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An Unorthodox Relationship

Chapter One…

Quidditch Monthly Annual Best Players in the British League.

Here it is you mad Quidditch fans; the Annual Best of the Best. As voted by you – our loyal readers. There were a few surprises, and a few not so surprises. Ahead of the start of the season proper next month, we give you your list and their form going into this new and if some say what is destined to be the best season in a long time. It's an exciting draw, and with the World Cup coming up next year, players are wanting to impress the national selectors, so expect some thrills and more than a few spills.

Enough of that nonsense on with the list.

Don't howler us if your favourite isn't on the list. This list is voted by you and only you.


Weasley, Ronald; Keeper – Chudley Cannons.

An exciting prospect starting his third season; needs to control his nerves. When he is on – he is on! Hopefully news of his romantic entanglements won't distract him from his game.


2.Flint, Marcus; Chaser – Montrose Magpies

One of the finest – if not the finest chasers in the league. A near on certainty to be selected for the English World Cup squad. MM Best and Fairest 3years running.

1.Wood, Oliver; Keeper – Puddlemere United

Well it seems Wood has a strangle hold on this position having been number 1 for the last 2years. Ever since being promoted to the Senior squad 7years ago, he hasn't missed a game. And if a little owl that we at QM heard recently tipped to be Witch Weekly's Bachelor of the Year. But on the Quidditch side of things Wood is still in the best form of his career and with no sign of it letting up…

Marcus Flint through the magazine away in disgust. He needed a drink.

Bloody Wood.


Lavender's Whispers – All the juicy gossip this side of Hogsmeade…

…And finally a certain keeper for a fruity Quidditch team, was spotted out and about again with another player. Not a teammate – (HH). One wonders what happened to his other companion, his former golden lioness?…

Hermione Granger threw the Daily Prophet away in disgust, just when she thought it couldn't get any worse. What do you know? It did! She needed a drink.


He really didn't know what possessed him to go to this place. It had only opened a month ago, and was apparently the place to be seen. Plenty of single witches out looking for their latest victim. And if you happened to play Quidditch. Hello groupies.

If he wasn't pissed off enough. Who was there? Bloody Wood. The bane of his existence. Most popular player in the league. A real hit with the ladies. Surrounding him were his groupies and by the looks of it Weasley, Potter and other Gryffindors. How touching, he'd walked in on their reunion.

So after getting his drink from the bartender, he headed for a quiet table in the back.


Really, what was she thinking. Why did she come here? She should have just gone to the Leaky Cauldron. It was dark, it was somewhat quiet, and everyone would leave her the hell alone.

But she was here now, so here she would stay.

Ever since she and Ron had broken up 6months ago she didn't go out much. You could say she was still in shock. She was not expecting him to split up with her. They had been together for 4years, and he broke it off because he didn't want a commitment. Bloody asshole. It was safe to assume she was a little pissed off with Ron. Scared of commitment – that didn't stop him getting with that Seeker for the Harpies.

Oh crap.

They're all here. Even Harry – damn he saw me. Have to go and play nice. Oh look – there's the little tramp with her arm around him. Die you pricks.

Grabbing her drink Hermione made her way over to them.


Marcus hadn't taken his eye of the group on the other side of the room. Look at them so happy and joyful. Gryffindors. Merlin, if there was one thing in his life that he couldn't stand it was bloody Gryffindors.

Oh look, another one is joining the party. But she doesn't look so joyful or happy. Her clearly fake smile doesn't make it to her eyes. Nice eyes, she looks familiar.

Where have I seen her before? Ah Weasley's ex. Fool.

What's her name?

Look at Wood, put your tongue back in your mouth you idiot. Like she would look twice at you. Honestly Wood has no tact.

Grabbing a waitress, "Hey, can you tell me what her name is?" He asked her pointing her out.

"Her? She's Hermione Granger. I'm…" She tried to get his attention.

"Sorry, not interested." He got up and started making his way over to the Gryffindors.

Take this Wood. I'll get something you want for a change, then you can came second.

This is going to be perfect.


Well this is fun.

Hermione had been standing there for five minutes making polite conversation. When all she wanted to do was throw her drink on Ron's face.

She jumped when an arm went around her waist.

"Sorry sweetie I got held up. Groupies."

Hermione turned around in shock.

Who in blazes had put an arm around her.

She couldn't place him, but he looked familiar.

He leaned in and kissed her cheek, right next to her ear.

"Name's Marcus, play along." He whispered in her ear. She had no idea who he was but he was saving her from this hell on earth. So why not play along?

"That's okay Marcus. I was just chatting to some friends." Turning back around to her friends. "Well it was nice seeing you all again. Going to go…"

"Hermione what are you doing with him?" Harry demanded standing up.

"With who?" She asked puzzled.

"Marcus bloody Flint that's who!" Ron fumed, "He's a bloody Slytherin, and your going to go have a drink with him." Not believing that she would.

That's who he is! This was perfect.

Who would piss Ron of more than a rich, pureblood Slytherin? Easy answer no one.

"Of course I am, I believe I already have a father Ronald. And you aren't him. So if you'll excuse me." Turning back to Marcus, "Lead on Mr Flint. See you all later."

They walked off, leaving a gaping table of Gryffindors who couldn't believe that Hermione Granger, the Muggleborn queen of Gryffindor was going off willingly with one of those pureblooded Slytherins.

Ron was fuming that his ex-girlfriend was being like a tramp, one of those idiotic Quidditch groupies that hang around all the Leagues big players. She was obviously just trying to make him jealous.

Harry couldn't believe his eyes. This was not happening. How was he going to tell Ginny. Her and Mrs Weasley were still hoping that Ron and Hermione would get back together. This would not go down well.

Meanwhile Oliver was thinking how had Flint managed to snag Hermione. He had had his eye on her for a while and every since the break-up with Ron looked like a permanent one, he was thinking that now was his chance. But no Flint had to steal her away. Well Flint would stuff up and he would have to be Hermione's arm to cry on. He would make sure of that.


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