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Chapter 31: Converted

"Delkios has succeeded." The de facto leader of the Order, a Dark Priest named Paimon yelled out in mock excitement, knowing that if any other demon was to be aware of his betrayal, he'd lose his power and quite possibly his life. The low level demon acolyte that he had sent to scan Wyatt in the hopes of failing had proved him wrong, and in fact was very much successful in his endeavor. He had done what he was assigned to do, which was an action that had put Paimon behind the eight ball and in a difficult spot to continue his mutiny since his master would be returning soon. "Within days our master will come back to us!" He said as the masses erupted in cheers, excited at the prospect of overrunning the Underworld and returning to the power they once had a millennia ago.

Stepping down from his pedestal, Paimon strolled over to where his second in command Camio was standing, watching as everything was going on. "Surprising, don't you think?" The demon asked Paimon, keeping his eyes on his demon legion.

Paimon raised an eyebrow, wondering what his comrade meant. "Why do you say that, Camio?"

"Please," Camio scoffed, taking down the hood of his black cloak and allowing Paimon to see his eyes. "We've known each other for over a thousand years; we've seen the rise and fall of six Sources together. Do you really think you could fool me like the rest of the minions?"

The blond haired demon priest shook his head in defeat, realizing that Camio knew what he was doing, though he didn't know how. "And…?"

"I just hope you know what you're doing." Camio replied, shimmering out and leaving Paimon to his own thoughts.

In the Earthly realm, Cole entered the manor with a huge grin etched onto his face, clearly thrilled about what had just happened. He had just come back from the City Hall where he used his lawyer magic, so to speak, and got his son a birth certificate. Now in the eyes of the city and the country, Payton was a real boy; a boy who was born on February 25th, 2003 and was now a little older than a year. Hearing voices coming from the kitchen, the man made his way to the back of the house, hoping to see Phoebe and tell her the good news.

"Cole!" Phoebe chirped upon seeing her love, a smile forming onto her face. "Did you get it?"

"Get what?" Piper asked, dicing tomatoes and stirring them into the pot for dinner.

"Did I get a birth certificate for Payton?" Cole replied, placing his briefcase down on the table. Opening up the brown leather case, the attorney took out a vanilla envelope in which held the certificate and handed it over to Phoebe. "And the answer is yes."

"A birth certificate for Payton…?" Leo inquired in a conversational tone, wondering how they did that.

"Yup," Phoebe nodded, opening up the envelope and taking out the certificate. "We decided on a birthday last night. We chose February 25th, 2003." Phoebe answered, scanning the gray certificate that certified her son as a person and a legal citizen. Making up a story had taken all night, but the outcome was incredible, a feeling of relief that made everything that had been happening feel real, not something that could be taken away from her like a dream or an illusion.

"You made his date of birth a week after Wyatt's?" Piper cocked an eyebrow as she took as seat at the table, trying to think of a reason why they would do that—it was awfully close to Wyatt's, and when Phoebe was pregnant, her due date was going to be later in the year if Payton was naturally born.

Phoebe nodded to her sister, handing the certificate over to Leo, who read it interestedly. "We figured that this way when they're kids they can have their own special day, but when they're older they can have a party together if they want."

"Smart." Piper agreed, impressed with the forethought of the plan. "But how did you get them to give you a birth certificate when he's over a year old already?"

"Simple," Cole shrugged, taking a few grapes from a bowl that was on the counter. "I told them he was home birthed and has been very sick these last few months so we didn't know if he was going to make it. So instead of going through the pain of notarizing his birth we just waited till he pulled through."

They went silent after that, until Piper sighed as memories from the afternoon flooded her mind, the attacks against Wyatt and Payton that had occurred. She still had yet to tell Phoebe and Cole about the attacks on the boys, though she knew she would have to. Luckily, after she took her seat on the rocking chair not another demon teleported into the nursery, which eased her mind a little, allowing her to forget about the attacks, until Cole came home. "Two demons attacked the boys today." Piper flinched as she realized she just blurted it out without any preamble. Yeah, good tact, she thought with a scowl, mentally scolding herself.

"What?" Phoebe gasped, with her eyes wide as she stared over at Piper. "When did this happen?" She inquired, as the premonition about Wyatt she had a few nights before flooded her mind. Was this it? Was this when he became evil and corrupt, enough to willingly kill his cousin?

