Dr. Yuuichiro Hikari hummed a small tune to himself. Meijin glanced at his friend with a sly eye. "Can't wait can you?" he teased him with a big grin.

Hikari winked at him, "Nope, within two more days Netto's school will be over soon and we will have the whole summer to ourselves." "Still thinking about your family summer vacation?" Meijin laughed. Hikari grinned broadly, "Yes, it will be just us. Hakura, Netto, Rockman and I," his brown eyes shone with excitement. "It will be great, no work, and no worries."

Meijin smiled at his friend's enthusiasm. He knew the Hikaris needed time to be together as a family. He leaned forwarded with his head resting on his hand and smiling at Hikari. "So where are you guys going?"

"We are going to stay at a small house by a lake," Hikari said, "There is a small town near by so we don't have to worry about finding supplies." "Your not worried that the boys will be bored are you?" Meijin inquired. Hikari shook his head, "They won't," he assured him. "There are a lot of things they could do over there."

As the two grown men talked they heard the door opened behind them, they turned to see Ijuin Enzan entering the room. The boy nodded to the men politely, "Hello Dr. Hikari and Dr. Meijin. Dr. Hikai I heard you and your family is going to be away for vacation." "Yes Enzan-kun," Hikari said, "Are you busy with IPC?" Enzan shook his head, "no," he confessed. "Except while Netto and Rockman are gone. Blues and I will be extremely busy taking their place."


"But Headquarters said Laika is coming over to help."

"Oh," Hikari said again.

The next day, Netto was skating towards NetSavior's Headquarters. Netto and Rockman were talking about their upcoming vacation. "I can't wait," Netto said, "Papa said we are leaving right after school." "Yeah," Rockman agreed, "me too." Netto spotted a familiar boy with white and black hair. "Hey look Rockman, there's Enzan," he waved his hand at his friend, "Hi Enzan." The older boy gave the younger one a curt nod.

"I've heard the news."

"Yeah, so what are you doing while we are gone?"

Enzan shook his head, "Not much," he admitted, "Laika and Princess Pride are here too." "Pride?" Netto asked in surprise. "I know that Laika is here for Sharro business, but I didn't know she is here to."

"She is here for Creamland business."


Before the boys entered the lobby, Netto pause to off his skates before walking inside. The secretary behind the desk looked up. "Commissioner Kifune would like to see you at his office." The boys dutifully climbed into the elevator to meet Kifune and Manabe. Netto was surprised to see Laika there to. He smiled at the older boy, but he received a cool stare from him as usual.

"Boys," Manabe began, "things are running very smoothly today and the crime rate is low." She turned to Enzan and Laika, "I'm very sorry but we are going to put you aside for two months. Since Netto is already going on vacation with Dr. Hikari, he is also put aside for two months. Right now we are sending you home. Dismissed." The boys blinked in surprised and saluted before they left.

Once the door closed behind them. Manabe looked at Kifune and he looked back at her. "Do you think they suspect something?" The older man leaned back in his chair, "Laika and Enzan are aware that something is up, but Netto doesn't," he said. "But for their sake I hope they won't find out."

"Wow," Netto exclaimed, "you two have a vacation." "No," Enzan said, who was clearly annoyed by Netto's simple nature. "We are not." Laika frowned, "It's not logical, something is up. They would not dismiss us for two months." Enzan agreed, "Yeah, but why did they go through all the trouble to bring you here?"

The older boy shrugged, "I have no idea. Sharro's NetSaviors are not expecting me back for two months." "Well what are you planning to do?" The younger boy's question surprised them. Both of the thought for a while, "I don't know," they answered in unison.

Netto was very thoughtful on his way home. "What are you thinking?" Rockman asked him. "About Enzan and Laika," Netto answered, "Enzan-does he ever talked about his papa?" Rockman thought before answering, "No I think he didn't." "And Laika, he stays with his uncle in Sharro, does he have any parents?" Rockman understood what his brother is thinking. "I don't know Netto-kun," he said softly. Both of them were very quiet.

"You know nisan," Netto continued, "I always wondered why they are so-cold, do you think they have happy memories with their families?" "I don't think so." "It must be hard not to have a mama who loves you and give you hugs and waited for you to come home," Netto said softly. "Yeah," Rockman agreed, "Or a papa." Both boys were silent in their own thoughts.

