Title: Lucid Consequences
Author: DeityOfDeath
Archive: Yes please...
Pairings: Lucius/Harry/Snape
Category: Drama, romance, slash
rating: NC-17/R
Spoilers: Maybe.
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SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned!

Chapter 1: Silent Lucidity

Of all the stupid, moronic, idiotic, dangerous and possibly even deadly things I could do this was the highest on the list and possibly one I would never live to regret. Even now as I find myself watching the many Death Eaters making their way in and out of this old seemingly abandoned building I feel nothing. Okay, I feel something but it isn't the fear I should feel. Perhaps all that has happened has made me nutters. Nutters...that's something Ron would say.


Ron was now trapped inside this building. He and Hermione both and all those left at the order wanted to wait, wait and see, wait and think of plan, wait while my best friends who have been there for me through thick and thin are being tortured and possibly they just might be dead. They're not the only ones. It seems that the Death Eaters are going for the people I hold most dear and even those I called I friend and allie. First my parents, next Cedric, then Sirius, and then Dumbledore and now they not only have my two friends but the girl who has stolen my heart and thoughts, Ginny Weasley.

I have to do something. I know it's most likely a trap and I know that giving me over to them won't solve anything but I am who I am. I can't sit back and lucidly wait for my friends and girlfriend to be rescued. So I go into danger lucidly. I guess neither is a great idea but at least I feel I am doing something if I am here now.

I shudder to think such dreadful things. Keep your thoughts positive Harry! Don't let the pessimistic attitude of those at the order bring you down. Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley are grieving and heart broken for their missing son and daughter. Knowing them, they were just as distraught about Hermione.

As I stand in this alley in the dark I watch as a lone hooded figure walks toward my alley for the second time and this time I see no one around. It is my one chance. As he nears me I extend one hand from my Invisibility cloak and aim it carefully just as the mans bulk covers the entire alley way I whisper "Stupefy" and watch as the figure falls to the muddy and dirt cobble ground of the alley way. I quickly grab his arms and pull him to the back of the alley before stripping him of his cloak and mask and then quickly slip both on over the invisibility cloak, letting only my hands and feet show. I manage to tuck the invisibility cloak inside my pants and sleeves to keep it from slipping down. It wouldn't do to have my legs and hands suddenly become invisible at an in-opportune time.

I stood and walked at the same pace I observed the guard doing until I had reached the inside of the doorway to an old rickety hide out. A guard also covered head to toe by cloak and mask asked for the password and I grinned knowing full well the other couldn't see it as I replied with "Agkistrodon Piscvoorus".

An appropriate password if you were Slytherin and one that was hard to discover. I have the twins' extendable ears to thank for the password.

The man nodded and let me through with a nod. I walked past well kept halls with various portraits and paced around looking for any place they would have most likely kept prisoners. Common sense would say that in a house like this the only appropriate place to keep prisoners would be the basement or cellar so that's where I headed.

Luck was always fickle. I was either extremely lucky or extremely unlucky. Extremely lucky meaning I had once again survived a near death experience and extremely unlucky meaning I was going to be tortured, have someone I love tortured, having someone I know and/or love killed or myself being on the end of the killing curse and if I had ANY luck I would be killed right away without the nasty business of torture.

"Hey, you!" I felt a chill make its way up my spine and turned around to face the source of an all too familiar voice.

There stood none other than the greatest git and bane of my existence, Severus Snape. He was clad as he always was, in the same thick black robes with his shoulder length black hair greasy and unkempt which was most likely due to an excessive amount of time spent in a non-ventilated room slaving over a boiling cauldron making the many potions he seemed to excel at. He had an almost tired expression across his face along with his usual scowl. I hated that scowl and I hated him. He was the one who killed Dumbledore. Some defended him and yet I couldn't. I knew he was in the order and I knew Albus held him in high esteem but they didn't see Severus turn his wand against his protector and father like figure. I had. I had seen it and I was desperate to show Professor Snape how I feel. I had to contain my feelings. Now was not the time to cause a ruckus.

"Go down to the basement where the prisoners are and keep an eye on them!"

What luck! Luck with me tonight! Let's just hope it's not feeling fickle. Or perhaps it wasn't luck at all. Perhaps it was a trap. Or perhaps it was merely coincidence but there was a look in Snapes eyes that told me it wasn't. His look said what he couldn't or wouldn't, "Don't fuck this up Potter".

I nodded and said in the roughest and thickest voice I could manage, "Yes."

I saw the door where he had pointed as he spoke and made my way over to it. I opened it and closed it behind me as I stepped down the first of many steps. I counted as I made my way down them. Thirteen. How cliché can you get? Thirteen. An unlucky number for an unlucky mission.

At the bottom of the steps I was amazed to actually see a small set of cells. There weren't many, just three and they were pretty small. There was no copper smell of blood nor any other bodily fluid much to my relief and in upon walking closer I saw Hermione and Ginny huddled together in the very first cell looking very scared and miffed at the same time but there seemed to be no bodily harm beyond a few bruises and scratches. Thank Merlin for small blessings. I then looked in the next cell and saw it was empty but in the next and last cell down stood a very pissed Ron Weasley. I saw he had a few more bruises than the girls but he too seemed in good health. I had no time to spare.

I took out my wand and watched Hermione and Ginny's eyes grow wide but they're faces showed defiance. I aimed my wand at the lock to their cell and whispered "Alohomora"" and watched as the cell door popped open. I then slid the mask off and tossed it to Hermione before running to Ron's cell and said the same spell causing the door to swing open. Ron opened the door and wrapped his arms around me in a bone crushing hug.

"Blimey mate! Am I ever happy to see you!"

"Save the hugs for later, Ron." I said smiling as I slid off the Death Eater robe and handed it to him. I then tugged the ends of the invisibility cloak out from under my clothing and tossed it to Ginny.

"I want you two to use the cloak to get out of here. Ron and I will trail you in the Death Eater get up."

Hermione tossed Ron the mask and then looked pointedly at me, "How in the world are you both supposed to get out of here with one DE robe and mask?"

I stared at her and almost laughed at such an obvious question, almost laughed because I hadn't thought that far.

"You haven't thought that far have you", Stated and exasperated Hermione.

I shrugged and looked towards the stairs, "If someone sees us on our way out I'll just pretend to run from Ron and have him shout the alarm that Harry Potter's somehow managed to get inside."

She sighed and took my answer. We didn't have time to mull over other possibilities. Hermione and Ginny donned the Invisibility cloak and climbed the stairs with Ron not long after and me trailing behind. We had made it up the steps and were to the door I had entered through earlier where Ron opened it and stepped out followed by Hermione and Ginny who remained unseen. Just as the guard was about to say something Ron and Ron was about to make a move to silence him I watched as Lucius Malfoy walked towards the door. I hid in the shadow of the doorway still unseen by the guard and yet so close to freedom. Ron kept walking and I hoped that Hermione and Ginny were ahead of him and almost out of harms way. Lucius continued approaching and when I saw Ron get a safe distance where he could apparate I ran from my hiding spot as fast as I could and unfortunately wasn't fast enough when I heard a whispered "Crucio".

It felt like my entire body was being broken apart inch by inch and then squeezed. I fell to the ground where I convulsed in the dirt until everything went black.

To Be Continued...

I'd like to applogize in advance for any mistakes or OOC. This is my FIRST HP fic ever.


"Agkistrodon Piscvoorus" is the Latin name for the Cottonmouth. It is a poisonous snake that habitats marshes, streams, lakes and swamps. Its venom is Hemolytic, meaning it destroys red blood cells. It is an extremely dangerous species.