exact moment they both had something to say.

"I don't think this is working" they said at the same time at that point Harry had a great rush of relief that

Ginny fealt the same way he did and he drew her into a tight embrace, Harry wanted to stay like this

for aslong as he could. Harry suddenly remembered the prophercy and remembered that this is what

he needed the power he had was love and somehow he had love right there in between him and Ginny

was love. Later that night they parted ways into seperate bedrooms to sleep for the night, after Harry

was in the room he got into thinking about what he was going to do. Would Ginny be allowed to come

with him? she clearly said she wanted to but would Mrs Weasley let her? surely not she would be in

too much danger? and all of a sudden another question popped up.

Who was R.A.B all through out the holidays Hermione sent him constant owls trying to get him to find

out who exactly this R.A.B was but still no luck. He was sure he had heard a name that had similar

initials but he couldn't quite remember it. It had coem into his mind back in Privet Drive something that

was staring up at him he had lost his train of thought though when he saw Mcgonagall and that was it

before he saw Mcgonagal he was thinking about Sirius and it had triggered his thoughts back to

Grimwald Place. He grabbed Ron and Hermione away from the family the next morning and told them

his idea. "We have to go to Grimwald Place" said Harry as Hermione and Ron where just starting to

wake up as the cool breeze through their hair. "What?" was Rons immediate reaction but Hermione

kept cool and said "Harry are you sure about this, I mean you didn't enjoy it there so why do you want

to go back?" "It's something Sirius said it's something about R.A.B. I'm sure of it" Harry said responding

and ready to leave but impatiently waiting for his friends to agree. "Okay Harry" Hermione said agreeing

for both herself and Ron before Ron could say anything for himself they apparated away to Grimwald

Place. Harry thought of the address and rushed inside and straight upstairs past Mrs Blacks portrait,

funny how this was the first time he had been in his own house since Sirius had died, it felt strange but

Harry continued through the house and into the upstairs study to the wall where the Black family tree

was there it was right next to Sirius, Regulas Black with his name still entact.

Hermione and Ron caught up quickly, "I've found it, I've found it" Harry yelled. "What is it Harry?" said

Ron eyeing the family tree looking for something suspicious. "Oh my Harry I think your right Regulas

Aberfoth Black his enitials are R.A.B. Well done Harry" Hermione said as if he had just got an O in

one of his exams but he felt her excitement. Harry thought to what Sirius said about his brother, not

as talented as he was was killed by Voldermort well wasn't high enough up to be killed by Voldermort

probably. "He was killed by Voldermort, he had turned and someone dobbed him in" Harry said thinking

out loud. Harry was finally at peace with himself about knowing who R.A.B was but it was no help to him

as he was dead killed at the hands of Lord Voldermort. Grimwald Place soon overcame Harry with

depression it was ridden with memories of Sirius and Harry couldn't stand it any longer. He felt it was time

to leave again. They had done what they'd come and searched for Harry thought now was a better time

then ever to go to Harry's parents house in Godrics Hollow. Harry told Hermione and Ron his thoughts

and they both agreed because it seemed the memories they had of this place was depressing for them