"It was this afternoon when you were at work, but don't worry, I took care of them." Piper replied, hoping to ease her younger sister's nerves.

"They attacked the boys specifically?" Cole asked with furrowed brows, trying to think about why demons would do that. If someone was after his son, he'd get to the bottom of it. Unless it wasn't his son they were after, and instead they were after…could this be who's after Wyatt? Cole thought to himself, already allowing the wheels in his mind to turn.

"Well…" Piper bit her lip. "They were after Wyatt mostly. When I found the demon, he was running something over Wyatt. It was like…a pen or something."

"Huh?" Phoebe muttered confusedly. Why would a demon run a pen over her nephew?

"When I ran into the nursery the demon was running a pen-like object that emitted a red beam over Wyatt." Piper answered after a minute of thought. She didn't understand why they were making such a big deal over it. Demons attacked, she vanquished them, then came dinner; it was a very common practice.

As Cole was about to speak, a crash echoed throughout the manor. Rushing up stairs to the attic where Paige, Kyle, and the two boys were, the small family hoped everyone was okay. When they arrived, the sight before them made them gasp: Kyle was sprawled out unconscious in the corner, Paige was crushed under a bookshelf, Payton was crying in his playpen, and Wyatt was nowhere to be seen. "Wyatt?" Piper called out in a frantic state, hoping that her son would be able to hear her and orb back. "Wyatt?" She yelled out again, even louder this time.

"They…took..." A female groin suddenly came from under the mountain of rubble. Leo and Cole both pushed everything to the side, so the witch underneath could get free and back to her feet. "They took him." She said after Leo healed her head wound and she got back to her feet.

"Who did?" Phoebe asked, trying to keep herself calm, realizing that this truly was it, that Wyatt would be evil soon if she didn't do anything. Piper on the other hand was a mess of tears and worry, her motherly love overcoming her. "Were they demons?"

"Yes, and there were lots of them." Kyle said after being healed by Leo, still sitting on the floor looking groggy. The whitelighter had been thrown into the wall by one of the demons using telekinesis, causing him to lose consciousness and black out, preventing him from helping Paige protect the boys.

"We have to get him back." Piper stomped her foot, anger rising inside her chest. The witch was already in tears with worry and it had only been a few minutes—with each passing second making her more worried and angrier. Who knew what could happen to the boy if he was down there any longer with those foul demons, it was a prospect she couldn't let happen.

"We will, hunny." Phoebe whispered as he embraced her older sister, trying to calm her down. The witch looked over to Cole where she noticed he had the same grim expression on his face that she did, a feeling of inevitability overcoming them both. Are these the people who turn Wyatt evil? She asked herself, hoping what happened in her vision wouldn't come to pass.

"I can't sense him." Leo said opening his eyes after trying to sense for his son. He was worried just as much as Piper was, but he knew only one parent could afford to lose their cool if they hoped to get Wyatt back. "He must be in the Underworld."

"Then that's where we'll go." Phoebe spoke with resolve, willing to go to hell itself to get her nephew back. Walking over to the table, she grabbed a few vials of potions and handed them to Piper and Paige, who pocketed them. Cole, meanwhile, grabbed Payton and made his way to where the others were standing, knowing that if Payton possessed him, the boy would be more protected than anyone else in their group since Cole would never let anything happen to his son. Then, after preparing themselves, the family orbed down into the Underworld in a flurry of blue and white lights, intent on getting Wyatt back.

As the Order tried to convert Wyatt, Gideon and Paimon stood in the shadows as the minions waved the scepters over the young boy. The boy kept his blue shield up in protection, not understanding what was going on but knowing that the demons posed a danger to his safety. As the demons continued, Wyatt's shield began to waver as his morality started to reverse because of the scepters. After a few more seconds of flickering, it finally gave out completely, allowing the demons passageway to Wyatt. Camio was the first to go near Wyatt, knowing that if this truly was his master, he'd get the credit that he deserved. Picking the boy up, he placed a tiny red robe on him and lifted him back onto the stone alter that he had been sitting on, all the while allowing Wyatt to scan the entire cult of demons with wide eyes, like a leader would his soldiers.

