Déjà Vu Moment In The Afghan Mountains – Part 3

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Harm gave Mac her pack before placing his own onto the ground with a groan. While he and Mac settled in for the night he could see in the corner of his eye that Mac was leaving some room between them and their sleeping places.

"Umm… Mac?" Harm tried to get her attention.

Mac stopped midway in her motions and turned her head a bit so she could look at him. "Yeah?"

"Don't tell me you want me to call the front desk just to ask them to send a room divider," Harm commented with the same hint of teasing in his voice like he'd done it the last time, also intentionally using the same words like back then.

Mac chuckled softly and shook her head, remembering what happened just a few days ago. "I thought you'd want your own space," she gently said, hoping he would continue their game of 'Déjà Vu'.

Harm laughed and looked around, silently thanking the man above for her reaction and that she was remembering and liking to repeat what happened a few days ago. "How much more space do I need, Mac?" He asked her with a wink.

"Ahh… okay, fine," she said and scooted her pack closer to Harm's and started to settle down again. 'We don't want to skip a scene,' she thought to herself and smirked.

'Okay, Marine. If you want it the hard way,' Harm thought and shook his head with a sigh. He waited a few seconds just to let her wonder for a while before looking back at her. "You know, Mac, the temperature is going to continue to drop. So, if we don't share body heat, we're risking hypothermia," Harm said in all seriousness, hardly stifling a chuckle.

Mac knew what to say next and just like the last time she smiled up at him. "You make it sound so inviting, Harm," she softly said.

Harm grinned back at her and quietly chuckled. "You want an invitation?"


Harm nodded, knowing exactly what he had to say next. He looked deeply at her and could see her bright smile. "Why don't you come over here? It's a little bit better than sleeping with scorpions," he invited her with a soft whisper while letting his eyes speak too.

Her smile brightened even more and she remembered that she'd rolled her eyes the last time and decided to copy it too, bringing out a laugh from Harm in response. "All right," she said and pulled her pack even closer to his.

She scooted in closer until they were face to face just like the last time. Then she looked into his eyes, letting hers ask him if she should continue and copy her next move from back then. Harm gave her a short nod and Mac slowly tucked her legs in between his while he pulled his coat over her. "Okay?" Harm asked in a whisper.

"Yeah, very," Mac replied while they lay practically cheek to cheek.

Harm chuckled and looked up at the dark night sky with all the stars sparkling against the blackness, the only sound hearable was the sound of a cricket and its serenade. He smiled and closed his eyes for a short moment. "Mac?" He whispered into her hair.

Mac had her eyes closed, enjoying the closeness between them. "What?" She asked, knowing already what Harm would say next, at least if he would continue their 'Déjà Vu'-game.

"Do you hear that?" He asked, still using his whispering voice.

Mac sighed in pleasure. "I don't hear anything."

"Exactly," Harm replied and chuckled again. "Not many places left in the US where you can hear absolutely nothing," he concluded his statement before both continued to look up at the sky while enjoying the sound of silence. Then they both held their breaths, silently praying for their 'Déjà Vu'-game being over now and that the sound of 'nothing' would continue rather than hearing in the distance a boom off like the last time.

After a few seconds they both exhaled the breaths they were holding and laughed. "Thank God," both said at the same time, thanking the man above for sparing them another bombing, and laughed even harder.

"That was fun," Harm whispered next to Mac's ear.

"Yeah, it was," Mac agreed with a sigh just to let a moment of silence follow.

"Damn it's cold," Harm suddenly muttered and tightened his arms around Mac.

"Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey," Mac concurred at once.

"What?" Harm asked in surprise.

"Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey," Mac repeated her earlier words.

"Okay, Colonel. Let me repeat myself. What?"

Mac sighed and turned a little so that she was able to look up and into Harm's questioning eyes. "Back in the time that armies used cannons, they would pile the cannon balls in one pile. The pile was called a brass monkey. When it got really cold some cannon balls would fall off, hence the saying 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey'."

"Where did you learn that?" Harm wanted to know with a raised eyebrow.

Mac shrugged her shoulders and moved back into her old position while trying to scoot even closer to Harm's solid and warm body. "Just something I picked up a long time ago."

