More than Friends

Summary: Tenten's out to find true love. Tired of hearing her best friend, Hyuga Neji, talk about how easy it is to get a girl. Tenten says she can find someone special before he ever could. Neji doesn't know the first thing about love-all he knows about are hormones. It's about two best friends, Tenten and Hyuga Neji, who throughout their friendship have been mistaken for being in a not-so-platonic relationship. Then in the end they realize that there is something special about their friendship. Pairings: mostly Nejiten and at the end Sasu/Saku and maybe Shika/Ino.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Rated: PG


"Have you ever fallen in love Neji?" Tenten asked lazily while lying under a large tree and staring at the clouds go by.

"Of course I have. Could you even count How many girls have I've dated?"

"No, I mean Fall in love as in…Really in love, not just going out with one of your crazy fan girls." Questioned Tenten.

"'re right, maybe I haven't. But don't you worry, with my charm, I will soon!" smirked Neji.

"Oh really? Let's make a bet. If you could find someone special and fall in love with her before the senior prom, you win. And same goes for me, if I fall in love, I win."

"Fine deal! I don't need 2 months to fall in love, just give me 2 weeks; I'll find a girl who'll sweep me off my feet. Prepare to lose Tenten! U can't win against me, the most eligible bachelor in Konoha High School. Give up already!"

"Let's wait and see. Don't get too cocky Neji, you don't know the first thing about love at all. If you lose, you have to dye your hair yellow and walk around the school with a "I am a loser" sign on your back for a week."

"WHAT! NO, NEVER!" After thinking for a while, he said: "Ok FINE... I wouldn't lose anyway. So what if I win?"

"I'll do anything you ask me to."

"OK, I can't think of anything really bad right now. I'll get to you when I think of something. No backing out Tenten!"

"You got it."

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