Title: What my heart wants to say

Disclaimer: Idon´t own "That 70s Show" and the song lyrics belong to Gareth

Gates. The name of the song? Look at the title man.

A/N: Heard this song. Thought of Hyde and Jackie. Wrote fanfiction.

Paring: Jackie/Hyde.

"You're amazing

So amazing

Have I told you


You're my angel

Guardian angel

God knows I, I've been blessed with love"

He was not used to beeing loved, wasn´t used to having someone watch his back.

Not until she came and turned his life upside down.

She watched his back and thought him how to love.

If he believed in God he would say that he was blessed.

"But if I been gone tomorrow

Would you know how deep my loves goes?

Have I ever told you,

You´re the one?"

He wasn´t good with words. He had only told her that he loved her once, when he had

cheated on her. He knew that she hadn´t believed him and who could blame her?

He should tell her how he felt. Before it was too late. Before she left.

The world was uncertain. Who knew how much time one had at earth?

"If the words don't come my way

I hope you still know

I hope it still shows

If the words don't come my way

I hope you still know what my heart wants to say"

But he couldn´t get the words past his lips. He tried to show her how he felt and he hoped she understood what was in his heart.

"A love so tender

I surrender

to this feeling

so true

my affirmation,

my inspiration

Darling I, I´ve been blessed with you"

She was his inspiration, she was the one thing that made him want to become a better person.

He loved her. Oh God knew he loved her. More than everything, more than anyone.

Maybe there was a God. Because someone had given him an angel.

"But if I´ll be gone tomorrow

Would you know how deep my loves goes?

If I was gone forever

would you know how much I care?

That you make me feel like flying,

that I'm sailing on your ocean

That everytime you look at me

you see it in my eyes"

When he talked she listened, when they kissed she made it feel like coming home and when they made love it was like he was flying a little closer to heaven.

He should take of his sunglasses, let her see the feelings in his eyes. Let her see the things he couldn´t say.

That he loved her, that he cared for her. That she was everything he though he´d never have.

To let her know that he never leave her.That he would be there no matter what.

Let her know what he had known since the the very first kiss.

She was the One.

The End!

Hope you liked my first attempt at a songfic. Reviews a more than welcome.