Title: Lucid Consequences
Author: DeityOfDeath
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Pairings: Lucius/Harry/Snape
Category: Drama, romance, slash
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Chapter 25: I- am smiling next to you, in Silent Lucidity

"Yes, we'll end up in Madam Rosmerta's and I believe you know a way into the building from there," said Sev smirking.

"Yes, but you can't prove that."

Lucius said quick cleaning spells and I dressed Ciaran and cradled him in my arms as we stepped into the fire place.

I stumbled out of the fire place and would have crashed into the crates of packed Butter beer if it hadn't been for Madam Rosmerta herself.

"Trying to kill your self and your son? I should swat Severus and Lucius atop their thick heads for letting you travel first through the floo with a babe in arms and no one there to spot you. Lucky for you I needed more Butter beer."

"He's the one who should be swatted. The overzealous Gryffindor that he is didn't think before stepping into the fire place and flooing before we could say anything," said Sev as he delivered a nice stinging swat to my bottom.

"Save it for the bedroom Severus, I will not have that sort of thing going on in my store room," said Madam Rosmerta as she bustled out of the nearest door and we followed after. We walked out into the hustle and bustle of the bar and heard shouts of greeting. I nodded and held Ciaran tightly in both arms as I walked towards the exit and entrance to the building.

"Stop by later boys! I'd like to see the new edition when it's not as busy in here, "shouted Rosmerta as she poured liqueur into two glasses at once.

We exited Madam Rosemerta's and walked around Hogsmeade for a while before I decided that I did not want to drag Ciaran through my secret passage and instead had Lucius hail a carriage. We all got in and I got to enjoy a nice ride even with Ciaran being a bit fussy.

"What's wrong with Ciaran? He's been fussy the past few days," asked Draco as he leaned over and felt Ciaran's forehead and then grabbing a tiny hand.

"I think he's teething. It's a very painful thing to go through and it's better to go through it now then later."

"Is that why his teething ring is in the freezer," asked Lucius.

"Shit! I completely forgot about it. I'll see if Poppy has anything that can help."

"I'll check my potions books. There should be something in one of them," said Sev smiling at Ciaran.

Ciaran busied himself knawing on my knuckles and more then voiced his displeasure of their loss when we arrived at Hogwarts.

We all stepped out of the carriage and made our way through the archway leading into Hogwarts and after walking up a few steps and walking down two hallways we came to the Health wing. Draco smiled and knocked on the door politely.

"Come in, come in," called Poppy's familiar voice, which sounded far away.

We walked into the room and passed empty beds in search of the med witch.

"Where are you Poppy," called out Draco.

"Ah Draco, it's you. I'll be out in a minute. I'm going through my supplies so I know what to stock up on. I hope Severus returns because I need to replenish my supply and I don't want to trust another wizard with the health of my students."

Sev seemed to stand a little straighter and a hint of pride and a lot of happiness shone in those ebony pools.

"We shall see, Poppy. I shall discuss it with my husbands," called out Sev in a semi-amused voice.

"Severus?" Poppy leaned out and peered from around the doorway of her closet and gave a surprised gasp when she saw us all gathered there.

"Oh sweet Merlin! Harry, Lucius and little Ciaran as well! What brings you all here?"

"Draco kindly told me that you were going to be his midwife and mentioned that he had an appointment and asked if I would like to come with. Seems I might need similar services."

She stared at me for a moment before realization dawned on her and her eyes lit up, "Pregnant? Already? Didn't you get back from Auror training? How in the world did you go through training pregnant? No. Never mind. I don't want to know. If I know too much I'll rant and Merlin knows you've heard my rants too often and probably know them by heart."

She had her hands fisted on her hips and after taking a breath she looked over at Ciaran and held open her arms smiling. I shook my head smiling as I passed him over. She took one look at him, felt his head and tutted.

"I think he's teething. Is there anything you can give him?"

She hugged him close and walked towards her storage closet. She went in and the sound of bottles clanking resounded in the nearly silent room and then she returned carrying two bottles.

