More than Friends

Summary: Tenten's out to find true love. Tired of hearing her best friend, Hyuga Neji, talk about how easy it is to get a girl. Tenten says she can find someone special before he ever could. Neji doesn't know the first thing about love--all he knows about are hormones. But after weeks of dating misery, both are ready to accept defeat...until Neji suggests they date each other. Do friends really make better partners? Pairings: Nejiten and Sasu/Saku

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Rated: PG


Saturday 11th, Prom night.

I can't believe Neji and I have been dating for more than a month and we are going to the prom together! It seemed like just yesterday when we made that stupid bet. And actually, I'm glad we did. We found each other, and we found love. So did Sakura, although she and Sasuke still bicker non-stop. Can you believe that the two most eligible bachelors in Konoha High are now unavailable? Can you imagine the looks on their fan girls faces? Hearts were breaking everywhere. Sakura and I didn't have a good time with that neither. We had to endure glares and curses everyday. But we didn't care. I've never seen all four of us any happier…

"Tenten! Hurry, the guys are coming! I need help with my hair!" shouted Sakura from the bathroom.

"Ok, coming…" answered Tenten as she finished her last sentence in her diary.

Nothing else matters. Sakura and I are going to have a really good time tonight at the prom with our one true love!

"I look like a dork! Look at my hair!" wailed Sakura.

"You look fine! Come, I'll do your hair for you." Giggled Tenten.

At Neji's house…

Sasuke straightened up his tie. He looked over his black suit and navy vest in the mirror for the millionth time that evening.

"Are you sure I look fine?" He asked his best friend in confidence.

"I'm sure you don't look like a dork."Neji shook his head.

"No c'mon, stop being so vain. We need to pick up the ladies." Said Neji.

When the guys reached Tenten's house, they were swept off their feet by their girlfriends. It was true; Tenten was looking so beautiful in her green satin gown. Her hair wasn't in her usual bun. She had made it straight and sleek, making her look elegant and sophisticated. Sakura was in a colorful, flowy dress and her hair was curled which made her look like a princess. Tenten hadn't notice Neji staring at her as she, herself and Sakura were gaping at the guys. Neji was reveling in her beauty and how magnificently her dress fit her. It was a very "Tenten" dress and he decided to himself that he couldn't see her in anything but something like that. Both guys were looking so handsome in their tuxedo.

"Hey four eyes!" Every time Sasuke saw Sakura he would always start off the insults in this way, just to annoy her. She hated it. He loved it. As usual...

"Why can't you get it into your head that my name is SAKURA, you jerk!" She shouted.

"Excuse me getting your name wrong, SAKURA you JERK," he mocked.

With twinkling onyx eyes he gave a low bow that was the customary gesture of respect, which in this case, meant the opposite. Sakura whacked him and they started arm wrestling.

"Hey enough you two. We're going to be late!" laughed Tenten. Neji just shook his head and pulled Tenten along with him.

The group had arrived fashionably late for the Prom in Neji's BMW. Tenten was in awe of the entire school gym and how it seemed to shine. Neji asked her to dance and the two floated around the room while Sakura and Sasuke went their own way.

"Hey your dress looked like its going to split!" chuckled Neji.

Tenten laughed and punched him in the arm. "Stop that again!"

As Neji and Tenten danced through the night, they couldn't have imagined this being like this even a couple of weeks ago. His best friend who he thought he had known all of his life was now the love of his life. He shook his head, who would of thought? He still wasn't used to her new look, even when she wore her old sports clothes. She stopped hiding her lovely eyes behind the hideous spectacles and he couldn't help but stare at times. And then her hair, the beautiful brown tresses were no longer hidden in her bun. Rather, she let it fall in a sport like ponytail. She hadn't changed completely, thank god. She didn't wear dresses and wore skirts rarely. But when she did, oh what a sight. She was the perfect combination and he now understood her. He hoped. Tenten smiled up at him and caught him staring at her.

"What?" she said, arching a nicely plucked eyebrow. "Is there something on my face?"

"No," He said, and kissed her lightly upon her nose.

"Would you like to go outside for a walk?" Neji asked. "I know all the best places!" He winked at her.

Tenten blushed. 'I love when he does that.' She sighed to herself.

"Certainly." They left the room with the elaborate hanging angels to walk out into the balcony... only to see Sasuke and Sakura.

"Oops! I gather we weren't supposed to walk in on that!" Neji said.

The two broke apart and Sakura wiped her lips, her face dark red. She pulled Sasuke inside, embarrassed. Tenten laughed.

"It's nice to see them happy... and together." She smiled.

Neji led her down the stone steps and into a garden of elaborate roses and wines, ancient stone benches and man made waterfalls. She gasped as she took the entire sight in. It was amazing what the committee did for the senior prom. She never knew this part of the school looked so breathtaking before

"It's beautiful..."

"It was always my favorite place in this whole school. Neji sat on one of the stone benches and looked into the fountain. And I'm glad I can share it with you today Tenten. You look so beautiful."

"Thanks. You don't look too bad yourself." Said Tenten as she blushed.