"This had better work." Gideon grunted, shifting his eyes over to Paimon, knowing that they were risking a lot with this plan. The demon just smirked, and gestured with his head over to the other side of the cave as a flock of blue-orbed silhouettes began to appear from out of nowhere.

"It will." Paimon replied, easily, having great excitement for its accomplishment. "But we should leave." Nodding to the Elder, the demon shimmered out a second before Gideon orbed back to Magic School, leaving the Underworld.

Piper looked around the cavern Leo said he sensed Wyatt in, her eyes scanning for her son. Just minutes before, the family had orbed down to Cole's old lair in the Underworld where Leo could safely search for his son, having only the ability to sense in the Underworld while he was in the Underworld himself. Even with expanded effort, the Elder could barely sense where their child was, but his first inclination was this cave, which Piper hoped would prove correct. Scanning the area, she saw her baby lying on an altar, and she began blasting the demons that got in her way as she rushed towards him.

"Leo, get Wyatt!" She screamed out as she blew up demons and energy balls alike, clearing the way for her husband to run to her son. Her anger and rage would not subside, and deep inside herself, she thirsted for revenge…for some equality to the pain and suffering that the demons had forced upon her. She wasn't just mad at the demons, no, she was mad at the Heavens, as well. After all, how could the powers that be allow her son, her little boy, to be taken? With a scowl, she forced her thoughts about the Heavens into the back of her mind, instead focusing now on the demons that did this: they would pay with their lives.

Quickly, Leo ran over to his boy in the center of the cavern. With an encouraging smile on his face, he expected to be able to pick up Wyatt and leave without a fight. That, however, was not to be, for Wyatt immediately put up his blue energy shield; protecting himself from his father, his family from approaching him. "Wyatt, it's me. It's daddy." Leo said, speaking softly but loud enough for the young child to hear him through the commotion behind him.

"What's wrong?" Kyle asked, running up to the Elder, wondering why he didn't take Wyatt and leave like they had planned. The others were fighting off the demons with a vigor none had seen before, but the demons' numbers were great, and they only had so much time to get Wyatt out of there before they were killed themselves. Cole, using Payton's possession powers, was throwing fireball after fireball; Paige orbed all the energy balls that were being thrown her way right back at the thrower, incinerating the demons with their own powers; Phoebe was levitating and beating the hell out of any demon she could, yet was still able to keep a close eye on Cole as well; and Piper was destroying demons with her powers, while using her other powers to stop the energy balls that were flying towards her family in midair.

"I…I don't know." Leo replied, as Wyatt's force field zapped him once again. "He won't let me in." The Elder knew there was something different about Wyatt, and that something had changed, but he couldn't figure out exactly what the change was. "Wyatt! It's me, its daddy." Leo said over the noise that was coming from the fight behind him, again trying to get to his son. In the corner of his eye, the Elder saw a demon, who seemed to be in control, shimmer out, leaving only his minions left, which made the Elder wonder what was going on.

"Camio! How could you leave?" One of the demons screamed before being vanquished by Cole with a fireball. After seeing one of their leaders leave, many of the demons stopped fighting and retreated themselves, realizing that perhaps living to fight another day was the smarter plan, rather than fighting to the death.

The ex-demon threw fireball after fireball as he made his way towards Leo and Kyle, taking out every demon that was still there that came into view, decimating the Order's forces. As the man took his next step, he stopped and bent down to pick up a small scepter that was on the ground, seemingly lost in the shuffle of the attack. Gasping, Cole studied it as he realized what it was: a converter. A look of understanding took over his features as he pieced together all the information that he had. That is why and how Wyatt turned evil; demons reversed his morality, he thought to himself.

"Leo," Cole whispered, still down on bended knee, staring at the converter. If his plan was to work, he needed to make it look real, make it look like he was evil. "Don't look this way, just stay where you are." He ordered, as he saw Leo beginning to turn around in the corner of his eye.

"What? Why?" Leo said, still staring at Wyatt, honoring Cole's order. He had no idea what Cole was doing, or why he was acting this way, but it was not the time, unless of course it helped them get Wyatt.

"Wyatt has had his morality reversed; what was good is now evil, and what was evil is now good to him." Cole said, still studying the scepter some more, trying to learn how to reverse it. "I have a plan, but in order for it to work, you'll need to trust me." By this time, Cole had the attention of all members of the family, who looked on in worried wonder. "If I pretend that I'm evil, Wyatt will allow me into his force field to protect me from you guys. Once there, then I'll use the scepter to convert him back to our side."

