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Epilogue: Melted Chocolate.

Stan could hear his heart pounding in his ears as he took in the smile his best friend cast his way. The simple gesture was enough to set off love alarms in the blue-eyed teen. He smiled back dreamily, though somewhat shakily. It had been little over three years since the incidents following Cartman's sudden find of psychic abilities reared its ugly head, and Stan's affections had only fallen deeper.

Though him and Kyle had simply and immediately fallen back into the routine of best friends, Stan never really understood how either of them tolerated the embarrassment of the moments he had to tell Kyle to shut the fuck up because his voice was just the right tone at that particular moment to set Stan's hormones on fire. All he knew was that somehow they did find a way to work it out, as Kyle had promised they would.

But Stan wanted more as the days breezed by. Kenny thought it a riot, and even taught him some techniques on how to touch Kyle without him realizing Stan was purposely feeling him up. Stan felt guilty at first, but eventually his craving to touch Kyle anywhere and everywhere as often as possible outweighed his good intentions. His subtle gestures became more and more defined, and he knew Kyle knew what he was doing most of the time. The thing was, Kyle seemed to like it, almost encourage the slightly suggestive behavior by light hints of his own; a touch on the knee, a sly wink, he was even sitting so close that their thighs were pressed against one another on the bus, at the lunch tables, and even on each others couches.

Though Stan soaked in every moment, he couldn't help but become even more confused and even frustrated at times, wondering if these flirtations were simply Kyle's way of letting him know that he was still okay with Stan's feelings, or if he honestly felt something back.

The most open hint came in the form of teasing one night Kyle was staying over. They never had used sleeping bags when staying at each other's houses, they simply pushed each other out of the way to make room on the bed. Kyle obviously felt this unspoken rule still applied, even after certain events had unfolded.

It was the first sleepover they had in a long while, only two weeks after Stan's secret was let out. Kyle's parents and Ike left him behind for the weekend to attend a family reunion, which Kyle was excluded from as punishment for disrespectful behavior when he back talked his mother in Hebrew for forcing him to eat something he didn't want. Little did they know that this punishment was actually a relief to the fiery redhead, who would much rather spend a weekend with his best buddy over meeting weird people who were supposedly related to him.

He had slipped on the T-shirt he usually slept in while Stan was brushing his teeth, and slid into his friends bed without a second thought. That is, until Stan walked back into the room and froze shock-still at the sight of Kyle all cozy in his bed.

Kyle smirked at this behavior, scooted over to make room and rubbed the empty mattress beside him provocatively.

"Aren't you gonna come to bed, Stan?" He purred.

Stan flushed deep and fiercely at the question, leaving Kyle no choice but to laugh insanely.

"Very fucking funny." Stan hissed, still standing awkwardly in his doorway.

"I thought so." Kyle grinned. "Ah, C'mon, Dude. I was just fucking with you. Don't you like to fuck around with me? I like to fuck around with you."

Stan's blush darkened, sending Kyle into another fit of hysteria.

"I'll sleep on the couch." The embarrassed one decided, and turned to take his leave.

"Please don't go."

He paused at the serious words, keeping his back toward Kyle.

"I- want you to stay with me." He admitted, all laughter and jokes aside.

Stan turned back around to find the Jew sitting upward, his pleading eyes crying out for Stan's acceptance of the invitation.

"Are you sure you wont feel… kind of…"

"No," Kyle cut him off. "I told you, Stan, it's okay. I don't feel weird about it. Nothing has changed between us, so we shouldn't act like it has."

Stan smiled back, though his heart hurt from the words. He closed his door like he did every night and crawled under his baby blue blanket with Kyle. Once settled, it was quiet for a moment before he sensed Kyle smiling in the darkness.

"What?" Stan questioned.

Kyle shook his head. "Nothing."


Kyle bit back his amusement. "Well it's just," He sighed, sounding completely serious before turning to his side and speaking low in Stan's ear. "Is it getting hot in here?" His finger traced up his companions arm as he spoke.

"Kyle!" Stan shrieked, springing up in bed and staring frightfully down at his once again laughing friend.

"Okay, okay! I promise I'll stop now, Dude. I couldn't resist." He surrendered, though it took a few seconds for his snickering to die down.

Stan sunk back against his pillows slowly, eyes set solely on Kyle as he did so. Once relaxed again, his eyelids were just beginning to get heavy when Kyle turned onto his stomach and slung an arm across Stan's waist. The raven haired youth looked down at his sleeping friend and smiled as he placed his hand over the fair-skinned arm.

"Goodnight, Kyle."

