Title: Déjà Vu Moment In The Afghan Mountains

Authors' Names: Carol & Michi

Rating: GS - IM15

Classification: Harm & Mac / Romance

Spoilers: The season 7 episode 'In Country' but other than that, nothing that would really matter. This story happens after 'In Country' and before 'Enemy Below'

Disclaimer: JAG and its characters are the property of Bellisario Productions, CBS, and Paramount.

Summary: Harm, Mac and another journey through the Afghan mountains…

Beta-work: A huge thanks goes out to our beta-god Witchy V!

Feedback: Always welcome, very encouraging and for sure appreciated…



May 16, 2002

Outside Kandahar


3:56 PM

"Harm stop," Mac commanded as they drove through the desert landscape. They were driving for hours and so far they came across nothing but sand, dust, frightened animals and even more sand.

"Why?" Harm replied while he kept driving on. He quickly glanced at Mac who was looking around, obviously searching for something. "Do you see something?"

Mac took a nervous breath and slowly shook her head. "No. Nothing. But I've got this feeling."

Harm once more glanced at her and raised an eyebrow. "The 'wish I wasn't here'-feeling or the 'uh oh, we're in trouble'-feeling?" He wanted to know and asked with a more or less neutral voice, not knowing how to read Mac's behavior at the moment.

"The last one," Mac retorted semi absently just to let a shiver follow. "Will you stop, please?" She once more asked with a slight tremor in her voice.

Harm saw her shivering and could hear in her voice that something obviously wasn't okay. Therefore, he lightly stepped on the break and the Humvee slowly came to a stop. "Okay, what's wrong, Mac?" He asked her in worry while shutting off the engine of their vehicle.

"Do you see anything out of the ordinary?" Mac looked around at the still desert landscape, the upcoming darkness making it nearly impossible for her to discern anything around them.

Harm sighed and started to look around as well. "That sand over there looks just like the pile over there," he told her half jokingly. "Quite frankly, the only thing that looks out of the ordinary here is us," he finished his statement as the distant sound of fighter planes could be heard overhead.

Mac followed the sound with her eyes and her face suddenly paled. "Mac, what's wrong?" Harm asked her once more as she took some calming breaths. "Mac?" He put his hand lightly on her left shoulder to give it a squeeze, hoping to get a reaction from her.

"We need to get out of here," she quickly told him.

Harm shrugged and took his hand from her shoulder. "Okay," he replied while starting the engine again.

Mac quickly touched his hand and shook her head. "No, not in the Humvee." She reached into the back and grabbed her pack.

"What?" Harm looked at her perplexed. "What do you mean? Why not in the Humvee?"

"Move, Harm!" Mac ordered in a voice that didn't leave any space for questions as she jumped out of the vehicle and buckled on her pack.

Harm shook his head in disbelief and watched her. Then he grabbed his pack and got out of the Humvee as well, even so he didn't understand what was going on here.

Mac started to walk away from the vehicle and Harm started to follow her. "You want to tell me what the hell that was about?" He asked while trying to catch up on her. "Why do we have to leave the Humvee behind?" Harm wanted to know but got no answer from her in response. "Mac!" He called after her, seeing that she started to quicken her steps.

Suddenly the sound of the fighter planes came back, this time a bit louder and much, much closer. Harm looked up and noticed that the planes were Tomcats. The planes got even closer and Harm at once saw when the missile broke away from the leader. "Holy shit," he muttered. "Mac!" Harm screamed, trying to her attention.

"I know!" Mac just said while they both started to run towards a ridge wall. They were about twenty feet away from the ridge wall when the missile hit their Humvee. The explosion rocked the ground and at once sent Harm and Mac towards the ridge. They rolled to the ground while pieces of debris landed around and onto them.

A few seconds passed before Harm slowly rolled onto his back with a groan, letting his mind locate any injuries on his body, just to find nothing alarming. He quickly took a glance over at the ball of fire that was once their Humvee. Then he brushed off the dust on him before he slowly let his eyes wander. "Mac!" Harm softly called her name, looking to his right just to see her about six feet away from him. She was lying face down in the sand and didn't move.

Harm slowly scrambled to his feet, ignoring the wave of dizziness that passed through him. "Mac!" He ran to her as far as his groggy body was letting him and carefully rolled her onto her back. He could see that there were some scraps on her face and that her arm was bleeding, but as far as he could discern there was nothing broken. "Thank god," he murmured to himself in relief and exhaled a breath he didn't know he was holding before lightly touching her face. "Mac? Come on. Wake up, Marine."

Just to make sure, Harm touched her neck, felt her pulse and then saw, based on her moving chest, that she was breathing. "Come on, Sarah." He gently stroked her forehead and then could hear her lightly moan. "That's it. Come on."

"Did you get the name of that truck?" She quietly muttered and slowly opened one of her eyes just to let another moan follow.

Harm nervously chuckled at her sense of humor. "Yeah, but the auto club doesn't come out this far."

