Written while listening to the Piano Duet and Victor's Piano Solo on the soundtrack. Not necessarily a fanfiction, but it has some vague tie-ins. Just tell me what you think, please. Disclaimers.


Please step aside in the stillness of the church
Allow the melody of tears to decide my fate
My fingers move fast along the keys
High and low they go swift and slow
A haunting beauty it does possess
Bringing me to an unknown world of familiarity
Broken shards of light on the floor cut the darkness
Thousands of pieces
Thousands of sorrowful songs
Pains beyond this world of mine inside my head
Comfort to no extent of relief
Pale gray sunlight pouring in through the glass
Keep moving my fingers, dear imagination
Bring me to realize my part in this array of dreams
A seascape of endless tides and chords
Unchained and flowing one after the other
Played in slow then rise to the quick
Struck so softly with a forceful tune
Try to save me
Pray for me and my soul that cannot be reached by reality
Stained with impurities of the world of imagination
A world where the song plays on eternally in the background
Save me from its lure upon me
But don't stop its grace
Don't stop my despair or the feeling running through my veins
The melody alone is my savoir
Where it bounds me to content and eagerness
Where it shines on my face with not but a shadow on the other side
It fools me every time for its ever-changing
Always swaying in an unknown direction
Steering me with it without so much as a breath of air to push me
Light and free but imprisoned by this hymn of undying cruelty
My fingers are dancing unexpectedly on black and white
My heart is broken but not beating
Impossible is not a word in my song
In my creation
In my land of chaos and beauty
In my world ofrefrains that wrap tightly to a soul
Where everyone speaks a song
And your soul mate holds the harmony you've always searched for
To live in peace
Grasping hold of what is not there
Frantic to leave this bench but unwilling to stop
Unable to stop
One cannot kill such beauty as a psalm of guilt
A piece for the distraught
A tune that uplifts the spirit and awakens a soul
Butputs the mind at ease
Lovingly refreshing in its uncertainty
Writing with my open ear a song for all
Touching the basis of that utopia strange and inviting
Breathing out the butterflies we have trapped inside of us
And capturing the dreams doubt has overrun
But so enchanting a song still does no justice
It does not break the surface of the living
Living with a verse to trust in guidance with your own life
A balance of love and trust and betrayal
There is no good without evil
Hideous beauty cannot survive and fade
But it can still exist
Utopia can still belong to the beholder
This canticle of light
This aura of dreams
This theme of living death can still be heard in the back of our minds
Playing infinitely and mercilessly over and over three times more
Seducing a feeble mind
Bringing its guard down until they see the garden
Until they are condemned to play the song for all time
Condemned to hear its haunting lay forever
But blessed to know it is there


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