"Are you over the reason why you hate dance and proms?" Neji asked, his eyes holding so many emotions over her.

"I'm starting to think I don't hate them so much anymore..." Tenten smiled.

"Why's that?" Neji asked.

"I've never told you why I actually hated dances and proms did I?"

"I don't think so..."

"Before I met you, when I was 14, this guy asked me to a dance. We were having a good time until that guy started to insult me for being a dork. It turns out that he and his friends were just making a bet to see if he could manage to make a "dork" fall for him. I was so embarrassed that night. Thank god after that I came to Konoha High. And I met you. And I totally forget about that incident."

"That guy is a loser!" Neji frowned.

"Because as much as I hated it for things that have happened in the past... I truly believe that being with you is the best prom night I have ever had." She held his hand.

His dark, azure eyes looked up at her. They stared at her full of love and trust.

"Tenten..." He smiled, "this is the best prom that I have ever had also."

Neji leaned over and kissed Tenten's lips softly. The two basked in the kiss. Tenten squeezed his hand affectionately. They both stared up at the full moon.

"Neji." Tenten whispered. "Is it okay if I love?"

"Only if it's okay if I love you too." He smiled.

Back to Sasuke & Sakura…

"Where is he?" Sakura thought as she scanned the room for her boyfriend. As she was turning into a small lane in order to take a shortcut she bumped into something or she soon realized a seemingly rock solid someone and fell on a pair of strong arms.

"Some people never change I guess," The man laughed, "Isn't that right SAKURA you JERK!"

"Of all people I had to fall on, it would be you," Sakura muttered angrily.

"I guess you can't help but being attracted to me silly school girl."

"I HATE you," she shouted.

"So you keep on saying." Sasuke said with a smirk.

Sakura folded her arms and said with a pout, "I do!'

"You know the saying four eyes," Sasuke stated. "Hate is a form of passion that you are trying to show me in order to conceal the fact that you actually love me."

She blinked with blushes beginning to cover her cheeks. Then she recovered.

"Oh really Mr. I know everything," Sakura snapped. "You are very wrong about that."

"Seriously, I cannot think of anyone crazy enough who would want to date a klutz like you." He continued.

"Why do you always have to annoy me! I hate you! I HATE YOU!" she said, a little louder than she expected and she stormed off to the lake outside the school.

"I really hate him! That annoying jerk!" muttered Sakura angrily to herself. As she sat down by the lake, she saw a girl walking towards her.

"Hey Sakura…"

"Hey Natalie."

"Erm..Someone asked me to pass this to you." Natalie said and she handed an envelope to Sakura.

"Thanks Nat."

"No problem, catch you later!"

"What's this," Sakura thought as she opened the letter.

'Dear Four eyes,

It is strange but I really feel I know you so well. It's probably due to the fact that we have been bickering all the time. I really feel comfortable with you and I do hope you're feeling the same way with me.

You are the only one who knows about my family background and I hope I haven't bothered you too much with that, but I just needed to talk to you about my parents. I just cannot let anyone see my distress as I am scared of rejection.

Probably I am a coward who can only face reality through letters ... but if so, I like that. I have gotten to know you, and that Sakura, I can tell you, is worth so much to me. I know this is a short letter, I'm not very good with words as you know and you probably don't think much of this. But I just want you to know that I love you always.

Love, your Jerk.

Sakura smiled to herself and she felt strong arms hugging her from behind.

With the moons reflection on the lake... Sakura looked like an angel to him.

As she noticed him staring at her she casually told him, "Do you realize another day has just gone?"

"Huh?" he asked feeling a little taken aback by that comment.

"Yes," She said, "It's past midnight."

The two of them were very close and Sasuke held her by the waist. Sakura could feel Sasuke's breath as well as he could hers. He cupped her face with his hands and approached his lips to her tempting ones.

They kissed.

"Happy Birthday Sakura," Sasuke whispered into her ear.

Sakura pulled away surprised while he chuckled.

"You knew all along, didn't you, you JERK ?" she asked accusingly and then hit him playfully.

"I will always be there for you Sakura, whether it is to annoy you or to love you," Sasuke said to her before taking her in his embrace and stating, "Always."

Sakura just smiled blissfully.

Back in the gym…

Everyone was back for one last final dance before the senior prom ends. Tenten had her head on Neji's shoulders and she was smiling happily. The look on Neji was like he was the happiest man on earth. Sakura and Sasuke were always holding each other closely and dancing slowly. As Sakura/Sasuke neared Tenten/Neji, Sakura whispered to Tenten.

"It looks like love was right under our noses afterall, Tenten."

Tenten smiled and said, "I couldn't agree more Sakura…" And the two happy couples continued dancing in each others arms with blissful looks on their faces...


THANKS FOR READING AND REVIEWING! I actually managed to write this up quickly tonight! Just some babbling..It's not that romantic or eventful but I hope you guys like it! THIS is finally the end of this story! I feel quite sad actually, I really enjoyed writing this! Thanks to everyone for your support! I WILL continue writing fanfics! So GOODBYE for now!