"That's my Marine, full of useless knowledge."

"Hey, at least it got your mind off the cold for a few minutes."

"Yeah, but there are many other things that could get my mind off the cold better than this weird saying you used."

"Like what?" Mac wanted to know and asked with a low voice.

"If I told you, you would flash me a red light."

"You never know unless you share," Mac quietly told him and once more turned to be able to look directly into his eyes, just to find that they were so close to each other that they could feel each other's breaths on their faces.

"Mac," Harm huskily whispered and started to move his head a bit forward when they suddenly could hear a boom off in the far distance.

Mac raised her eyebrow and groaned. "You got to be kidding me," she cursed and raised her head to look around. "Okay, I'm really getting tired of this."

"Which 'this' are you exactly talking about?" Harm wanted to know, not sure if she was actually talking about their being together.

"This," Mac said with a frustrated voice while gesturing with her hands into the air. "Us being in the desert while listening to another damn bombing run. All the while wondering if we should move or if it's better to just stay here where we are."

"I agree," Harm said and nodded his head. Just then a bomb exploded about a hundred feet away from them. Harm quickly grabbed Mac and rolled his body on top of hers as debris and dust were covering them. After a few seconds the air was filled with nothing but silence again and Harm pulled up from her, their faces just inches away from each other. "Are you all right?" Harm asked in a whisper, their hard and uneven breathing was the only sound disturbing the silence.

"I'm fine. What about you?" She asked while her arms rested on his sides.

"I'm fine too." They both fell into silence and that's when they finally noticed that there was no sound to hear around them, none other that wasn't made by them. "It stopped," Harm concluded, keeping a low voice.

"For now," Mac said with fear in her voice.

Harm looked at her face and brushed some hair off her forehead. "We'll be okay."

Mac smiled softly and looked deeply into his eyes. "I just got a MASH flashback."

Harm raised an eyebrow, never breaking their eye contact. "Really?"

"Yeah. Margaret and Hawkeye are trapped in an old house and there is a bombing around them."

"They both get scared and hold onto each other," Harm concluded Mac's review and suddenly felt Mac's hands on his back. "Margaret starts screaming and Hawkeye kisses her. They soon forgot that they were in a war zone."

"Yeah," Mac just brought out before Harm slowly leaned down and kissed her. "Let's forget where we are, Harm," Mac whispered as soon as they'd broken their kiss and looked deeply into Harm's eyes.

Harm looked down into her dark brown eyes and watched as a gaze full of passion washed over them. He slowly moved his lips down to hers and pressed the emotion from his soul onto hers. Mac tightened her hands around Harm and held him to her. They both felt with their hands and lips, heart and soul. The air around them jumped with the passion that was being spread among the two of them. The temperature between them grew as the one around them fell.

Before either one of them realized it they had successfully undone each other's jackets and blouses. Harm's hand moved under Mac's t-shirt and felt the smooth skin of her stomach. Mac quivered slightly, feeling his cool hand on her warm skin. Harm looked at her with mild concern, but before he could ask if it was alright Mac pulled his head down to hers and gave him a knowing kiss of approval.

They both led kissed down each other's necks and as soon as their shirts were off, the kisses led down all of their exposed skin. Time stood still for them while the moonlight was soon the only thing that covered their bodies as they expressed their unspoken love for each other.


5:45 AM

Harm softly kissed Mac's temple and smiled when she opened her eyes and he could see the glimmer in them. "Good morning."

"Good morning." Mac smiled back and rested her head onto his arm, wrapping her arm around him while Harm moved their jackets over their naked bodies.

Harm softly brushed some hair off Mac's face. "I don't think I told you last night, but you are so beautiful."

Mac blushed at his words, but before she could say anything Harm softly kissed her. As he released her lips from his a million thoughts passed through his mind, but he only said three words. "I love you."

Mac softly smiled and knew the words he said were coming from his heart and not from the night of passion they shared. "I love you, too," she softly told him.

He gave her a huge grin. "I never expected to tell you that in the middle of the desert. I thought it would be over a candle-light dinner and dancing."

Mac's smile grew. She gave him a wink and smirked. "Well, there's plenty of time to do that once we get home," Mac told him.

