Chapter 1

She was brushing her hair when she heard the knock on the door. Who would be knocking on Teal'c's door? Not anyone she wanted to see. So instead of answering it she just turned up the music and continued to brush her hair and dance around in her tee shirt and regulation underwear. If it was Teal'c he would let himself in. Sam bounced on the balls of her feet singing along to The King of Rock and Roll. "A little less conversation, a little more action please.." She alternated actually using the brush to comb her hair and using it as a microphone, completely oblivious to the two men still knocking on the door.

Music drifted out between the door and the frame. Jack and Daniel looked at each other with a 'what the?' look on their faces. SG1 had four days of down time and Teal'c had expressed some interest in jello wrestling last month. Jack and Daniel had come down to his quarters now to see whether he was still interested in the field trip. Jack recognized the song as it made its way to their ears. "Elvis? I didn't know he was an Elvis fan." Daniel just shrugged his shoulders, Teal'c was full of surprises.

"I am in fact not a fan of Elvis Presley's. I am able to tolerate him only in small quantities." Teal'c walked passed his two teammates who were thoroughly shocked to see him on this side of the door. Jack was the first to recover.

"Hey buddy. Since we have some down time Danny and I were wondering if you wanted to experience the jello wrestling thing we were discussing last month." Jack shoved his hands in his pockets, suddenly he felt extremely awkward, which in its self is not so unusual but.. oh whatever, he was over thinking it.

Teal'c shifted slightly balancing a tray that was even more over filled than usual, as if he were suddenly prepared to eat for two. He frowned slightly as his brows creased in concentration. "I am unsure that I will be able to join you tonight but hopefully we can make a .. 'rain check'." He raised an eyebrow in question. This time Daniel spoke up, with hesitation in his voice.

"Yea Teal'c that's fine. Just let us know when okay?"

Teal'c offered a small bow of his head in thanks.

A small bubble of awkwardness reasserted its self in the conversation. There was something Teal'c wasn't telling them. It wasn't like he always told them everything but he had never blatantly lied to them either. Yet here they all were standing outside Teal'c's quarts and Teal'c had just kinda sorta lied to them. He was actively hiding something, with holding information. The song changed and a woman's voice floated out to them as it beautifully accompanied the music. They all listened for a moment before Daniel realized they should probably go. "Alright we'll see you later then Teal'c. Enjoy your down time."

Jack nodded, "I'll be after you for that rain check big guy." He turned and headed down the corridor to the elevator.

Once they had turned the corner Teal'c opened the door and joined Sam in his quarters.

It had started after Jolinar. He found her crying in a corner of the gym too late at night. Instinctually knowing he picked her up and carried her to the showers. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck and cried on his shoulder.

Stripping her down to her sports bra and regulation boxers he put her under the steaming water. Soak, shampoo, rinse, wash legs, arms, stomach, rinse, wash back, face, rinse, condition, rise, soak, dry. Her sobs had lessened to silent tears. Once Sam regained her most basic sense of control yet before she re-walled herself he led her to his quarters. Lighting his traditional candles Teal'c attempted to kel nor reem while Sam slept in the bed he never used. It was a restless, painful sleep but she slept and he let her subconscious try and repair the damage that this past week had tolled on her.

When she awoke he saw the confusion then embarrassment then acceptance then relaxation flit across her face. Only once she had stretched and tucked her hands behind her head did he realize she was staying. "Hi Teal'c." He opened his eyes and smiled, inclining his head. "Samantha." And with that one word he broke down all of the barriers that she had built up not only in the two years that they had known one another but too even the one's that had she had begun even before the Academy. The acknowledgement that there was so much more to her than just an Air Force officer or even just a wormhole-fascinated-scientist. She offered a watery smile and patted the place next to her. Slowly he raised himself up off the floor and slowly made his way across the room to her side. Sam scooted over and turned to face him, both hands tucked under her cheek. Teal'c lied down next to her with his back fully on the bed but turned his face to see here. "Hi" she whispered, it wasn't anything but it was so her, "Thank you". All he knew was that she would have rescued him so the least he could do was to return the favor. "Come here Samantha." Trusting him implicitly, and loving the way her name rolled off his tongue, she moved back over and wrapped her right arm around his shoulder and placed her head on his chest. Within a few minutes she was sound asleep again the exhaustion from the blending and sudden death of Jolinar still weighing heavily on her mind, he closed his eyes and just felt having her there.

Over the next few years there were some good days and there were some not so good days but she got up everyday regardless and truly believed that he had pulled her through her darkest hour. After the really hard missions Sam would find herself outside his quarters quietly slipping in. He never locked the door because he knew that she could and would stop by whenever and he liked that. She would slip in and under the covers in his bed usually crying herself to sleep or just passing out from exhaustion depending on how bad the mission was. Eventually he would make his way over to her and finish the comfort cycle. After the better missions she would jovially enter and sit on the edge of his bed talking about everything from her past, her future, gossip she'd just heard, she would even try and tell him a few on the funnier Earth jokes. And it was all right. Neither one of them was sure what they had there but that was all right.

