Author's Notes

This story is a sequel to "Rayearth," so if you haven't read it you will probably be confused as to who many of the characters are. Once again, characters from another anime appear as the villains, this time, characters from Wedding Peach are used. As a final warning, this story is overtly pro-gay and contains some possibly offensive satire.

Maria Delgado is Sailor Butterscotch

Kurumi Kino is Sailor Caramel

Mortimer Wellington is Sailor Chocolate

Parallax Katzenjammer is Sailor Cinnamon

Basil Anderson is Sailor Licorice

Serena McDouglas is Sailor Peanut Butter

Rainbow Sparkles is Sailor Peppermint

Ahmed Hussein is Sailor Vanilla

Madoka Hino is Sailor Bubble Gum

Pierre Fromage is Sailor Cookie

Bridget O'Malley is Sailor Cupcake

Jessica Cornflower is Sailor Jellybean

Akane Aino is Sailor Lollipop

Mozzarella Rigatoni is Sailor Marshmallow

Sakura Mizuno is Sailor Milkshake

Galaxy Chang is Sailor Popsicle

Chapter 1: Double Date Disaster

It was a month and a half since the Sailor Senshi had freed the Magic Knights from Sailor Nemesis's control, and since then, some of them had grown in their relationships with each other. Pierre and Ahmed had started dating, and the same with Maria and Akane. Even lonely Makoto and Seiya were drawn to each other. In fact, it was just the kind of atmosphere that would attract the next group of enemies, but that's skipping a little too far ahead.

For the present, things were peaceful, at least when it came to supernatural fighting. It was on one of those peaceful days that Maria, Akane, Pierre, and Ahmed decided to have a double date together at a cafe to celebrate the beginning of the month of May.

"Welcome to Cafe Love-Love! This is the best place for romantic couples!" gushed the greeter, who had long pink hair.

"Then I'm so glad we chose it," giggled Akane, letting Maria push her wheelchair through the door. The greeter glared at them behind their backs. Why does it look like those two girls are more in love with each other than with the boys, she wondered suspiciously. She shuddered when she noticed that the love waves emitting from the two couples confirmed her fears.

"Sailor Moon is evil. It must be destroyed..." Ahmed looked up. What was that voice he just heard? Was he getting psychic powers like Parallax? Why was Sailor Moon referred to as "it" when she was a girl?

"Hey, who are you?" Pierre asked suddenly, looking over his shoulder. Behind them was a girl with her pale blue hair in braids, snickering deviously at Maria. Akane stared at Maria's pocket.

"That napkin you have has the Moon symbol on it," she observed.

"Shush, Himeko, and come sit with Mommy. Stop bothering people and let that group get their seats," scolded a man with spiky orange hair. He grabbed the impish girl by the arm and pulled her away.

"That was strange. What does she have against Sailor Moon?" wondered Pierre aloud as they found a table for four. The pink-haired waitress came and took one of the chairs away so Akane could push her wheelchair up.

"You boys best treat her well. Cripples are the most in danger of having abusive boyfriends," the waitress warned.

"But Maria's her lover, not us!" Pierre blurted out. The waitress suddenly stalked away, forgetting to ask them if they wanted to order drinks.

"Hey! You're supposed to give us water at least!" shouted Akane, but the waitress was gone out of earshot.

"It's okay, Akane, she'll get fired for not doing her job," Maria said reassuringly.

"Or not. She might be a monster and sneak under our table and..." Pierre jabbed a hole in his napkin with his knife to demonstrate. Maria whimpered and hid her eyes, and Akane glared at him.

"Don't scare people like that!" she snapped.

"I was just playing," Pierre pouted.

"It is suspicious that she's ignoring us, though," Ahmed pointed out, "Perhaps she's one of those people who hates homosexuals."

"That's still no excuse not to do her job! When I work at the soup kitchen, I don't just serve certain people, I serve ANYONE who comes in and is in need!" ranted Akane. It was then that a different waitress came up to them.

