Them Gorgeous Things

Author's Note: Ugh. I can't think of anything to write on a serious topic! Seriously, it's like I'm brain dead when I try to think about it. Funny thing is, I've seen every North American episode and STILL nothing's coming up. It took me two years to come up with a Buffy parody, so.. I'll do a Threshold parody.

dtfrancis15uk came up with an interesting subject; does Molly ever wear the same thing twice? Well, here's the answer! (sorta). More or less a fan-based answer. I give him credit for this idea, since I couldn't have come up with it on my own. I still find it a funny idea though. Everything's wildly exaggerated; would you really believe Molly would act like this to old clothes? Come on..

"I've worn that, I've worn that.. Nuh-uh, not wearing that.. Hm, what will I wear today?"

That was the biggest question Molly Caffrey asked herself that morning. She had a tendency to over compensate for her uneventful love life by buying loads and loads of clothing (none of them in the bargain bin, no no); her whole closet was filled with unworn pants and nicely-pressed shirts. She usually just threw what she'd worn before in the trash, left it to rot in her wardrobe, or donated it to a charity. Her poor credit card; it was maxed out.

That's what I get by going into goverment work, she thought, shifting through her clothes. I deal in worst case scenario's and my pay check bites; yeah, I so picked the right career to go into.. Genius, Molly, genius.

Risking your life AND not having enough money to buy pretty clothes? She got by, though; she never wore the same thing twice in a row.

"So, what will it be, what will it be? Nice green top with black, denim pants? No, that's out of character. Red top with the denim pants? That'll make me look tarty.. Hm. I can't go to work in what I'm wearing; Ramsey will have a field day teasing me about my nighty-whitey, so that's a no-go. Hm.. What WILL I wear today?" She boggled her mind some more before selecting a low-cut, black top, a nice, ringed belt and a pair of kaki pants. Lovin' that look, she thought.

She scampered off to take a quick shower, rubbed her curly, brownish-black hair dry and sat on her bed while thinking on what shoes she could wear to work.

"Well, I've worn the nighty-whitey, so.." Molly took out a boxcutter and shredded the garmet to bits, making sure that each slice was cut into individual pieces. With that, she threw the remainder of it into the trash and hunched down on all fours to overlook her shoes.

"Hm, what shall I wear? I've worn that, I've worn that.. Nuh-uh, not wearing that.. Hm, what shoes will I wear today?"

She selected a pretty pair of black loafers and put them against her clothing. Nope, those wouldn't work. She grabbed a pair of tan high heels and tested them against her kaki's. Nope, those wouldn't work either. Finally, she parted her rows of shoes and found what she'd been looking for.

"Oh yeah, these'll look great." She stepped into them and admired her pretty appearance in the mirror.

"Looks like I'll have to burn them afterwards.. But they're so pretty.." She smiled down at them. "Yeah, these babies are getting toasted."

Her new to do list; buy another pair of shoes.