Note: After reading about fifteen angst fanfics in a row, I had a rhythm of a poem going round and round in my head that would just not go away. I also usually don't do rhyming poems, but you know, I think this one came out rather well, all things considered. And in keeping with my penchant for having Goku mooning after Kurenai, this came out. But it didn't really fit the tone of the DESPERATE DESIRES poems, so this one will stand alone.

Update: It wasn't until I saw some of my reviews that people are also seeing this as Goku/Bulma. While in a way, I can certainly see how it would work, nope, this is Goku and Kurenai.


Just when you think you understand the measure of your heart
Destiny will intervene and make you change your ways
When I met her I felt the whole world falter, and then start
And in that moment formed a bond that would haunt me all my days

She was terrified and desperate, not a friend to call her own
I swore to protect her, to be with her come what may
But sometimes when you face your fears, you must do it alone
And I prayed that she'd be safe as I let her walk away

I know this woman isn't mine, her life's her own to live
Yet finding out like this was never something I believed
But to love that Saiyan bastard when he has no heart to give
All I can think is how she'll cry when she learns she's been deceived

As she walks toward Vegeta her dark eyes sparkle with joy
Oh God, how can I tell her that I know he'll never stay
She's finally found happiness, and that I won't destroy
But I bite back painful words as I let her walk away

Standing by the river in the sunset's gentle glow
The sadness in her eyes nearly caused my heart to break
But sometimes what you want is something you can never know
And the hardest things to live with are the choices that we make

Although I knew not telling her was going to break her heart
My only consolation was that it had to be this way
Though my body screamed to hold her, we had to stay apart
And I stood alone in silence as I let her walk away

The stars above are twinkling, and the heavens are aglow
The flames are dancing in the breeze, leaping toward the sky
There's beauty up above even as sorrow reigns below
As family and friends have gathered now to say goodbye

Standing alone beside her bier I keep my tears to myself
Although I want to weep for all the words I didn't say
So help me God, I loved this woman more than life itself
But she never, ever knew because I let her walk away