This is an outrage!" Zekai boomed when Tacuma told him the news. The brown Alpha snarled with anger, despising the fact the Nakuum pups had 'corrupted' Zere. Though this was only a lie told by Tacuma, the Alphess had instructed the young pup to agree to everything she said had happened.

It is the truth, my dear." Tacuma said meekly, throwing a glare at Zere. (Rhyme!) "I cannot believe those pups had forced him to eat those plants." She lied.

Zere only nodded and made a fake gagging sound. "Its true..." He said glumly.

Is it also true they threatened to harm you, Zere?" Zekai asked angrily, resisting the urge to growl in his face.

Zere nodded.

The Alpha turned and clawed a large tree, leaving three clean claw marks on the bark. "And did they really take you to their Alpha for him to beat you?"

The pup nodded, regretting he agreed to this.

Tacuma gave a sly smirk, but quickly turned it into a sad weepy look. "Those Nakuum fools should be punished, my dear." She insinuated.

Indeed they should! For them to allow such treachery is an abomination to the honor of Lupes everywhere!" Zekai growled, the fury in his eyes blazing.

What would you suggest we do, then?" The Alphess asked timidly. In the back of her mind she was giving an evil laugh more diabolical than Dr. Sloth's.

We should attack." He responded, stepping into the center of his pack grounds. He barked an emergency call to signal the entire Yaxham together. "My friends! This has been our home forever! This is where only WE belong! We were born beside these forests, and we filled the nights with song!" He rallied.

Tacuma's bright eyes twinkled at the sight of her Alpha's anger. She listened attentively to his speech as he continued. "We must fight for what belongs to us, what is yours, and what is mine! We, the Yaxham, are the masters of our design!" He rallied the pack.

Meanwhile, Kai had snuck off to watch for anything suspicious in the Yaxham. When the Shadow Lupe saw the rally, he was shocked. "I knew it." He said to himself as he ran back to the Nakuum lands.

Nuka was speechless, as was Vitani. Finally, the Alpha growled for the first time since the journey began. "Bring them here, Vitani." He commanded, and the Alphess did so. When the entire Nakuum pack came, the Alpha stood on the highest point to speak.

Kai has informed me of the Yaxham pack's plot. This land no more belongs to us than the Eyrie owns the skies, but this does not mean they can falsely accuse us of such crimes. This world on which we wander, its beautiful and strange. But one thing we know for certain, its that everything can change."

Hear hear!" A cry echoed from the pack, and Nuka continued.

Now we must defend ourselves, and fight if we must!" Nuka said, the pack's agreeing shouts echoing through their part of the forest.

The entire Nakuum pack was travelling to the Yaxham grounds. "This land no more belongs to us than the Eyries own the skies!" They chanted.

The Yaxham was rushing to meet them also. "We must fight for our survival, if we don't we'll surely die!" They cried.

A great war had begun, with three pups who knew the truth in the middle of it, and they were powerless to stop it all.

Sly, Beowulf, and Zere watched in horror as their packs began to rampage towards one another. The Nakuum, led by Nuka, and the Yaxham, led by Zekai, both seemed to have angry expressions on their faces. Even Kiana seemed angry about Tacuma's false accusations.

Do you think they'll ever just compromise?" Beowulf asked his brother, who shrugged. They looked over to Zere, who had a grim look on his face. He shook his head and watched the oncoming fight from the hill they were on.

Sly groaned. When Nuka was angered like this, there was no changing his mind, even when Vitani tried to calm him. But this time, even Vitani was furious. The three pups all knew Zekai and Tacuma weren't the ones to back down, if any of them would.

Zere sighed sadly. He knew this wouldn't end well. He also knew the one responsible for this was his own mother. "We have to stop them somehow." He said, pointing out the obvious.

As the two packs finally met each other at the top of another hill not too far away from where the pups were standing, the two Alphas glared at each other, eye to eye.

Old fool. You have trespassed onto my land, and I allowed you to stay. I let you eat here, drink here, live here. And you take advantage of my kindness by corrupting and mistreating my son! How do you explain yourself?" Zekai questioned, his eyes staring coldly at Nuka.

Nuka's calm personality returned. "Zekai, we have done no such thing. Whoever told you these things is a liar and a destroyer." He responded, nodding calmly.

Now you call my lady Tacuma a liar? How dare you insult her, you old bag?" Zekai snarled, stepping forward as if he was preparing to attack.

Tacuma is a liar, Zekai." Vitani tried to reason with him, though the Alphess herself stood up to contradict this as well.

I would never do such a thing, you hag! How could you accuse me of such a deed?" Tacuma lied, a foul smirk appearing on her face when Zekai wasn't looking.

Zekai had to restrain himself from killing Vitani right there. He was greatly angered by accusations to Tacuma. "You two are too old to even remember why we're here today!" He insulted.

Nuka's calm grey optics kept that sense. "You may have youth, Zekai. Your youth may give you strength, but it does not give you wisdom." He taught. Even in this tense situation, he still took time to teach him one of his philosophies.

Kai finally broke loose from the pack. "Nuka is an old fool, correct, but he is a better leader than you will ever be!" He snarled, taking most of the pack by surprise. This was the first time he had ever taken up for Nuka.

Zekai finally snapped, calling the Yaxham to begin the war. "Attack, Yaxham! Your land, your children, your LIVES are at stake, now!"

Nakuum! The time is here! Defend yourselves from those who dwell in lies and darkness! Fight for what is right in your eyes!" Nuka cried to his pack, and the war had finally begun.