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"Roy, would you at least meet the girl before you say no?"

Roy Harper stormed out of Titans tower, Ollie close on his heels. "No! You don't run my life, Ollie. I am not this little boy you can order around."
His guardian opened his mouth to speak, but the redhead cut him off, whirling around. "I don't care how 'nice' she is, I'm not going, got it?"

Garth had just gone out for some milk, thinking it would be a nice day, Roy seeing his old mentor and catching up.
Instead his teammate was ranting like a maniac, and if he wasn't mistaken, there was a defined twitch of a vein in his forehead.
"Uhm…" Garth started, this wasn't exactly a scene he wanted to be a part of. Roy was enough of a pain in the ass when he was in a good mood.

Roy turned to him, and from the look he received, he was up to no good. Before he could voice these thoughts,
the young archer had his arms around the Atlantean's neck. There was no way to disguise the shock, of course,
but Ollie was so caught up in his own that it hardly mattered.

"Mmm, you've met Garth, haven't you Ollie?"

The wide eyed man nodded, Garth could almost see the statements cutting off before half a syllable entered his mind.
What in the world was Roy up to with this? Nothing good, that was for sure. My god, he was nuzzling him!
This was, just, wrong, even for Roy. So why was it that he made no protest? Garth tried to convince himself that whatever this was,
Roy would explain it. 'And it better be good...'

"Well you see, I'd love to take time off so you can play matchmaker, but right now there's other,
more important things in my life" Roy leaned down to whisper into his ear. "Play along, or you're dead.
Now act like I said something cute." What the hell, how would he know how to act after someone said something cute,
and a GUY no less. Well, how would Bee react if she walked in on this? That brought a slightly embarrassed smile,
which he hoped was appropriate.

"What, so Roy, you mean to say that he" Ollie's head jerked to indicate Garth. "Means so much to you
that would won't come and see your own family? Mia really did want meet you, you know."

"That's the whole of it. Now, I'm sure you have to get back to Dinah, right?"

"You're still a stubborn kid, Roy."

Roy clutched at Garth possessively until Green Arrow was well out of sight, then released him with a sigh.
"Thanks. He was trying to get me to 'train' his new sidekick, AKA date her. The girl is not, well, I wouldn't spend time with her
. Plus, geez, he's replacing me with a girl? I'm not getting near that situation, even if it means I have to pull that little stunt again."
The Atlantean stood open mouthed, what in the world had possessed Roy to do such a thing.
"Hey, gill head, no cutting remark, no slap in the face? Ah, so you did like it then."

Garth jumped, outraged at the thought of it, and at the nagging little voice in his head that agreed with the statement.
Shaking his head, he decided he'd better get the food inside before it went bad.

"Gees Aqualad, you're as red as a beet." Bee noted as he went to put the milk away. "What happened, some fan-girl try to jump ya?"
She commented slyly. Internally, he wished that was what had happened. That would be less confusing.

"I'm gonna take a swim…" He muttered, doing just that.

"What has him so upset…?" Bee murmured aloud, just as Speedy came in. He looked pleased with himself, which, as anyone knew,
meant someone was feeling just the opposite.

"Hey, where'd gill-head run off to, we never finished our conversation." That pleased look on his face, and the tone of pure mirth,
Karen would have sworn he'd just gotten laid.

"Taking a swim, he said. He was seriously embarrassed about something, and I think his breathing was out of whack.
What did you do?" Hands on her hips, she looked the archer directly in the eye, being leader came in handy for this type of situation.
The redhead paled, muttered a few curses under his breath and ran for his room.

How he let that happen? Roy was beating on his pillow, feathers already coming lose. Karen would be upset, this was the third this week.
Why did he make that into a game, why did he have to tease? 'I am an idiot, now anything I say he'll think is me making fun of him.
God, I should just have told him. Stupid, stupid, stupid.'

Pillow now a mangled mess, he fell onto the bed, clenching his eyes closed. He'd ruined everything. Now he'd either have to keep playing
like nothing happened, never able to say anything, or go lay himself out for ridicule. He couldn't take that, the taunts, the intentional teases.
As if it wasn't bad enough when they fought together, him glistening with ocean water, yelling back about the idiocy, and how could he have
missed that shot. Oh, man. Don't think about that now Roy. Lets just go watch some TV and ignore it, numb myself. Right.

