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Darkest Before The Dawn

Chapter One


Lucas lifted her gently in his arms and carried her to the cabin's bedroom. He striped the blouse and jeans from her as carefully as possible to keep her from waking. Then he gently ran a hand over the now smooth stomach and couldn't help but be a bit nostalgic for the time that she'd been pregnant. How differently things could have been. He doubted that he'd ever have the pleasure of seeing her carrying another of his children, but he could dream.

He shook his head. This was a time to take care of her, not get lost in what could have been. He picked up the soft white cotton gown he'd stowed here just in case, and slid her into it tenderly. She looked so innocent when she slept, just like a little girl. Other women were meant to sleep in scarlet satin, but Sami, his Sami was perfectly suited to pure white cotton. Never the cheap bargain bin variety, but the kind that was so soft and ethereal that it was almost too divine to stitch.

That was one thing that he still held against Franco's memory. He'd taught her that she had to dress seductively to be sexy, he'd turned that sweet little girl that Lucas had wanted to protect and comfort into a screeching shrew. But there were still times like this, when she slept, or like before. Moments when her need for comfort and love shattered the mask.

Having changed her he tried to put her under the covers, but as soon as he pulled his hands away to pull the quilt over her she started whimpering, as if remembering something painful. He instinctively reached out to comfort her, and as soon as he touched her she calmed. He repeated the exercise several times, caught up in trying to be a gentleman and in his desire to give her privacy, so that she wouldn't feel he'd taken advantage when she woke. But every time he took his hands off of her she started to whimper.

Finally the pitiful sound wore down all sense of propriety that he'd been clinging to, and he slowly began the difficult task of getting undressed for bed with one hand. He finally managed to get his shoes off and slide into bed with her. He lay stiffly beside her with one hand resting gently on her stomach. She stilled under the constant comfort provided by his touch, and a smile formed on her lips.

He started cursing in his mind as the close proximity of her filled his senses. He was as far from her as he could get in the small bed, while still maintaining bodily contact anyway. Sadly as far as he could get from her consisted of just far enough to keep from offending her sensibilities should she wake, but still close enough for the sweet scent of her hair to flood his senses. It was close enough for her warmth to spread over his body, and he decided that his mother had been right in their arguments to God's gender. God was indeed a woman, and she hated him. No other reason could explain the torturous temptation before him.

He had just made peace with his libido, by filling his head with visions to vile to ever be uttered in the light of day. Then she rolled over onto her side, leaving his hand approaching very dangerous territory, while she cuddled up to him and placed her head on his shoulder. He looked heavenward and hoped that whatever higher power was there would have mercy upon him, since his intentions were pure, and allow him to wake with all of his limbs attached. Then he drifted to sleep with a smile, surrounded by
the sweet scent of the woman in his arms, and the soft steady sounds of her slumber.

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