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My 17-year old sister Tina wrote this story on my laptop while I was out for a couple of minutes. Didn't notice what she'd done until several days later, when I found this mysterious document in my computer that I really couldn't remember writing… After scolding her, I discovered that the 'story' was actually quite funny… at least, that's what I thought. I don't really believe that she thought I'd translate it into English and then post it on the internet, but I'm doing it anyway. But don't worry, I've told her. And I'm writing a couple of TMNT stories myself, though it might take a while before I post them – I have an X-Men Evolution story to finish, and there's always school…

All the Little Turtles and their Godforsaken Day in the Park

One day, Splinter put on his Sunday dress and made a dramatic, drastic and dramaturgic decision.

"My sons! We shall go to the park and feed unfamiliar ducks! Except for those that smell of booze, they're not good moral examples."

And the maladjusted turtles without lives thought that the giant rat's suggestion was as good (or bad) as anything else. So they all dressed up in doctor's coats and wandered in an asymmetric row to the park.

The ducks in the park looked swarthy and dangerous – they were smoking fat cigars lying on the shore. Every now and then, some of them said 'quack' in a deterrent tone. Michelangelo panicked and jumped up into Leonardo's muscular arms. Right then, a nonconformist passed by and started to preach for them both about the word 'gaj' and about cancer tumours. Donatello wanted to analyze interesting duck's faeces but got eczema and had to take a break and think over his life. Raphael had a heart- and/or vessel disease and kept lying down. Splinter started to regret his mysterious idea but then discovered that he had much in common with the nonconformist and converted to Jehovah's witnesses. Because of Michelangelo's and Leonardo's exhibited homosexual tendencies, they were executed on the spot and then the pious made their way home to confess their sins and to prepare for the destruction of the world.

And that's how their pointless day in the park ended.


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