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Who would have guessed that a shouting match would be going on in the Titans East Tower. What? Everyone? True. It started, as most of these do, with Ollie making a simple comment, and the resulting explosion.


"Roy, calm down." Dinah said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Well I'm not."

"Well, Roy, it's obvious you're not straight." Ollie quietly sated, trying to reason with him.

"I know that."

"All right then, what are you." Dinah tried, hoping to calm the boy down without seeming to insult him.

'I don't know, OK?" Roy snapped, pulling away from her.

"You don't know! Are you trying to tell me you don't know who you are attracted to?" Ollie seemed to find this hard to believe. Roy flushed to the roots of his hair.

"No, it's Garth. And nothing you say is going to change that. This isn't just a clever game to get you to leave the Tower early. We're both serious enough about this that we felt those closest to us should be informed" Informed. The unspoken challenge, they weren't asking for permission. Roy remained seated, hands clenched on the round table, trying to keep calm, and thanking whatever good sense brought Dinah here to keep things under control.

"Roy, we were simply noting you preferred gender, no one was trying to make any judgment on you, nor were we thinking of trying to change you." Dinah reassured him.

"But it's not GUYS! It's Garth, just GARTH! I'm Garth-sexual if you need a name for it, ok." Slumping his head to the table, Roy seemed to have given up trying to discuss this."

"So, I know that I wasn't exactly clear about it before, but now you understand, I think" Garth said, having a much easier, if more touchy conversation.

"You can't be serious! You have a duty to your people!" Arthur protested, waving a hand toward the bay view.

"Not to marry! Just to produce heirs." Garth calmly replied.

"Legitimate heirs." Arthur said, with more emphasis than needed.

"'Legitimate' doesn't mean in wedlock, it just means the parentage is assured."

"And you're willing to argue that in front of a council of elders?" He asked, frowning.


"It's your life, I'm not your father."

"Merciful Poseidon, you're more of a big brother. Think if you tried to be a parent."

Arthur broke into a smile. "We could've ended up like Dick and Bruce."

"Nothing that sadistic, I'm sure." A pause. "So, we're ok with this, right? I'd really rather know you aren't too uncomfortable about this."

"Yeah, just be smart, ok?"

"Arthur, I'm dating Roy. What common sense do I have left?"

"Family time's over! Queers and peers into the living room STAT!" Karen was trying her best to lighten the mood. It wasn't working well. More successful was her method of keeping the twins out of the tower for the day, sending them on patrol.

As they took seats n couches and chairs, Garth looked hesitantly across the room. "Roy?" He asked quietly.

"Don't worry," Roy said. "Whatever they say, we can be making out on live TV in five minutes."

"You couldn't" "I have my ways." Garth pulled up a footstool across from the couch Roy was sharing with Dinah, leaving the two armchairs for Ollie and Arthur, as Karen refused to sit still.

"I think, so long as it stays under wraps, there's no problem, what do you think, Aquaman?" Green Arrow began.

"It makes sense, when the costume is off, it's their life."

Roy started, shocked. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Karen, you said after they were properly informed we could stop the act. I thought this meeting was the only thing keeping me from grabbing his ass in public!" Karen sighed, mentally preparing herself to calm down Roy or pick up the pieces of the living room. "Hell, if I knew you'd just say 'carry on, we'll pretend we don't know, I wouldn't have had you told! We already tried things that way, I'd like to actually have a relationship without having to hide."

Garth flinched and cleared his throat. "Regardless of what we do, someone will eventually slip up, and then the story will escalate into an enormous scandal that will take a lot of effort to even begin to control. If we reveal it, and control how the information hits the media, nearly all serious problems can be avoided. It's just a matter of HOW you want the public to find out."

Roy groaned, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the arm of the couch. "How come when you say it it comes out so reasonable, but I just end up sounding like a cocky ass?" He asked, scowling slightly.

"Oh, real subtle Roy." Karen chuckled. "Honestly, I think the sexual tension here is worse than with Robin and Starfire."

Dinah smiled at that. "So, strictly speaking, how serious are things between these two, Bumblebee?"

"Call me Karen, please. And do you mean emotionally, or sexually?"

"BOTH" Aquaman and Green Arrow answered in unison.

"Ok, emotionally." Karen chuckled. "Beyond serious. They are so darned protective I don't have to worry at all about them during a fight; they're too busy looking out for one another. Especially this one," jerking her thumb toward Roy, "If Aqualad takes even a minor hit, whoever did it finds themselves in the middle of a rain of arrows, no chance to blink before they're covered." She said, with pride. The adults let out a collectively held breath.

"Now, sexually," Karen choked back a laugh, "I'm willing to bet they've never even seen each other shirtless. I mean, sure Roy cops a feel whenever he thinks I'm not looking, and yes, Garth's not exactly shy about casual kisses, but whatever Robbie was hyperventilating about hasn't happened."

"Only 'cause we haven't got around to soundproofing gill-head's room yet." Roy muttered, earning shocked gasps from the adults.

"Roy," Garth groaned. "I thought we weren't gonna scare them."

"Oh that's nothing." Roy said, the maniacal, 'Roy has an idea' glint in his eye as he bolted across the room, embracing Garth from behind.

"Roy-" He started warningly as the archer planted kisses along his neck

"Roy." A bit sterner this time, on causing him to hold tighter.

"Ro-oy…." The Atlantean's protest turned to a barely stifled moan as Roy's mouth took hold of his earlobe, one hand resting on his collarbone.

"You know anyone who does good Public Relations?" Karen asked the more than slightly stunned guardians. "Because if we don't arrange for it, you'll wake up tomorrow to see 'Speedy announces intimate relationship with teammate Aqualad, live footage and interview at eleven.'" She said in a defeated tone.

"And, then the tabloids will be all over them asking sexual questions. Who helped with our PR, Ollie?"

"Dinah, you aren't saying you're giving this the green light? What about the League, when the press gets hold of this…"

"Oliver, I don't know about you," Arthur interrupts, "but seeing Garth desperately trying not to become aroused and failing is not an experience I'm eager to repeat. If they can handle the press, I say let them eat cake."

"Seeing as I'm outvoted, and Roy seems happy…" Ollie glanced over to where Roy was running his hands over Garth's abs, kissing without ANY regard to who was watching, things heating up quite quickly.

Karen clapped her hands once, loudly. "Hey! Boys! No porn in the living room."

"She seems to have them under control." Dinah whispered, earning nods from Ollie and Arthur.

Garth pulled away breathlessly. "You hear the lady. Your room's closer."

"And if she doesn't see it or hear it, she wont bug us." Roy agreed.

"I'm letting you soundproof fish-kid's room, aren't I?"

"Only so when you do yours nobody will ask questions." Roy retorted, sticking out his tongue. Garth ran a hand through his hair, murmuring 'Roy' to draw his attention back

"Mmhmm." Roy led Garth out of the room and down the hall. A moment later, a door was heard closing, followed by the words, "Now where were we…?"

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