Title: The Little Black Dress

Author: Girl Who Writes

Characters: Remus/Tonks

Format: Fic

Word Count: 300

Rating: PG

Summary: The little black dress was his downfall.

Author's Note: Written for the February 2 prompt at rtchallenge's (livejournal) February fic-a-thon. This was a picture prompt, of a woman in a black dress, fishnets and heels standing before a man. I hope you like it! Please review :)

The little black dress was his downfall. She walked into his room, whipped off her robes with a flourish that made Remus thankful she was wearing anything. And then he took a second look at her attire, and wondered if Fate (and Sirius) were somewhere laughing themselves silly.

"Nymphadora…" He said her name gently, but tiredly; they'd had this conversation, discussion, argument almost a dozen times, and her determination and carefully chosen words were starting to hurt.

She looked breathtaking, standing there in the silky black dress that was far, far too short to be worn for innocent intentions. And as his gaze travelled down her toned, stocking-clad legs and to the positively dangerous looking shoes, it took all of his self-control not to relieve her of the offending garments; eyeing the ridiculously low-cut neckline and the way the dress clung to her body, Remus wondered what sort of undergarments – if any – a woman would wear under a dress like that.

"Remus." Her tone of voice, too, was far too innocent to mean anything other than nefarious intentions.

It was official; wherever Sirius had ended up, he and James were probably pissing themselves laughing by now. The final prank of Remus Lupin was the painful and delightful presence of Nymphadora Tonks in his bedroom, clad rather indecently.

Maybe it wasn't the ridiculous attire – maybe it was the expression that was half playful and half embarrassed. Or the fact that even with her grown up clothes, she still had her lovely bubble gum pink hair. Whatever her intentions, she looked wonderful in that dress.

She gave him another evil smile, kicked off the shoes and took his book from his hands.

And she looked even better out of the dress.