Chapter 14: Of Curious Lions and Vicious Snakes


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"Castle to D4," Harry watched his little castle slide to the aforementioned position. "Check."

Ron smirked in a way that reminded Harry of the Dom no doubt waiting for him to come out of hiding. "Bad luck that mate. At this rate the game'll be over in a matter of seconds."

Harry smiled at him. He was having an increasingly difficult time focusing on he game to really put much thought into any sort of strategy. Ever since biting Draco, and running off this niggling feeling had crept into his pores. The longer he stayed the worse it got. Before coming into the commons he'd managed to retract his claws, but his fangs would not fully retract. Harry had to wonder if this feeling had anything to do with his fleeing.

"Harry?" Ginny came up behind him and he smiled a tight-lipped smile at her. "Are you ok? You're sweating a lot and twitching." Her soft brown eyes looked at him concernedly, and consequentially gained the attention of the rest of the common room.

"He's fine Ginny. That bond between him and Malfoy must be stretched to far. They can't be too far apart else complications arise. We just need to go and find Malfoy."

Ron snorted, "It wouldn't surprise me if the Ferret stretched it on purpose."

"It doesn't work like that Ron. Stretching a bond like what we assume Malfoy and Harry have would hurt them both. Malfoy's a Slytherin, why would he hurt Harry when he gets hurt as well." Neville's voice whispered through the room, just as the trio stepped through the portrait. The wall slammed and the common room silenced, and all turned to the usually twitchy boy sitting in the corner of the room.

"Neville? What did you mean by that?" Seamus came and perched on the arm of the recliner Neville perched upon.

"W…what? Malfoy couldn't gain anything if by hurting Harry he in turn hurt himself."

"No not that!" cried a glossy lipped Lavender Brown. "You said 'Stretching a bond like we assume Malfoy and Harry have'. What did you mean by that?"

"Yeah Nev, what do you know that the rest of us don't?" Seamus slapped Neville on the back. "Cough it up!"

"I…um… that is… on the train…"

"Yes…" The whole common room was on the edge of their seats eagerly listening for some juicy gossip involving their favorite hero and his enemy. Neville – not being used to such a large audience began sweating profusely under their scrutiny.

"I'm s...sorry! I can't i…it wasn't any of m…my business and its n…none of yours either." Neville got up out of his seat and shook off the grasping hands not willing to take no for an answer. Making his way to his dorm, Neville sighed and mentally prepared himself for the verbal on slot he would have to endure the rest of the night from disgruntled roommates. It was a good thing Neville valued Harry's friendship.

Nothing could describe the feelings that Harry was encompassing as he was dragged down toward the dungeons. There was elated joy at the thought of being near his mate, and then cold chilling fear at the thought of his previous actions. What would the dominant decide to do for his manipulation? Would he himself duel out the punishment, or would he subject Harry to the pleasure of others like the books had said? He let out an involuntary whimper at the thought of his dominates rejection. His feet kept moving on their own violation though, despite his knees desperate plea to give out.

" It's ok Harry. We're almost here." He looked up. Dark grey stone surrounded them and the musty smell of mildew ensnared his senses—the dungeons. There was no sign of his mate though and he visibly slumped. He didn't even notice as Hermione banged on the Slytherin common room, nor when he was ushered inside after a nasty yelling match. Hands traded him off and his eyes went out of focus. Green and silver blurs engulfed his vision spinning around him until he didn't know up from down.

A dull banging could be heard in the distance, beating to the ache in his chest cavity. It was almost like he was shutting down. He felt the fall more than the floor when he was viciously shoved from behind, the lack of air when he was pummeled in the gut, the shake of the explosion more than the rocks that smashed onto his small frame. The dominant's lack of presence was detrimental to his physical being. Then it was as if the ocean inside his head ceased to be and the world became sound again. A warm feeling spread through his abused body and the all conscious thought faded into black.