The closer they became the more comfortable Sam was around everyone else. She and Daniel were labeled "The Science Twins" and spent every working moment working together. She and Jack reached a comfort level were their flirting was more just for fun as a game then actually wanting to go anywhere. There was peace at the SGC and in SG1.

Then Pete entered the picture and after she was caught humming in the elevator and the experiences in camping outside Daniel's something changed. It wasn't until after the attack on the Alpha Site that she realized it. That mission qualified as one of the worst and after her shower as custom dictated she headed towards salvation. But it was locked. Sam almost lost it right there. Some how she was able to drag herself to her own quarters, not that she recognized it at all, and slept fitfully through out the night. The next few weeks were painful, as she had no one to turn to. Pete, even though he knew about the SGC, couldn't help her, and she realized just how pitiful he was a top his many other problems. When he bought the house she finally realized that it wasn't going to work. He didn't know anything about her. He wasn't Teal'c.

Silently she drove back to base and in a daze made her way to the commisionary. There he was just looking around for the perfect grape bunch as if for the past month he hadn't been killing her daily. But he had and her anger boiled over combining with her hurt to become potent enough to drag him out of the commisionary and down to level 24. She didn't say a word on the way just led him and begged him silently to trust her the way she had trusted him so long ago. He had and once inside she had yelled and screamed and even hit him a couple of times, nothing to hard or anywhere near to something like a punch, but she let all of her hurt out and collapsed on the floor.

Picking her up Teal'c carried her to his bed and began kissing away the tears. They had never gone there before but she needed him so much right now that she was willing to give anything. So he kissed away the tears then discovered her gentle fruity lips that granted him access so easily. Drawing his hands up they flitted and feathered at her sides before coming to rest entwined in her hair pulling her closer, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled back just as hard, needing to become one. All time seemed to stop as they quietly and gently removed all barriers that kept them from feeling the relief of skin on skin. The next time she opened her eyes they were down to the very last thing keeping them apart. Looking deep into Teal'c's eyes Sam pulled him in a deep kiss that left nothing to be un-communicated. Leaving them to catch their breathes Teal'c looked back and stirred her soul. "Samantha I have loved you since the moment you awoke and invited me to share this bed with you. But do you want this? Can you love me back?"

Sam saw the man behind the tattoo, the one that had lost his wife, his planet, his way of life, friends, everything that he had willingly sacrificed for the unknown. He was just as uncertain about the fate of his soul as he was the out come of the war. He couldn't see the future anymore than the rest of them could, he wanted to believe everything could be all right and he wanted to share all of him self with her. She was honored and afraid but more than any of that she wanted to help him and support him they way he had her all these years.

"I don't have to try I already do. Since the moment you carried me to the shower." She blushed a deep pink. They met half way for this kiss and the remaining barrier was broken. Both let out a huge sigh at the contentment of contact. His fierce kiss left her devoid of any air but some how she managed to sigh, "You saved me, my love." That was when he lost control, his love, passion, and desire took over. He entered her and gave slow, hard thrusts healing her with everyone. In what seemed like just a manner of minutes he had her spasming around him, screaming out his name, pulling him closer, digging her nails into his shoulders. The hardest part was waiting for her to calm down but he did and as soon as she had her self under control he let loose again this time erratic, hard thrusts filled her again and again and again. This time they came together. Breathing hard he wrapped his arms around her and held her close both hoping that if they held on long and hard enough they could be one person.

After that little escapade Sam unofficially moved into Teal'c's quarters. They opted not to tell the other half of their team or Hammond because neither of them wanted to be off SG1 or away from each other. They were not a normal couple, who fought over the color of the bathroom or where to go that night; instead they formed an almost tangible bond of their emotions and needs. When alone they were always touching each other in some way, they trained together, ate and read together, it was just the way they needed to be. Knowing exactly how the other one was feeling was key also and they each promised never to shut the other out. Sam lived in their quarters full time, especially when Teal'c was on Dakara. It was a juggling act to be sure, a world with holes, but each had gone with out the other and would make certain sacrifices to make sure it never happened that way again.

Now it seemed that the time for confession was nearing.

As Teal'c closed the door to their quarters Sam spun gracefully around to face him. "O'Neill and DanielJackson were just outside. They wish to go on an outing to watch people wrestle in jello." His perfectly straight face gave the joke away only by the slight crinkle in his eyes. Sam laughed at his phrasing that even after almost ten years he refused to bow before the common vernacular.

"Teal'c.." she drawled sliding across the floor to stand before him. "I have some news too, some great news about a present for us. But the thing is," Sam began playing with the buttons on his shirt, "people are gonna know." She looked meaningfully into his brown eyes and his brow rose of its own accord. "It's not the kinda thing you can really hide from people." She lifted up her tee-shirt and placed his hands over her stomach.

"We're going to have a baby."