They Love Each Other

By Kate Carter

Disclaimer: Stargate is not mine, if it is, there would be absolutely no need to write this story.

Summary: George Hammond watches his favorite officers.

Spoilers: "Solitudes", "Divide and Conquer"

Series/sequel: Companion to "He Still Loves Her" and several other WIPs.

They love each other, you know.

It's something that I've seen for years. Almost immediately, there was a feeling between them, a vague feeling, entirely indefinable. I think the turning point was when we rescued them from Antarctica. As we were taking them out, Jack became restless. He'd been comatose, literally minutes away from death, but as we began to move him, his eyes flared open for a moment, and he called her name. He was out again before any of us got over our surprise.

As their commanding officer, I'm disturbed to see the potential attachment that could interfere with their work. Their job is a very dangerous one, and should it require one of them being sacrificed, I don't think the other would be willing to make that sacrifice. No, I know it – the incident on Apophis' ship proved it.

"I didn't leave…because I'd have rather died myself…than lose Carter."


"Because I care about her…a lot more than I'm supposed to."

I wasn't present for the za'tarc testing, but I watched the tapes afterwards, right before the tapes suffered an unfortunate accident which left us without any copies. And I wasn't surprised.

As their friend, I am grieved. These are two people, fine people, who love each other deeply, a love born from their mutual respect and admiration, of the trials they have faced together. Love like that is so rare, it should be encouraged at all costs. Instead, in this case, it's being denied at all costs.

In their every move when they are around each other, they speak silently of the love and devotion they hold towards the other. I loved my wife deeply, for many years, but I don't think even that can hold anything compared to the love they have for one another. When she died, I grieved, I accepted it, I moved on. If either of them lost the other, I don't know if they would be able to accept it.

I hope only for the best for them. They deserve all the good things they can get in life.

The End