OK, in England at the mo, they are repeating series 3 before they show series 4.

On tuesday, I watched "Lost Son" and had an idea for a story that my beta said would be really good and here it is.

I will update once a week, after writing each chapter after seeing every episode.


(PS I own nothing. And the quote is from Dispo Day)

Why didn't I listen to Calleigh?

"All I'm saying is, next time it could be you. And I'm just… I'm just begging you. Clean your gun!"

She was right.

This time it was me.

My name is Tim Speedle and I am, well, I was a CSI.

I died in a jewellery store.

I was shot.

My gun didn't work because I didn't clean it.

It took me a couple of minutes to die.

After I fell, there were a couple more shots, but all I could think about was the massive pain in my chest.

The shooting stopped and suddenly I saw Horatio leaning over me.


I saw fear in his bright blue eyes and it occurred to me that I had never seen him scared before.

"Speed!" he said again.

I tried to reply but my mouth and throat were full of blood.

"Speed! Speed, you're alright. Hang in there."

We both knew I wasn't.

I wasn't quite sure when I died, because nothing happened.

No tunnels with light at the end.

No heaven.

No hell.

I was still in the jewellery store and suddenly I was able to stand again. It felt like I had become weightless and free.

Calleigh came in and Horatio gave her his gun and mine.

I wanted to tell her I was sorry.

I should have cleaned my gun. I know this is my entire fault.

She and Horatio talked in whispers for a minute more and then Calleigh left.

She had managed to stay composed whilst talking to Horatio, but avoided looking at my body.

She caught a glimpse of me as she left.

I followed her. I couldn't help it.

A sob caught in her chest as she put my gun in an evidence bag. She put that in the trunk.

By the time she was ready to drive, tears streamed down her face.

She leant against the wheel, her head in her hands.

I could see she was shaking and her sleeves were wet from tears.

Seeing Calleigh like this made my heart leap into my throat.

Calleigh had always been the strongest one of us. Able to shut everything away. She was always so happy, but now…

I realised that I had caused this.

Every single one of my team was suffering.

Because of me.

I sat in the car with Calleigh.

I whispered in her ear, "Calm down Cal. Don't cry."

I only hoped she could hear me.


I watched Alexx load my body into her van.

She shut the door behind her and when she was alone, she lifted the blanket off my face.

She didn't break down, like Calleigh had, but I saw tears form as she carefully closed my eyes.


The autopsy felt horrible. It seemed to hit home that I was really dead. Alexx was talking to me, like she had for the five years I knew her.

Now she was crying.

Seeing me on the table, just like her other "patients," must have finished her.

It was fascinating to watch my own autopsy. I felt that I couldn't leave Alexx alone to do it, so I stayed with her and watched, like in the old days.


IAB are investigating my death. I know they have too, but really, what's the point? Everyone knows what happened.

I was shot and couldn't defend myself because my gun misfired.

My damn gun misfired because I didn't clean it.

They don't need Calleigh or Alexx to tell them that.

They have had it in for us all since "Dispo Day."

Always looking for faults in Horatio's "Dream team."

I overheard them once.

Especially picking on Calleigh and me.

Calleigh had cocaine in her system on dispo day and they found it when they did the polygraph. She had been dosed, and Horatio saved her.

He appealed for her and found evidence to save her neck.

And since then, they have always looking for faults in Horatio's team.

They are gonna have a field day.


Calleigh had to process my gun.

I watched.

I will never forget the look on her face when she confirmed why my gun had failed. She already knew, but before she examined it, there was always a possibility that it might have failed for some other reason.

The worst part for her must have been, knowing that I could have prevented my death.


She wrote up her report and went to find Horatio.

He was about to empty my locker when she found him.

She showed him the report and they looked at each other.

Horatio pulled Calleigh into a tight hug and they shared their grief.


The funeral was the worst part.

By far.

The city stopped for the procession.

Police bikes, followed by patrol cars, followed by a hummer, followed by a hearse.

The ceremony was lovely.

Short and sweet.

There was a flag over my casket, which they folded beautifully and gave to my desparing mother.

I wanted to leave, but part of me wanted to stay and support my team as I was saluted.

Horatio, standing with his head bowed and his hands behind his back. I couldn't see from where I was, but I think that he may have been crying.

Calleigh, looking at the coffin and dabbing her eyes. She didn't want to cry, but couldn't help it.

Alexx had her head up and tears were spilling. She was looking anywhere but at the coffin. At the skies, into the trees, at the gun salute.

Eric was looking right at me. Not my coffin, but where I was standing. His face showed nothing, but I could tell what he was feeling. He was my best friend and I knew what I would be thinking in his position.

I was so glad when the funeral ended.