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It was a hot muggy afternoon in the summer. Rain pounded the roof of Shigure Sohma's house; the steady rhythm lulling everyone into a sleepy quiet.

Kyo was lying in bed, just woken up from his nap by a clap of thunder. The rain that usually made him irritable today just made him sleepy. He rolled over, trying to go back to sleep and recall the dream he had been having.

He smiled as an image came to him behind his closed eyes, and he drifted into a light rest.

The door opened.

Was this still his dream? Kyo didn't ponder it, he shifted under the thin sheet covering him to a more comfortable position.

Footsteps were making their way toward the bed.

Kyo made a small inquiring noise in his throat before stretching out. He felt someone crawling on his bed toward him, but he still didn't turn around. Kyo felt a body pressing against his, and he moved into it, liking the touch. He knew he wasn't dreaming anymore.

Hands ran through Kyo's hair then moved to the sides of his face.

Kyo let his face be pulled into a kiss.


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