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An Unorthodox Relationship

Chapter Twelve

"Hermione," Molly urged, "You need to calm down and breath."

"Yeah," Hermione muttered, "That's what I need to do," she continued pacing around, "but I cant."

"Yes you can," Molly insisted, "Those people out there are your friends, and this place looks wonderful, you have absolutely nothing to be worried about."

"But what if they don't like it," Hermione said anxiously, "What if it is a complete and utter failure? What if I've ruined Mr Baxter'store? He'll never forgive me!" Hermione cried.

Molly moved her over to a chair to the side of the kitchen, sitting her down, "Hermione, love is Marcus here?"

"Yes," Hermione answered, "I think he's talking to some of his friends that he invited. Why?"

"Nothing," Molly said calmly, "I'll be right back," giving Hermione a pat on the shoulder, she exited the kitchen, going into the café area of the layout, scanning the crowd till she found who she was looking for.

Moving rapidly through the crowd she came up to him, "Marcus," Molly said, "I'm terribly sorry to interrupt, but I need your help right now," she urged.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Someone is in the kitchen having a little bit of a panic attack," Molly explained, "I think you will be the best person to calm her down."

Marcus nodded his head, "Sure," turning back to his friend, "I'll talk to you later Ade, matters to attend to."

"Sure thing buddy," he answered.

"Lets go," Marcus said to Molly, and he followed her into the kitchen.

Molly stepped to the side as she entered the kitchen, gesturing with her hand to the very nervous Hermione, who was only moments it seemed from passing out in a cold sweat.

Marcus moved over and crouched in front of her seat, "Hermione, love," he whispered, "What's wrong?" he asked taking her hands in his.

"What if this is a failure?" She whispered, "All those people, what if this is all a huge mistake, and Mr Baxterfires me? What will I do then?" She finished wiping her tears from her face with her fingertips.

"Hey, shush," Marcus said, "It's fine, really. Everyone out there is absolutely gushing about how wonderful it is, and Mr Baxter? If he's the man I think he is, right now he is telling all who will listen just how much he loves you and what you have done."

"Really?" She asked.

"Absolutely," he smiled, leaning forward and kissing her forehead, "Now you should go out there, after you clean yourself up. And listen to it all for yourself."

"Okay," she whispered, getting up, and squeezing his hands, "Thank you."

"Anytime love," Marcus answered.

"I'll just go to the bathroom, and I'll be right out," she said, before heading into the hallway off the kitchen.

Marcus got up off the floor, and turned to Molly, "That was interesting, I don't think I've ever seen her like that."

"She only gets like that very rarely," Molly explained, "But you handled it very well, better than I've ever seen anyone do it."

"Thanks, I think," Marcus said sheepishly, "I best get back out there," he said before moving past her.

Molly smiled to herself as she thought about all that she had seen between the two of them over the past few days, they fit so perfectly together, you would think they had been together for a long time, not just two weeks really. Amazing. Molly gasped, and then ran over to the stove as one of the pots boiled over.

The rest of the evening went remarkable well in Marcus' opinion. He stood by her side for most of the night, playing the role of dutiful boyfriend. For the first time in his life, he was more than happy to step back and let someone else have the spotlight.

He did admit that he was a little worried when Hermione' parents arrived. Mr Granger gave him no reason to be anxious. He and his wife seemed a lot like Hermione so it was only natural that he would like them. There are always going to be nervous feelings when you meet the parents for the first time. So it was a few nervous minutes for Marcus when he was first introduced, which increased tenfold when Hermione accompanied her mother into the kitchen so Mrs Granger could see Mrs Weasley.

Thankfully Potter came over and rescued him, seemed like Mr Granger liked Potter, so that took some of the strain of Marcus. Then Adrian seemed to slip over on something, spilling his drink, ending up with a big wet patch on his groin area, a juvenile prank at best, and he had no doubt who was behind it. He could see the Weasley twins in the other corner having a good laugh at it - it was pretty funny though. He may have been mistaken but Hermione slipped something into one of their hands a bit later, but she wouldn't have used them to get back at Ade for teasing her, would she?

When the shops owner got up to make a little speech, which really seemed to consist of him praising Hermione, saying how much he loved her, she looked like she was going to start crying. But she kept it together, and after had a little spin around the dance floor with Mr Baxter, and many of the other male guests. She saved the last dance for him though, and in his opinion she enjoyed it much more than the others. Which of course was a very good thing.

"I'm so tired," Hermione groaned, pulling off her heels, "And I hate these shoes, so bloody uncomfortable."

"Well they make your legs look real good," Marcus mused, sitting down in the chair opposite hers.

"Thanks," Hermione said smiling at him, "Did you have a good time tonight?"

Marcus scooted his chair closer to hers, "Yeah, your friends are alright, and I was pleasantly surprised when your father didn't try to kill me, scary man," he finished, lifting her feet into his lap and massaging them with his hands.

"Oh…that feels good," Hermione moaned, "Well Dad can come on a bit strong, and I think he just wanted to know if you are good enough for his little girl."

"Am I?"

"Are you what?" Hermione asked.

"Good enough."

"Honey you're perfect," Hermione said, pulling her feet of his lap, and climbing on to it, "You are everything I always wanted, I just never thought I would get it."

Marcus smiled at her, and leant forward and kissed her, hoping that he was conveying all he felt into that kiss.

Pulling back he closed his eyes, leaning his forehead on hers.

"Hermione…I…I…uh…I…fuck!" He cursed.

"What is it?" She asked worriedly, "What did I do?"

"Oh it's not you love," Marcus said quickly, "I just…I…I…god it's not supposed to be this bloody hard!"

"It's okay, I understand," Hermione said.

"You do?"

"Completely," she smiled, "I feel the exact same way, but you don't have to say it now…"

"I don't?"

"No, you will tell me one day when I'm washing your socks or something," she laughed, "It doesn't have to be some big moment, it will just happen naturally, and when it does happen it will be absolutely perfect."

"Okay," Marcus said, "We'll just let it happen."

"Yes we will," she said, settling down on his lap, "Right now what we have is more than enough."

Last night the Wizarding worlds 'it' couple, Marcus Flint and Hermione Granger stepped out together to celebrate the opening of her new venture, the pair of them were absolutely glowing, and as a friend of the pair, I was ecstatic to see them so happy. As were many of their other friends, here is what they had to say…

Harry and Ginerva Potter: We are both very happy for Hermione, it's time she found someone who appreciated her, and treats her like the wonderful woman she has become. And Marcus is a nice chap so we couldn't be happier.

Fred Weasley: Flint, if you are reading this. Hurt her and we'll hex your balls off. Permanently.

George Weasley: We mean it, she got enough of a ride from Won Won, so watch it buddy. Because we will be watching. All the time.

Adrian Pucey: Well this Hermione seems like an all right bird, and Marcus is me best mate, so if he's happy, I'm happy. Least she hasn't tried to hex me like his last bird, give her some points for that.

Mrs Molly Weasley: I'm glad that Hermione has found someone who is so good to her. After all the heartache that has befallen her in the last while, she deserves all that she has at the moment and more.

Mr and Mrs Granger: Mr Flint seems like a nice young man, much nicer than the…other one, we don't talk about him anymore…but as long as he treats her well, and makes her happy, we have no reason to complain.

The couple denied to comment directly to me, but it was plain to all that were in attendance last night, just how completed they have become. It was a joy to watch the couple so very much in love, and all of us here at the Daily Prophet, wish them well, in the future.

Lavender Brown...

The End.

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