She slowly opened her other eye and closely looked at Harm. "You okay?" She asked and moved her left arm with the intention to touch his head, only to let it drop at once with a loud moan as soon as the pain was shooting through her arm. "Damn," she groaned out through her clenched teeth and closed her eyes again.

"Yeah, I'm okay. But you're not," Harm softly told her in worry and then helped her to sit up.

Mac moaned again and left her eyes closed. "You're telling me. And could you please be still or at least talk with a lower voice?"

Harm looked at her with concern. "Dizzy?"

"Yeah, you could say that," Mac answered and tried to open her eyes just to close them again while taking some deep breaths. "Beautiful stars though."

"Stars?" Harm asked with a raised eyebrow. "Hmm, that sounds somehow familiar to me," he continued, remembering the stars he'd seen a few days ago while sitting in the middle of a minefield. Then he started to chuckle as soon as Mac did. He carefully probed her head and felt a bump over her left eye near her hairline. "Nice bump."

"Well, it would hurt a whole lot less if you would stop touching it," she replied and tried to pull away her head from his fingers, just to be confronted with another spell of dizziness.

"Cranky when you have a concussion, huh?" Harm snidely said to her and gave her one of his flyboy grins.

"How are you?" Mac asked in worry as she overrode all her powers of sarcasm.

Harm shrugged and helped Mac to get her backpack from her shoulders. "I'm probably just bruised. Your arm is bleeding," Harm told her as she bent her legs with a mild groan.

Mac looked at her arm. "It's just a scrape." She touched the ripped material to revel a three inch gash in her upper arm. "And it doesn't hurt as soon as you get used to it."

"You're going to need stitches. No, don't touch it," Harm ordered when he saw her trying it. He reached over and grabbed his pack. He opened it and found the first aide kit.

"Always the boy scout," Mac muttered behind his pack and couldn't keep herself from smiling a little.

"I heard that," Harm let her know and pulled out the antiseptic wash. "Now hold still, Marine."

"I hate that stuff," Mac complained quietly when Harm poured it on the cut.

Harm grabbed a clean cloth and wiped the wound. "It's at least better than pouring bourbon over it," he said while both remembered their encounter with a few poachers in the Appalachian mountains many years ago.

"Only mildly better," Mac murmured with a quiet voice and opened her eyes as soon as the pain faded.

"Quit your moaning," Harm jokingly told her with a smirk as he wrapped the wound with fresh gauze. He knew just too well how much this liquor was burning while touching an open wound.

"You have a horrible bedside manner," she replied just as jokingly and gave him a little smirk of her own. "Has someone told you that before?"

Harm looked into her eyes with a glimmer in his own ones. "Is that an invitation into your bed, Marine?" He wanted to know and let his question be followed by a big flyboy-grin.

Mac rolled her eyes and regretted it immediately when yet another spell of dizziness hit her full force. "I walked right into that one," she said and slowly loosened her grip on his jacket after she'd gripped for it the moment everything around her had started to turn.

"Probably from the blood loss," Harm remarked to her. He gently brushed some hair off her forehead and got a sweet smile from her in response. "How far do you think we are away from base?"

"Three hours by Humvee," Mac answered at once.

"It's going to be a while on foot then," Harm concluded and started to repack his backpack.

"Let's get moving," Mac said to Harm and started to stand up.

She stood still for a second and Harm watched as she started to sway. He quickly moved next to her and wrapped his arms around her. "I've got ya."

Mac took a deep breath and slowly re-opened her eyes after she'd closed them the moment she'd stood. "It's starting to pass."

Harm didn't let go of her. "Maybe we should stay here."

"No, I'm fine." Mac looked at him and saw the concern in his eyes. "We can take it at a slow pace 'till everything stops spinning."

He loosened his hold on her but stayed close enough so he would be able to catch her if she would have another spell. "You promise to tell me if you can't handle it?"

"Yes," Mac said and fought back the urge to roll her eyes while another part of her was simply moved about his concern.

Harm exhaled slowly. "Okay." He walked over to pick up both packs and guns. Harm shouldered both of their packs and handed one of the guns to Mac. He watched as Mac opened her mouth to protest and quickly stopped her. "Once I think you can handle a pack I'll give you one. 'Till then… march, Marine."

"Thanks, Harm," Mac gently said and took the gun from Harm before they started to move and passed by the smoking Humvee. "I can't believe this happened again."

Harm chuckled and nodded his head. "You're telling me. At least there wasn't a goat this time."

Mac agreed with a nod and then made a noise which sounded like a snort. "No, just some friendly fire."

"You think the Admiral is going to take it out of the budget?" Harm asked her and sounded deadly serious.

Mac smiled softly and gave him a wink. "Well, at least a Humvee doesn't cost as much as a Tomcat."

"You're not funny," Harm told her and couldn't hold back a chuckle.

"But I have a point," she concluded with a smirk before joining him and his laughter.