'How, he's, no, it's Roy I'm talking about, he must be just doing that for the effect it had on Green Arrow. That's it, right? He can't possibly think.
Good. Right, just an act.' Now on his third lap around the bay, Aqualad should have felt relieved at that conclusion. It wasn't anything serious,
just another game. 'Then why do I feel so hurt when I think that… it's not like I think of him that way. I mean, we're always fighting, and he's
always acting like he's so cool, so suave.' Darting around a large rock and through a school of fish, Garth made his way back
towards the tower. 'Strutting around the tower with that grin, stopping to worry about his hair all the time, making sure each lock framed
that gorgeous face perfectly. Wait a second, did I just….. DAMNIT! This isn't helping. I need to stop thinking about this.
Television, that should keep my brain occupied long enough'

Back in the living room, Roy was upside down on the couch, flipping channels aimlessly. When Garth slipped into the room and took a
seat in the overstuffed armchair, he barely looked up. A few minutes of silence passed before the agitated sigh escaped him.
"Pick a channel, Roy, you can't just keep giving me half a glance so I can't even tell if I like the program before you move on."

"Maybe that's cause I don't want to find out you don't like something that I do. Just another lose/lose situation there."
The words were out before he realized what he was really referring to.

"All right Harper." The Atlantean slid off the chair and onto the floor in front of the couch. There was only two feet between them now.
"Why don't I tell you something I like, and, if you don't, that's fine." He knew this was beyond TV now, this was in the realm of 'the good of the team.'

"Er, ok then" Roy wondered if he should sit up, instead of keeping his feet on the back of the couch, sprawled out like, well, he didn't know what.

"I like knowing that no matter how serious a mission is, you're there to screw it up and still get us out in the end."

Roy sat up then, looking playfully offended. "Wait now, I am the one who screws it up? Somehow I don't think so.
Half the time it's your fan-girls who ruin everything."

"Yours aren't any better, you know. 'Speedy, I love you, please sleep with me.' Do they actually think that would work?"

Ok, deep breath, here goes, perfect opening for you Roy, don't let it get away. "Well, if it were the right person, it very well might.
But then, they would have to actually be interested in more than that."

"Harper, in a serious relationship? Alert the media. You have this right person picked out then? Anyone I know?"
Garth tried not to let the hint of sorrow show through. Right, it was just a game, it seemed. A game he'd lost.

"Maybe, but I'm not sure they care back, and it's starting to effect my perfect aim." Thats right Roy, defend with a joke
"They'd have to be pretty accepting though, and though they definitely are, I'm not sure if that extends far enough."

Roy was now on the floor as well, toying with his mask in one hand, chewing on his lip. Garth gave an internal sigh
and put his arm around his friend, trying to comfort him without showing his disappointment.
"Very little I can think of would stop someone from caring for you. Sure, you're a hothead show off,
but that's what I love about you." I, no, we, we, he was supposed to be talking about the team, not his own crazed hormones.
Great, now the cats out of the bag. Maybe Arthur would take him back, he couldn't stay here now, not after his emotions spilled everywhere.

Roy was in a state of slight shock. Did he really just say that? Was it possible? "Garth…" Not gill-head, not fish stick, not water boy.
"You mean that?" The arm around his shoulders, it felt so right. His own moved to wrap around the smaller boys waist before he could think.
The pure joy in his violet eyes, those eyes that has been the reason he was left for dead,was answer enough for Roy. He meant it.

"Well finally! Honestly, you guys were almost as bad as Dick and Kori , but at least you admit it, unlike the afraid to make the first move couple."
Both jumped, trying to stand up and gesture defensively at the same time, only to fall into a heap of limbs as Bumblebee snickered.
"I never saw it coming, really, at least, not until today. But I guess neither did you, huh? Oh don't start that Speedy, kiss him already, I think it's adorable!"
Both blushing fiercely, Speedy wrapped his arms around Aqualad, and gave a short, chaste kiss. They sat down on the couch, fingers laced together.
With a laugh, Bumblebee threw herself down beside them, taking up the rest of the couch. "We can get to sound-proofing your room, Aqualad;
have it done in a few hours." The two glared daggers at her, but neither spoke.

A moment later the terror twins raced in, saw the boys together, did a double take, stammered a few lines in Spanish,
and then said something Bumblebee translated to be "Wait until Robin hears about this" before speeding off again.
A quick glance between the three and they darted off in opposite directions. No one wanted to be there when Robin called,
the boys hadn't even worked up a defense against Beast Boy's inevitable jokes yet.

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