Tales of the Nakuum

(A/N. This story is not mine; it belongs to a friend of mine, Erilis, from Neopets. I am aware that the chapters of this story are not that long, but i am not the one who wrote them. This story is credited to her; I am only uploading it here with her consent. If you steal any characters from here, prepare to suffer a most painful punishment.)

Chapter One: The Distress Call


The call echoes throughout the plains, as if it were summoning someone to one location. It seemed to be some sort of howl, though a feminine one. It must've been the Alphess of the Nakuum pack, Vitani. The Nakuum pack was nothing but a mere Lupe pack, though this area belonged to them. Surely if Vitani was calling the Lupes together, Nuka was about to make an appearance.

Two pups, one a yellow and one a blue listened attentively to the call. The blue one, who was certainly older hence his size, motioned to his younger brother, the yellow one, and began running toward the Alphess's call. The yellow pup only nodded and followed.

The two pups quickly followed their mother, Kiana, toward the location of the meeting. Their mother nodded when they finally came. She perked her ears toward the Alphas in the front of the many Lupes in the pack. They all watched carefully as Nuka began to speak.

"My friends! I have listened to the wind, and the blades of grass! And have they have told me this: The wild Chias will not return this season!" The Alpha, Nuka, howled to his pack. He sighed as the other Lupes began whispering among themselves. He listened as some asked what to do. He shook his head and addressed the crowd. "I have been told by the Ancient Ones that we must leave this place. We must follow the Chias across the plains." He told them, but was interrupted by a large shadow Lupe who was much younger than he was.

"Pah! The old one says he spoke with the forces of nature! And he claims the Ancient Ones, whom he only meets in his dreams, have told us to move on! I say the old one has lost his ability to lead!" The Lupe growled, stepping forth. Few Lupes agreed with this one, while others growled about his questioning of their Alpha.

"I say Nuka should stand down, and give the position to someone who TRULY deserves it!" The Shadow Lupe continued, insinuating that he should be the one. More Lupes began to question him.

"Kai, I shall stand down," Nuka replied to him, his grey eyes having a peaceful look about them. "When someone worthy of the position arrives." He finished. With that, Kai, the shadow Lupe, growled and lunged at his leader, who seemed to disappear in thin air.

Kai growled, thinking he had pinned the old one down. He noticed that the Alpha was gone. He searched frantically, his fangs bared. "Your tricks will fail you one day, Nuka!" Kai shouted. "One day your magic tricks shall fail you!" He repeated, before walking back through the crowd and away from the meeting. The yellow pup watched him carefully, cocking his head in curiosity.

The blue pup, however, wandered over to where Kai had thought he had pinned Nuka. He glanced at a nearby tree, which seemed to be different from the others. He watched it carefully, just before seeing Nuka appear from the plant. He gasped in amazement before speaking to his Alpha. "How did you do that?" The blue pup asked. Nuka only laughed a little.

"Simple," Nuka replied, "I merely became one with the tree."

"Could you teach me?" The pup asked sheepishly. Nuka glanced down at him, his grey pelt shining a little in the sunlight.

"Dear Sly," He referred to the pup by name, "It is something that cannot truly be learned. One must be born with the ability."

Sly nodded in disappointment. He wandered back to Kiana, who drew the yellow pup, whom she called Beowulf, closer to her side. Beowulf gazed up at her blue optics and asked, "Momma, why does Kai want Nuka to stand down?" He asked, understanding what a little of it meant.

Kiana only scowled a little. "Kai is a fool, and should be treated as such, young ones." She replied, her pups cuddling closer. "Now, we must prepare to leave. We must leave this land if we are to survive." The White Lupe nodded. She stood up to head back to her resting place, her pups following.

Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Journey

Vitani howled the summoning call, all Lupes proceeding to come to the place they had designated the first stop of their migration. She spoke to them, since Nuka was still coming. "Lupes of Nakuum! You know our predicament! You know we must leave this land, if we are to survive! Nuka tells me of the other sources of food there on the other side of the plains, other than these Chias who do not fill us." Vitani gave her speech, Sly and Beowulf listening attentively.

"For too long, we have sat here and ate these creatures that do not fill our stomachs. We must move on! We must find larger prey, a larger home, a larger life!" Vitani continued. Just then Nuka appeared, his grey pelt shining a little.

"Thank you for preparing the pack, Vitani." Nuka grinned and bowed his head, then raising it. "Nakuum! We must hurry! The time draws near that we must go! We have to make it to the Great Water before sunset!" Nuka barked to his pack, who yipped in agreement. He took one final glance at the former land of the Nakuum pack and sighed. They would never return.

Beowulf and Sly looked at their mother, who seemed to be worrying. Sly nudged her playfully to raise her spirits, but that didn't seem to work. Beowulf watched as Kiana slowly began to stop, making them fall behind from the pack. "Momma..." Beowulf began.

"Beowulf, I am growing weary. I do hope we rest soon. I don't think I can take much more of this..." Kiana told her younger son. The yellow pup nodded and tried to run towards the front to get Nuka and Vitani's attention. Kai saw him and kicked him out of the way.

The shadow Lupe spat. "If we must move, you ignorant pup, then we do not need to stop for bathroom breaks." Kai growled as he continued walking. Sly quickly ran to him, throwing a threatening glare to the rude Lupe when he wasn't looking.

"You go back with Mom. I'll try and get Nuka to stop." Sly told his younger brother, who did as he was told. Sly quickly ran to the front of the pack, avoiding Kai so he could proceed. He finally reached Vitani, who looked over her shoulder when she felt someone trying to grab her tail.

"Sly, what is it?" The Alphess asked, slowing down. Nuka glanced back when he realized she had slowed. "Is something wrong?" She asked.

"My mom's tired," Sly told her, his head and tail low to show respect. "May we stop for a quick rest?" He pleaded, shaking a little for fear of what they would do, even though he knew they were kind leaders.

Vitani looked at Nuka, who nodded as he smiled a little. The grey Alpha barked to the pack, to tell them to take a short rest. "As long as there is someone in the pack who is weary, we shall rest." Vitani answered to the blue pup.