That night had long since came and went, and their friendship bond strengthened through each obstacle, sleepover, awkward moment, and serious talk.

The three years since then were one's Stan would never trade for anything in the world, but feared were beginning to fade away like memories lost long ago. The idea of Stan's affection seemed to become less amusing to Kyle as they became older. Though he never acted as if this was a problem, his teasing flirtations died down more and more as time crept on. And just when Stan would feel he had imagined any receptive feelings from Kyle, the said boy would touch his friend or smile in a way he never had before, restoring the dark haired teens faith that maybe their really was a chance.

He had realized over the years that what he had been going through wasn't a phase at all, but a breaking point, the start of something more powerful than that; Love.

But, lately his worry had began to sink in. Kyle hadn't shown any interest back in one month, three weeks, five days and counting.

He was over at Stan's house at the moment, just the two of them. Stan's parents had gone out for the evening, but not before pulling fresh baked chocolate chip cookies from the oven for his mom's "favorite little man and his best friend."

Even though Kyle was a diabetic, he was allowed a treat once in a while, so long as he took care of himself the rest of the time. So, naturally he had absolutely no problem snatching a cookie off the pan and stuffing it into his mouth.

"Mmm," He hummed as he licked the gooey chocolate remains off his lips. "Your mom makes the best cookies, dude."

"Mmm" was damn right, but it wasn't the cookies Stan was craving. He took his own cookie from the pan and helped himself to a big bite, disregarding that they were just in a metal box heated to four hundred and fifty degrees, and the fact that he never could tolerate heat as well as Kyle could. The hot chocolate dots burned his tongue and fingertips straight away.

"Hot, hot!" He yelped, dropping the offending circle of sweet, chocolaty goodness to the ground.

Kyle quickly grabbed Stan's hand and inserted his fingers into his mouth, hurriedly sucking off the scorching sweetness that was burning his friend. It had only hurt for a moment, even before Kyle's lips could make contact with skin. But, Stan wasn't about to protest as the ginger haired boy continued to lick each finger slow and deliberately. He smiled at Stan after he had finished his task, only the now mesmerized boy was too stiff in the pants to return it.

"You've got some right there," Kyle told him, tracing his index finger over Stan's lips. "Want me to get it?"

Oh my god…

He wanted anything as long as it was from Kyle.

Kyle must have taken the silence as an invitation, because he leaned into his company and began sucking the chocolate off his lower lip. Stan inhaled a sharp take off breath when Kyle's tongue made contact to lap up what the suction of his lips left behind.

Stan expected him to pull away, but to his delight, the Jew pulled him closer as his tongue sunk into his mouth.

Kyle's tongue began to retreat, but he paused to place another kiss on Stan's lips before pulling away completely.

"Stan," He whispered passionately and leaned his forehead against his friends. He continued on only after rubbing their noses together in an Eskimo kiss. His arms had long since wrapped around Stan's waist, and now caressed downward until his hands slipped into his back pockets.

"Remember when I said I would tell you if I get the urge to rip your pants off and suck you dry?" Kyle's hands squeezed through the material of Stan's jeans and pushed his front half closer into his.

Stan nodded, his lungs feeling like were on fire from his ragged breathing.

"I'm telling you." Kyle confessed.

Stan didn't even have time to be surprised at this before Kyle's lips crashed against his again. He was almost violent with his passion, and it turned Stan on so badly he felt like he was going to explode. The redhead was somehow able to direct his object of lust to the couch without ever breaking the kiss, and pushed him back so he fell onto it. Kyle crawled on top of his startled friend and this time opted to kiss his neck instead of lips.

Still, Stan didn't protest.

He felt Kyle's hands slipping down the sides of his waist and pushing his shirt up just enough to expose his stomach. He then scooted down Stan's body, making a point of caressing the front of the aroused playmates pants with his own stomach on the way down. His eyes bore into the dominated as his fingers worked to unzip his pants.

"I've been wanting to do this for a long time."

Stan's response was a quiet moan alive with unimaginable ecstasy and longing. He wanted to say something more intelligent than that. He wanted to express all the emotions swirling in and around him. He wanted to tell Kyle that he loved him, but his smile and gentle brush of palm against Stan's cheek was enough to assure him that he already knew.

"I love you, too, Stan." He breathed the words against Stan's body, allowing his breath to hit the exposed span of skin visible between the material of his parted zipper. His head lowered until his lips connected with visible skin.

"Ky- ah!" Is all Stan was able to get out before he was saturated in the sensations of Kyle's tongue for the first time.


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