"I hope there is. I also hope there is plenty of time to repeat last night."

Mac gave him a serious look. "No, we won't be able to repeat last night ever again." Harm gave her a look of shock and surprise. But Mac shot him a sly grin. "We can only improve on last night."

Harm quickly gave Mac a kiss filled with passion, desire and love. When he released her lips he looked down at her. "I like the way you think."

"That's good. 'Cause I think we better get dressed and start walking towards the base."

Harm looked towards the direction of where the base was located. "That might be a good idea, before the group looking for us finds us like this."

"Yeah," Mac said as they helped each other get dressed.


8:29 AM

As soon as they saw a couple of Humvees coming their way in the far distance, Harm and Mac reluctantly let go of each other's hands with a quick squeeze. They'd at some time intertwined their fingers while they were making their way through the desert landscape and back to the base.

Harm didn't know for how long they were already walking, nor did he care, and therefore he didn't dare ask Mac, who seemed to enjoy their time together just like he was. He could see and read it clearly in her shining eyes.

They looked at each other and let their eyes speak out the love they felt before nodding quickly and turning their gazes back to the cavalry. The Humvees came to a stop right in front of them and a few soldiers got out of the vehicles and approached them.

"Commander, Colonel," the corporal greeted Harm and Mac with a little grin on his face. "Good to see you…," he started to tell them before his grin grew and he continued his greeting. "… again."

"Likewise," Harm and Mac replied at the same time and copied the corporal's huge grin.

"I never thought we would see each other again so soon. At least not this way," the corporal said and took a canteen from one of the corpsman to hand it Harm. "Here, I think you know the procedure by now, Commander, and have a seat," the corporal invited before handing Mac another canteen he got from the corpsman. "I hope you two are alright. The helo found a burned out vehicle and we gathered it was yours. Thought you guys might have been captured or even worse this time."

"Yeah, it was our Humvee, but we're fine," Mac told him as she sat down in the front passenger seat while Harm, just like the last time, perched on the back seat. "Not being captured or even worse."

"Yeah, we were hit by some friendly fire. The Colonel and I thought we should repeat our last excursion we'd spent out here. You know, just to bring back some old memories and to improve a few things here and there," Harm jokingly explained with a chuckle before leaning over to pour the water from the canteen all over his head. Then he looked up, met Mac's look and both could only smile about their Déjà Vu moment in the Afghan mountains.

"We already feared that a friendly fire incident happened after you two didn't get back to base last night and then the helo found the burned out vehicle. A JAG investigation has already been ordered and Admiral Chegwidden sent over Commander Turner to lead the investigation." The corporal let them know, taking a quick look at Mac, seeing that the corpsman had just finished cleaning and re-bandaging Mac's cut on her arm. "Oh, before I forget. Admiral Chegwidden wants me to let the both of you know, that the next time you two leave Washington, he's going to have a GPS implanted on one of your sixes," he told them in all seriousness. He tried to hide his smirk, while a few marines around him couldn't hold back and started to chuckle, just like Harm and Mac did. "His words, not mine."

Harm and Mac continued to chuckle at the Admiral's words. The corporal and corpsman excused themselves from the two officers to give them a moment to rest before the trek back to base.

"Hmm, I guess the next time we leave Washington, we're having a GPS implanted on your six then, Flyboy," Mac told Harm with a wide grin as Harm got up from his seat in the Humvee to reach into the back for something to wipe his face with.

Harm looked at her over his shoulder with a raised eyebrow. "Why on my six and not on yours, Marine?" He wanted to know before he gave her one of his flyboy grins.

Mac shamelessly turned in her seat to look at him, mostly his six, which was in prime view of her. "That's an easy one, Flyboy. Yours sits higher than mine. That's important for good reception," she told him with a smirk before turning around in her seat. She was going to add something else, but refrained herself as the other marines were starting to walk back to their Humvees.

"Very funny, Marine. Very funny," Harm said and shook his head with a laugh before getting back into the Humvee himself. 'I just hope there will be a switch to turn the signal on and off. I don't think I want us to be found too soon from now on,' he thought and a bright smile took place on his face as he remembered their night together, their Déjà Vu moment in the Afghan mountains.

The End