"I'm sorry, our new server Momoko is having some problem. Would you like me to take your order instead?" she asked, pointing to Ahmed first with her pen.

"Yes. I would like a triple-decker fudge cake, a banana split, and 10 peanut butter cookies," he said. She then pointed to Akane.

"That will be all. We can share that," she dismissed the waitress before Ahmed could protest.

"Um, I don't think you understand. He means to eat that all himself," snickered Pierre. Akane rolled her eyes.

"Yeah right. No one could eat that much without getting sick," she scoffed.

"He usually eats like that. He's trying to fatten himself up but it obviously doesn't work," Pierre went on, and it was then that Akane noticed how surprisingly skinny Ahmed was. He and Pierre are kind of like one of those classic comedy teams where one is really fat and the other's really thin, she thought.

"Look out!" Maria suddenly shrieked as the order of sweets came flying at them and splattered all over the table. The pink-haired waitress, or at least a girl who looked like her, wearing a wedding gown, strode out into the main room of the cafe. Himeko, the little girl who had bugged them earlier, squealed eagerly.

"It's Wedding Peach! It's Wedding Peach!" she giggled happily.

"Yes, that is correct. In a lovely cafe for romance, there are two couples who are ruining the atmosphere of boy-girl love. I, Wedding Peach, am very displeased!" she announced, pointing her bouquet at Pierre, Ahmed, Akane, and Maria.

"Hey, she's one of those characters from that anime that Serena likes so much. Maybe she was sent by Sailor Nemesis too," Pierre pointed out.

"Then let's transform! Lollipop Prism Power, Make Up!" declared Akane.

"Vanilla Power, Make Up!" called Ahmed.

"Cookie Prism Power, Make Up!" added Pierre.

"Butterscotch Prism Power, Make Up!" finished Maria. Most of the customers cheered when they saw the beautiful light show that accompanied the four Sailor Senshi's transformations, but Wedding Peach screamed with disgust.

"EWWWW! You really are perverts! Boys in those short little miniskirts are gross! This will NOT go unpunished! Angel Amour Peach...Oironoshi!" she yelled, and she had her own magical transformation that ended in her wearing a red and white outfit that was rather similar to the Sailor Senshi's uniforms.

"What's wrong with you? You got the Galaxy disease?" joked Sailor Cookie.

"No, you're the diseased ones! Bridal Flash!" called Wedding Peach, and she shot a beam of energy out of her bouquet that made a big crack in the table.

"Paper Cut Slash!" Sailor Cookie retalitated, giving Wedding Peach a few scratches on her face and legs.

"Lollipop Tiara Action!" This second attack knocked down to her butt, but she jumped back up.

"Bridal Flash!"

"Mystery Fog!" Sailor Vanilla countered her attack by creating a dark fog that spread of the tip of his Silence Glaive, and she missed, hitting the ceiling instead.

"Yes, that is what you do. You bring evil, doom, and gloom upon the world with your perverted version of love," coughed Wedding Peach.

"Hey, what kind of Love Angel fights against love!" snapped Sailor Cookie.

"The kind who fights for the right kind of love, not the wrong, evil love between people of the same sex!" retorted Wedding Peach.

"Aurora Hypnosis!" Sailor Butterscotch suddenly called, and as the fog cleared, they could see that Wedding Peach was now ignoring them. She was dancing around and babbling about the pretty lights.

"Paper Cut..."

"Stop! Let's just leave while she's distracted. I don't want to hurt her and then prove her right about us being evil," pleaded Sailor Butterscotch, interrupting him in mid-attack.

"I think she's right. Let's just go," Sailor Lollipop agreed.

"What's going on here!" demanded the second waitress who had taken Ahmed's order, stomping up to Wedding Peach.

"There's pretty lights! Don't you see them?" giggled the hypnotized Love Angel. The second waitress rolled her eyes and gently pulled her back to the kitchen.

"Come back and you can explain to the manager why you didn't do your job and then put on that silly wedding dress and started attacking the customers for being gay," she scolded, although Wedding Peach was too interested in the "pretty lights" that only she could see to care.