A/N I started writing Con and about halfway through it Jordan just shook her head and realized how much Garret betrayed her... along with everyone else...Hence, this. Don't own em, they'se be belonging to Tailwind. I just borrow em to amuse myself...

Trust. One thing everyone said that she should have. Everyone kept telling her to be more trusting, not to be so skeptical, but she couldn't think of a reason to trust people when every time she tried to trust she was betrayed. In all honesty, it was why she was afraid to get involved with Woody. He was another one that had betrayed her. She had thought she could trust him, and he turned on her, the way everyone else did. Everyone in her life had betrayed her, left her alone. Every time she tried to trust, someone else came along that broke her trust and made her start all over again.

She thought she could trust her father. After all, he was her father. But he had betrayed her just like everyone else. He had run, leaving her alone, he lied to her, refused to tell her anything, lied to her, she thought she could trust him, but she couldn't. He lied to her about Emily, about James, about everything. And then he had left her alone when she needed him most. But she could live with that. That was one person betraying her trust.

But then Woody had done the same thing. Woody, when she thought she could lean on him, when she wanted to trust him with her heart had kicked her out of the hospital room, had avoided her for months on end. Now that they had finally reached a truce, she was afraid that he would do the same thing again. That just when she was ready to love him, he would send her away again, leave her alone again.

JD she hadn't expected to trust. JD she hadn't wanted to trust. But she did; he was the most trustworthy of them all. She was the one that had betrayed him, she was the one that had gone behind his back, who had slept with Woody, and he was still willing to trust her. But she didn't want to trust him. She was afraid to trust him. And she kept telling herself that he had broken her trust like all the others, that what he did was run the article on Woody after she said not to. And then he did the same thing with Garret, after she asked him not to.

But what had been her breaking point was Garret. The one that she thought she could trust through all of this was the one who just kept breaking any trust she had. First with the Moreau case, but she had told herself that that happened a long time ago. That it was nothing, that he had changed from there, that he had the same dogged persistence to search for the truth that she did now, that he wouldn't do that again, that she could trust him now.

But she couldn't. He kept making promises to stop his drinking and he didn't. He went as far as t pour the bottle down the sink, a grand gesture, but it was all theatrics. He didn't stop, not even after she threatened him with having him removed. He still kept on going, although he stopped at work at least. But she had stopped by to grab something to eat and he had the bottle out on the end table, halfway through-she didn't even want to think what glass he was on.

That was what did her in. She couldn't trust anyone anymore, not even herself. Everyone close to her had betrayed her. Everyone that she thought she could trust had left her hanging out to dry. There was no one left in her world to trust, everyone that she thought she had had just left her alone. No point in trusting anyone anymore, all she had left was herself.