"This is a mild pain reliever that has a slight numbing agent. It should help, just dip a candy cane or some sort of candy in it and have him suck and gum it. Baby's are pickier than you Harry but the candy should help."

She reached into her apron pocket and pulled at a blue and green candy cane and opened one of the bottles dipping the candy cane into it. She then walked over and held it for Ciaran to see and put it near his mouth. He immediately opened and started gumming it with a fierce tenacity.

"That should help. Take these home with you and keep them stored in a dark place so that they'll keep well. Stop at Honey Dukes on the way home as well. I believe they also carry some treats that should help. Now, while I examine Draco and Harry do you two wish to stay or would you like to go talk to Headmistress McGonagall?"

Sev and Lucius looked at Draco and me before looking at each other and then nodding.

"We'll stay for now. I wish to see my grandchild and learn what my son is having and I'm pretty sure that both Sev and I are in agreement that we want to know how our new child is doing and if we might inquire as to who the father is," said Lucius.

Poppy smiled and nodded. She walked over and handed a now quieter and more calmed Ciaran to Lucius, "Follow me Draco."

She led Draco to a curtained enclosed area and patted the bed, "Hop on up."

Draco did as told and let Poppy run the basic check up spells, making sure that he was healthy and then she began doing spells to check on his unborn child. She smiled and asked Draco to lie back as she ran her wand over his growing abdomen.

"All looks well. Would you like to know the sex," asked Poppy.

"Yes please. I despise surprises and it would help when gathering clothes and decorating the baby's room," said Draco smirking.

Poppy said a few words in Latin and the wand glowed a lovely shade of light blue, "Congratulation's Mr. Weasley. You and Charlie will be having a baby boy."

"Just one right? I would hate to be surprised with a Forge," asked Draco sitting up and straightening his clothes.

"No Draco, no twins. At least not this time."

Draco grinned and hopped down.

"Your turn Harry."

I walked over and hopped up onto the bed and allowed her to do her check up of my health and noted how many times she frowned.

"Well...you're healthy but I would like you to put on some more weight. I'm sure the food during training wasn't very appetizing and probably not very filling but you should have eaten everything they gave you. I know you probably didn't know you were pregnant so I won't say anything other than to let Sev and Lucius fatten you up. Also, drink lots of milk and if need be take vitamins. Now lay back please."

I nodded and lay back, trying not to let my nerves get the best of me as she waved her wand around and smiled, "Your child is healthy and I think that we have Voldemort to thank in part for that. I believe he made your magic stronger when he attacked you as an infant and caused your own powers to grow even more. Basically you're powerful enough to use even the most advanced magic and still be able to protect your child."

"How come I didn't come across this when I was pregnant with Ciaran?"

"How often did you use your magic when you were pregnant with Ciaran?"

I thought about that and realized that during most of my pregnancy I hadn't needed to use my magic more than three or four times and I vocalized those thoughts.

Poppy nodded and then turned to look at my stomach which was just beginning to show a slight bump, "Now let's see who the father is."

She waved her wand and chanted in Latin and after a moment a coat of arms appeared and after having seen Lucius' I knew that it wasn't the Malfoy coat of arms.

"I'm guessing that's the Snape coat of arms," I said as I turned my head to look at Sev who smiled at me warmly and nodded.

"Congratulation's Sev!"

I watched as Lucius embraced Sev one handed careful of Ciaran who still lay hung in his arms.

"I might be able to tell you the sex. Would you like to know," asked Poppy.

"Sev might but I would prefer it to be a surprise."

Sev shook his head, "I can wait. We've only six more months to wait."

I smiled and sat up hugging Poppy, "Thank you Poppy!"

"No thanks needed. Now go see Minerva. I believe she's in need of new teachers and the three of you might be needed. I know that Mrs. Granger has already accepted her apprenticeship."

"What's she going to teach," asked Draco surprised.

"I believe she's taking over for Professor McGonagall. Now that she's become Head Mistress we're going to need a new Transfiguration teacher."