At dinner time Hakura and Hikari noticed the boys' sullen mood. They exchanged worried glances. "What's wrong Netto? Are you sick?" Hakura asked him anxiously. "No," Netto said as he idly twirled his chopsticks. "I'm not hungry." Both adults stared at him in surprised. Netto has a healthy appetite, obviously something is bothering him. "What's wrong?" Hikari asked him gently.

Netto sighed, "Chief Kifune gave Enzan and Laika a two month break 'cause there is nothing else for them to do." He looked up at his father, "Papa," he said in a serious tone of voice, "I think Enzan and Laika should come with us on our vacation." Hikari looked at Netto in surprise. "Well why do you think that way?" he asked. Netto put his chopsticks down. "They both looked unhappy. Sad I think. I know Laika stays with his uncle, but he doesn't talk about his parents, and Enzan never talked about his parents either. I know his mama died long time ago, but he rarely talks about his papa."

"In other words, you wanted them to come with us for our vacation, right?" Hikari guessed. Netto nodded.

Hikari leaned back in his chair and to think for a moment. "Netto," he sighed, "You have good intentions but you must understand that they have their own lives and duties to do. Laika is a soldier in Sharro and Enzan is a business man. They can't come with us." Netto's head dropped. "I'm sure they will come with us some other time," Hakura said soothingly, trying to counsel the young boy. "Yeah," Netto mumbled.

"Do you want dessert?"

"No thanks," Netto said pushing himself away from the table. "I'm full." His parents watched him silently as he climbed the stairs to his room. "He has a good heart," Hakrua said sadly. "I know," her husband said quietly.

The next day after school, Netto walked to his house very slowly with his face down caste. Today is the big day they have been waiting for. But Netto could see the image of Enzan's and Laika's faces in his mind's eye. "Rockman what do you think about Blues and Searchman?" Netto suddenly asked him. Rockman was surprised by his question. "I think of them as my friends," he answered, "But I felt they are more than friends, more like-like…"



"I feel the same way for Enzan and Laika. They are always watching out for us. Ready to help us when we are in trouble. Even though we don't deserve it. They kinda feel like part of our family."

Both of them resumed their silence. Netto looked up to see his house in view; there he saw his father with the van parked in their driveway and all their stuff ready and packed. What he did not expected to see are the frowning faces of—

"Laika and Enzan?" Netto shouted in disbelief.

"Searchman and Blues?" Rockman yelped in equal disbelief.

"And me," Princess Pride added appearing at the front of their door. Her face was smiling. "And me," added Knightman from her PET.

"What are you doing here?" Netto asked them.

"Your father invited us," Enzan said tensely.

"And you said yes?"

"No," Laika said stoutly. "He called my uncle back at Sharro and Enzan's father at IPC asking them for permission to join you guys and they agreed to let us come."

"We have no choice either," Enzan added frowning.

"But what about you Pride?" Netto asked turning to the princess.

"I happened to come along," she said putting her finger to her lips and winked.

"Well then," Rockman said, "Welcome to the family."

"Yeah!" Netto said excitedly, "I never had an older sister before."

"Oh please," Enzan muttered in disgust.

"Netto," Hikari shouted from the van, "I help over here."

"Coming Papa!" Netto called back, he started to run towards his father. He stopped and turned towards the others. "Hey are you guys going to help to?"

"I'm helping your mother inside the house," Pride answered. "We are making snacks for the ride."

"Okay," Netto said as he grabbed Enzan and Laika and dragged them with him despite their protesting.

"Hey Hikari! Let go of me."

"Papa wants us to help him so come on."

"He asked you."

"Gah, Netto you are ripping my shirt!"

Pride giggled as she went back to the house where Hakura was making sandwiches. She looked up from her work and smiled. "Well?"

"Netto is here and he is getting Enzan and Laika helping his father already."

Hakura laughed.

"You know Mrs. Hikari; I am surprised that your husband invited us to come over."

"It's Netto's idea. He was worried that Enzan kun and Laika kun don't have a family to share happy memories with."

"He is so sweet."

"He is," agreed Hakura, "Yuuichiro and I talked about it last night and we felt that Netto needs to be influenced by Laika and Enzan. Also we couldn't help sympathizing with him that they needed a family and," she added with a twinkle in her eye, "A younger brother to keep them on their toes." Pride laughed. "Or a big sister to keep an eye on him." Both women laughed.

Hmmm...So what do you think?