We All Have Our Reasons



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The hallways of Woodsboro High stood completely empty, except for the cute little blond girl of about 17 years old peering at her new locker combination. Casey Becker played with her locker trying to open it, she opened it slowly on the first try. She scanned the hall to make sure she was alone before placing a blue and gold letterman's jacket in her locker. Today, she told herself, I must tell him today. Slamming the locker she hurried in to the neighboring classroom, taking a sit next to a big jock of a guy.

Steve Orith leaned into his new table mate whispering to her, "So today's the big day, huh? Your final gonna to him about us?"

Casey nodded her head in reply. She couldn't let Steve know how worried she was about telling him about Steve and the last three months of her life. About how she had lied about having to babysit all those nights in July when she had really been with Steve in the backseat of his extended cab pick-up truck.

"Don't worry Casey, everything will be fine." Again all Casey could do was nod, her mind running wild about the difference between him and Steve. She was going to miss part of him, the way he gave her pleasure. A lot of pleasure, a slow smile creep up her face at the memory of him. Maybe Steve was a mistake. No, she had made her choice now she had to follow through with it. Her hand touched her stomach. Yes indeed she had made her choice.

The bell rang, snapping Casey from her thoughts, it was time. Oh god! I can't do this, Casey thought as she entered the hallway. immediately her eyes found him leaning against his locker waiting for her.

He reached for her as she neared. "How are you?" His hand went to her stomach, "And how are you?"

Casey laughed nervously, he knew about the baby how could he not? He was the one that drove her to the doctor for the blood test. How could he know it wasn't his? At least she didn't think so.

Stuart Macher's hands glided of Casey's tummy, over his child. He couldn't wait to be a father, the idea gave him a feeling he had never felt before. He kissed Casey passionately, trying to show his feelings in the only way he knew how, through physical touch. I'll be a great dad, Stu thought, a hell of a lot better than my own. He glanced down at Casey, how did I ever get so lucky?

"Stu? There's something I need to tell you."

Stu cupped her face, why was she crying what could possibly be wrong? "What is it, Casey?"

Casey looked around her, suddenly feeling very trapped, "Lets go somewhere a little more private."

Taking his hand she lead him out the double doors of the school in to the courtyard where most of the senior class was scattered about eating lunch and chatting about their summers. That's better she thought the noise made her feel more secure about what she was about to do. "Stu, I don't think we should see one another anymore."

Stu's face hit the floor, his heart felt as if it was an fire. Shocked as he was he had to make sure he had heard her right, "You want to break up?" Stu prayed he had heard her wrong, but the look in Casey's eyes told him it was true. She tore her gaze away from his and nodded. "What about the baby? Are you going to let me have anything to do with it?"

Casey final looked at him, "I'm going to take care of it."

Stu's eyes glazed over with hatred, how dare she not let him have anything to do with his own child, "That's not fair Casey! It's my child too!" Casey glanced around her making sure no one was listening, how dare he scream at her right her out in the open about this of all things! Casey's anger soon got the best of her looking Stu dead in the eyes she told him the truth or at least what she hoped was the truth. "It's not even yours, Stu!', she yelled back at him, "It's Steve Orith's! We've been fucking around with each other for the last couple of months!"

Stu's mouth fell open but no words would come out, his family wasn't even his own. This bitch had taken everything from him, fine the hell with her anyways, "You slut! Fine bitch I hope the three of you all rot in hell!" At that Stu stumped off leaving Casey behind, I won't ever fall in love again, he vowed.