L'amore Che Viene dalla Paura (Love that Comes From Fear)

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Teris Xenite

It was cold. Bone chilling, skin tingling, seep straight down to your soul cold, but none of it mattered to the girl walking blindly through the streets. Then after catching your mother in the midst of an extramarital tryst, it made sense that everything else would seem trivial. She hadn't noticed that she'd walked all the way through the high rise business district to the slums of Salem, or that she was in the midst of the worst of the area where good girls just didn't go, especially after dark. She hadn't noticed that someone was watching her, and she didn't hear the footsteps when her watcher began to follow her. She didn't notice anything until a hand came over her mouth, and strong arms pulled her into an alley.

"Looks like you're lost little girl. A pretty little thing like you shouldn't be out here all alone, bad things could happen." He looked her up and down then pushed against a wall wedging her in place with his weight. "But then anybody who comes down here from your part of town's looking for trouble anyway. I think you want to get in trouble little girl, and you're going to get your wish."

He walked down the street with his hands buried deeply in his pockets to ward off the cold. It wasn't the smartest thing that he'd ever done, walking down the worst street in town in the bitter cold, but he couldn't stand the high society fuss for another minute. If it wasn't his mother introducing him as her 'pride and joy, all grown up and back from school', it was his step father parading around announcing that he was to be the new head of Titan industries, and giving discreet nods to those in the know. Nods that said, he has my protection and my support, he'll soon be leading the family.

It was true, he'd be leading the family sooner than anyone suspected, Victor Kiriakass was dying. He could still put on a good show for the masses, but he couldn't fool the boy who'd spent summers trailing along behind him eagerly soaking in his knowledge. Even though Victor wasn't his father by blood, he'd taken him in when he'd married his mother and raised him as his own. He wouldn't say that he loved him, love was a weakness that he wouldn't allow himself to have, but he would acknowledge that he admired the man and was going to miss him.

"Help somebody hel-"

She'd bitten his hand and screamed for help, but he'd just laughed and backhanded her across the face. "Go ahead and scream you stupid little bitch, nobody's going to help you. You asked for this by coming here, you deserve this." His hand tangled in her long hair and jerked it painfully. "Such a pretty little thing…I think I may just have to keep you. But first I'm gonna have some fun." Despite her struggles he was pushing her dress down, and knowledge of what he intended to do sank like lead deep into her mind, and caused paralyzing fear to pulse through her with ever beat of her heart.

"Please stop…let me go?" Her voice was small, as small and weak as she felt, and she knew he wasn't going to listen to her when she saw him raise his hand to hit her again. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to brace herself the best she could for what was to come. She felt a brush of air against her cheek as his hand descended, and expected pain to follow.

The blow never landed.

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