A Little Britain and the OC crossover. Sorry!

In the rich suburb of Newport Beach Andy Atwood is taking the one girl he doesn't hate, Marissa Pollard to the mall.

(Series 1, episode: The Best Chrismukkah Ever)

Excuse me miss? Um I'm going to need to look in your bag," the security guard said.

"Oh My God! This is so racist. You're just trying to gay me up. If anyone's nicked anything it's Holly. She was in Tijuana and was totally snogging my boyfriend and I tried to cut their lips apart and her and Luke totally had an eppy," Marissa Pollard exclaimed

"Yeah I know," Andy Atwood responded.

"Miss, you're gonna need to come with me," the security guard said.

"OMG! This is harassment I'm gonna write a letter to the government and have them fire you." Marissa exploded.

"Fire you!" Andy said in the same monotonous tone.

Just then to transvestites rode through on a pink pony and a brown stallion.

"Hello! Never mind us. Just two ladies on ponies!" Serena Cohen said.

"Yes, just two ladies. That is what we are. Two ladies on a lovely horseback ride," Zena Stevens added.

"Eh eh eh!" Anna Stern mumbled as Sam and Kristen looked on and marvelled at her progress. (Anna was supposed to be handcuffing Marissa.)

"I'd love to see her work in the fire department," Kristen said and Sam nodded on in agreement.

Marissa Pollard was shrieking in protest as Luke pushed his friend Andy Atwood through the parking lot. Andy was pointing at cars that he wanted and being his usual selfish and disgusting self.

And so, another episode of Little Newport comes to an end. I've been told to read out the names of the people who have to pay me money now, Daffyd Nichol, Julie Devere, and Dennis Roberts. Good Lie!

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