I smiled and turned to walk towards the exit and then realized that I might not know the password to the Headmasters office. Would it still be some sweet treat or would Professor McGonagall change that tradition. I felt myself grow sad and I tried to slap on a smile and hid how I was feeling.

"Could you tell us the password?"

Poppy turned to me and gave a soft sympathetic smile, "old blue eyes."

I smiled and nodded as we said our good byes and headed to the Headmasters Office.

Draco decided to wait for us in the dining hall since he was feeling a tad bit hungry. The rest of us made our way to the Head Mistresses office.

I found myself in the office I had known since I was in my first year at Hogwarts. A few things were different and one of those things was the new portrait of Professor Dumbledore on the wall. He smiled and nodded a greeting to each of us as we entered and I saw that twinkle in those blue eyes that I would always remember. A twinkle of mischief and happiness and not the dull and pain filled ones I had seen in his eyes before he had died.

"I believe that Molly has informed you of what Severus and I have discussed," asked Professor McGonagall as she sat down in a large chair behind a large desk.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"For Merlin's sake! Call me Minerva. I'm offering you a job Harry. Depending on your answer you could soon be a co-worker."

I smiled, "Yes, Minerva."

"So...I have 3 jobs available and I believe that you three are all available to teach. The first opening is of course Potions; the second position is none other than our 'cursed' Defense against the Dark Arts and our last is Apparition. I know all your strengths and even though I know you're all capable at each I shall let you decide which ones you want to teach. Severus I know that you were given the right to teach Defense against the Dark Arts before Albus passed away and if you want it it's yours but we will be in search of a Potions Professor."

I stared at Sev for a moment and saw apprehension cross his features.

"I don't think parents will approve of a Death Eater teaching their children, especially one who killed the Headmaster."

Minerva pursed her lips and before sitting up straighter and then smiling, "They'll have to deal with it. I will no other fill your position. You're gifted at both potions and the dark arts and any fool can tell you're the best for the position. Everyone knows how close to Dumbledore both of us were and if I am backing you then others will back my decision."

"I don't want to drag down your reputation or that of the school Minerva."

"Oh, pish posh! Hogwash and codswallop! I don't care what others think of me or this school. They can take it or leave it for all that I care."

We all smiled at that.

"You have convinced me Minerva. I shall return to the job of Potions Professor," said Sev with a sideways grin.

"And you two," she asked giving us a hopeful smile.

"Well I'm afraid I must decline for this year Minerva."

She looked a disappointed and shocked, "Whatever for?"

I placed my hand on my stomach and felt my cheeks warm, "Seems we're expecting yet another member into our slowly growing family."

She gave a look of genuine surprise and stood up coming around to embrace me in a big hug, "Congratulations Harry. So, who's the lucky father this time?"

"That would be me," said Severus grinning almost devilishly.

"Congratulations all of you! So, how far along are you?"

"Only two months. Seems my pregnancy caused quite a bit of problems for me while I was at Auror training. Not that I'm surprised that something like that would happen, my luck and all being an active factor."

She smiled and patted both Lucius and Sev on the backs, "Well it looks like you can have the Defense against the Dark arts position Lucius if you'll have it."

Lucius grinned and nodded, "I'll take you up on that Minerva, at least until Harry can take over the position. I am not suited for teaching plus I have big plans for the Ministry."

"What plans?"

"It seems while you were away Lucius and Arthur have become quite the odd pair of friends and it seems both are planning a big renovation and change in management for the Ministry. With Lucius' backing Arthur can be Head Minister in less than a year. I believe Lucius teaching could be very good publicity."

I was genuinely surprised. Away for one month and the whole world turns topsy turvy.

"Well it's all settled then. Do me a favor Lucius and ask Arthur to send his most capable teachers for Apparition this year."

"Will do Minerva. We'll see you..."

"Oh, yes! We'll have your quarters prepared and ready for you and your family in the very last week of August. The school doesn't open until September third."

"We'll see you then Minerva."

She smiled brightly and watched us leave the office.

To Be Continued...

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