"What do you need me to do?" Leo replied, hoping he could help in some way. This was his son after all; he'd do anything to get him back.

"Honestly?" Cole sighed, knowing what needed to be done. "Take the punishment I'm going to dish out on you."

"What?" Leo confusedly asked, wondering what Cole had meant. Before he got an answer, however, Cole's eyes flamed over and turned black, and then he swished his arm towards Leo. Seemingly hit by some great invisible force, Leo was sent flying across the room, where he landed against the cave wall with a thud. Immediately, Cole sent low powered fireballs towards Leo, but made sure they hit the wall above the Elder and only sent pebbles down onto his body. Piper, from across the cavern, flicked her hands and sent a blast—which was barely powerful enough to destroy a vase—at Cole, hoping to really sell it to Wyatt. The small blast made the man stumble a bit, but otherwise did no damage to his body. Cole cocked his head to the side and studied Piper; his eyes still black as coal, akin to the Source's. To the unknowing person, it would seem as if Cole was the demon he used to be, but the family knew better, they could see that he was doing this for Wyatt and only Wyatt.

"Your power is impressive, witch." Cole muttered, slowly backing his way towards Wyatt's force field as the family encircled him. "But my powers dwarf any of yours." He charged up another low-level fireball and sent it towards Piper with a flick of his wrist. The woman flicked her hands at the spot where the fireball would be, and sent it flying back towards Cole. Ducking, the man allowed the ball to crash harmlessly against the wall. Piper has some new tricks, Cole thought, impressed by the great leaps that Piper's powers had taken over the past few years. Seeing everyone inching closer to him, Cole knew this was the time to finish off his plan, or else they risked its failure. The man directed his attention towards Phoebe, and made sure Wyatt couldn't see his face. 'Sorry' he mouthed to the woman, making sure Phoebe knew what was coming. "To think, I used your love just to get to Wyatt."

Phoebe smirked, impressed by Cole's acting ability; or, at least she hoped it was an act. "You bastard! We'll vanquish you." She seethed in faux-hatred, trying to look as angry as she possibly could.

Suddenly, Cole turned towards Wyatt; a look of desperation on his face, as if he was in serious danger. "Wyatt, let me in, they'll kill me, and then take you!" The small child just tilted his head at the man, weighing his options. Finally, after dodging a few attacks from the sisters, Cole was allowed into the protection that Wyatt's shield offered.

The man slowly made his way to Wyatt, who was scanning the area where Piper and Leo were standing; keeping an eye on the people he deemed an enemy. Moving his right hand into his pants pocket, Cole gripped the scepter tightly, hoping to keep Wyatt blissfully unaware of what was to come. If he just jerked the scepter at the boy, he could be dispelled from the force field and his plan would be ruined, leaving Wyatt unable to become good again. Pulling out the silver instrument, he pointed it in-between Wyatt's young eyes, releasing a jet of light that connected to the forehead of the boy. As Wyatt was hit with the beam, Cole nodded in satisfaction as he felt a pulse of transference come from deep within Wyatt, converting evil back to good.

As he was working, Cole reflected on the fact that Belthazor had never used a converter during his demon days. After all, he had no use for it back then: he was sent to destroy his hits and enemies, not convert them to evil. It was ironic, in Cole's mind that the first time he'd use the converter in his long life would be to save his nephew; a witch, whom was just like the hundreds of witches that he had terrorized years before, albeit much more powerful. As the beam began to die down, Cole was brought back to the present and Wyatt's force field shuddered a little before completely disintegrating, allowing his parents to run towards him.

"Oh, Wyatt, you're okay!" Piper cried, picking her son up into her arms; Leo ran his hand through his son's hair, happy that he was safe.

Phoebe cocked an eyebrow at Cole as Payton de-possessed him, and appeared in his father's arms. "Good plan." Phoebe said with a smirk, coming up to the pair.

Cole grinned, wrapping his arm around his love, while keeping Payton tucked in his other arm. "I'm a bastard, huh?" He laughed, as Payton flamed the small family back out of the Underworld, showing immense power—usually it wasn't until a person was teenager that they were able to teleport out of a plane, not children.

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